Adu. Midfielder of Forward?


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Jan 28, 2006
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Where do people find Freddy Adu most effective? In midfield or up front?
in my old man u save, he did really well in amc and on wing, didnt produce the goods when put up front
He does seem a bit hit and miss up front but ive found him pretty innefectual in midfield.
where abouts do you play him? on wing or in the middle?? he might just take a while to get into his stride
Mainly in the middle. Once or twice on the wing due to injuries. The only reason im playing him up front so much is the 3 other att midfielders ive got are first team quality and i want to give Adu games
oh right, fair enough. i reckon you should just be patient with him, he could have a good run, you never knows
hes good for me MC, ML or AMC

worth his weight in gold if you play him right
Looks like midfield is the general consesus then. But then id have to lose one of Diego, Joe Cole or Andres D'allesandro
well to be fair, when i had allesandro he wasnt no better than adu, in my opinion i would rather give adu the chance as he is younger
Fair point and i have to agree on D'alessandro, although ive only had him for a couple of months on the strength of how he rated in FM 05
bit of a pickle then, fair play on getting joe cole and diego? how much did the both of them cost?
2 minutes i'll find out cant remember off hand altho i think Joe Cole was a Bosman. Yep Cole was a Bosman and Diego was a Bargain of the Year buy
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fair enough, im playing fm 06 now and thinking of getting joe cole, how does he perform for you?
In the few games hes played so far hes been outstanding. Especially when he came off the bench at half time in the Champs League and won the game single-handed. An excellent buy
On FM2005 i never found the best position for he was a super sub until i stopped playing :D
diego was a bargain and a half - 5 MILLION. so you would definiatly reccomend joe cole?
I know couldnt believe my luck with Diego. Luckily i had shedloads of money when Chelsea bought Dagoberto off me so i jumped at the chance (funnily enuff).
Would def recommend Cole hes quality in the middle or on the left
Heres my present squad minus a couple of squad players and me keepers