Aug 13, 2010
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Happy new year all,

I would like to know if it is possible to go from the lowest league all the way to the top of would football without cheating?

I have played FM for just over a year now, and I have only managed top teams.

If it is possible, how long realistically would it take to go from Blue Square South to champions of europe, along with being the richest club in the would.

If any of this is possible could you give me some tips.
It's been done!! But a good 10 season are a good estimate. A tip is to be consistant, keep going and believing.
15 seasons, at least.
well I started with Northwich in the evo stik division but am now in the blue square premier after 2 seasons so hopefully another 10 seasons to win the premier league
Of course it is possible. It is just a question of patience... ;)
Nothing is impossible,but some clubs are certainly easier for this challenge than others.
If you have decent support and decent facilities or even a youth academy it's definitely a whole lot easier than if you manage an amateur outfit that meets Sundays behind the feed-store.
It's really up to you how much challenge you want and how long you give yourself to achieve your goals.

A god word of advice in any event:
Load as low as you can in France, Belgium and Holland - there's a boatload of great free players that aren't too picky as to where they go which should be a goo starting point.
This count?

I started a save with staines town is blue square south. and achieved back to back promotions to premiership. I'm hoping ill be able to mount a decent title challenge in 4 seasons.
all depends on what players get released by clubs as to how hard or easy it will be. I have evra, burdisso, ibrahimovic, de jong, all playing for me :)
It is possible to achieve back-to-back promotions to the Premier League all the way from BSS/BSN, however to win the Premier League after and the Champions League after that it will take a good 3-5 seasons. So the best estimate I can give is 8 - 10 seasons. But this depends on your transfer signings, your club's board support (whether they provide a decent wage or transfer budget and keep expanding the stadiums/facilities etc.). Also you have to use the right tactics and maintain the form and morale of your team because consistency is essential if you are to finish this quest within 10 seasons.

Edit: I have done this before using Hyde United FC (BSN) in 2010 and it took me 11 seasons to win the Champions League although I won back-to-back promotion to Premier League. But I did this in FM 2010. Now I pursuing the same thing in FM 11 with Boreham Wood FC (BSS). I have managed to win back-to back promotion to League 1 (currently in League 1) and I am sitting in 5th place in the table in January Transfer Window in my 4th Season.
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It's tough, you need a fair bit of luck and help from the players, but it does take a long time :S
Im playing a game with Eastwood Town, from the BSN and got back to back league titles, and now sitting nicly on top of league 2. My advice would be have a look at what player other people have bought and rated, also if there youth team was like Man Utd or Chelsea etc, most will be very good.
From what I've gleaned from a 8 year career with Bromley, you need to be clever in the transfer market and invest in youth so you can bring through wonderkid regens later in the game.
Ive done it on previous versions of the game, but ive never done it in any fm game as I dont have the patience with all the regens :(
I must be getting weird, my instant response to the thread title was that it was something *** related. (H)
it takes ALOT (and i mean ALOT ) of patience to do this and i just don't have that the best i've ever done is take Northampton to the Prem (then i got relegated :( )
it takes ALOT (and i mean ALOT ) of patience to do this and i just don't have that the best i've ever done is take Northampton to the Prem (then i got relegated :( )

Totally agree. Took me ****** ages to get as far as Championship. Doesn't help either when the board has little ambition and won't invest in expanding/buying stadium when rolling in the cash :mad:
All this is making me feel quite inadequate as a manager... i'm making my way up as a manager to the Prem (currently L1), and most of my teams are relegated (In the Sig) ... so to get a team up there is a large achievement... i originally clicked on this to say no (without cheating)... but my mind has been changed...
I have been wanting to do this for ages with Guiseley in BSN who i go to watch games with my grandad ::)

However i dont know where to start with it!!!

Might start one and see how i go lol