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American Premier League Chairman Game - Story


Feb 11, 2014
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American Premier League Launches:

The USSF, after a lack of development in overall support and the stature of the MLS, decided that it was time for a new era of football in America. Therefore, all of the franchise owners sold of the rights to their clubs and the MLS was officially disbanded. In its place came the American Premier League and its second division, the American Championship, and to replace the US Cup came the American National Cup, with Samsung and Ford being the sponsors of the new league. With a change in season times as well as player caps and the promotion and relegation situation, all of the conditions have been put in place for the growth of the beautiful game in the U.S. Immediately following the formation of the new league, several famous individuals stepped up to become the first chairmen of the new franchises in the league. For their first season, the chairmen will have to create a team from scratch and fill it with players and staff. In addition, the USSF has granted the first four franchises NACL spots for the first year, with the top four teams from the APL qualifying in every subsequent year. With this huge change in football in America, only time will tell whether or not it will be a successful one... Enter the new face of American Sport!

Remember: This is the story thread. Only press releases/official game releases will be placed here. All other posts go in the Sign up/Discussion thread. Thanks!


Feb 11, 2014
Press Conference:

History was made earlier today as the first official club of the new American Premier League, Sporting D.C., welcomed its chairman, former Aston Villa legend Stiliyan Petrov to the stand in its first press conference. Petrov answered several questions from the media:

Jeff Alexander, NY Times: Mr. Petrov, what do you think of the new league in America? What made you buy into this model?

Petrov: Well, I think that the market for football is growing faster than ever in America, with these reforms showing this trend of growth. I can only see this sport get bigger as time goes on, and I’m very excited to help develop that potential that the sport has in this country.

Wyatt Real, BeIN Sport: How will Sporting D.C. play a role in this new league; how well do you think the club can do?

Petrov: When I bought into the Sporting D.C. club, I knew that this team could go far. I hope that we can have many successful seasons together, because, from my playing days, I hate losing.

Terry Pendergast, BBC America: What players and staff are you looking to fill up your club?

Petrov: I can’t tell you anything concrete yet, but I believe that the player and staff acquisition process will be most beneficial to us, and as chairman and general manager, I already have a pretty good idea of who I want to see around here.

Jeff Alexander, NY Times: Speaking of the Chairman/GM bond, what are your thoughts on it? Do you agree with the chairman having that much control over the club?

Petrov: I wouldn’t have bought the club if I didn’t.

An interesting start to life of Sporting in the capital.


Jul 8, 2010
Schwarzenegger set to confirm purchase of soccer franchise
Article by Grant Wahl – Sports Illustrated

The list of celebrities getting involved in the American Premier League has grown with each day, but perhaps none with as broad a CV than the owner of the new franchise in the State of Washington. A man who has succeeded in the worlds of bodybuilding, cinema and politics, Arnold Schwarzenegger has decided that his next venture will be soccer.

Schwarzenegger has made the surprise decision of setting up his franchise in the state of Washington, rather than an area he knows better, say California. The strangest decision though seems to be the location of the stadium. Schwarzenegger has chosen to set up in the Washington State Capital of Olympia, rather than a larger city such as Seattle (the largest in the State), which is a mere 60 miles away. The stadium holds a capacity of 28,000, but the population of Olympia is not even double that. With Seattle (population of over 650,000) and other towns within the Thurston County (combined population exceeds 250,000) nearby though, there is hope they will be able to draw in the fans with little competition, being the only club in the state. However, those willing to make a trip out of state could be drawn in by Oregon state franchise Portland Pandas or Idaho's first major soccer club Idaho Magic FC.

Schwarzenegger has decided to name his franchise "Washington Olympic". His critics have argued that his purchasing of a soccer franchise is an ego boost, and the decision to settle in Olympia was purely self-gratification as a reminder of his Mr. Olympia bodybuilding days (he is a seven time Mr. Olympia winner and a one time Mr. Universe). Perhaps if the name of the club was Washington Terminators or Washington the Barbarians, we could all criticise him, but for now I am reserving judgment.

His detractors won't have to wait long for answers however as "Arnie" will be holding his first press conference tomorrow, and you can guarantee there'll be some interesting questions raised, but one thing is certain, having Schwarzenegger involved with the league promises to both raise the profile and bring a charismatic presence to the potentially global audience.
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Jan 12, 2012
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The latest team to join the American Championship, the Islanders, based in Rhode Island, have announced that the Qatar Investment Authority are the owners of this new club. The QIA, who also own popular french team in Paris Saint-Germain and have majority stakes in Harrods and Sainsburys in the UK, have said that Ahmad al Sayed will become Chief Executive of the Providence based club. The decision to set up in a city, and state with a population of 178,000 and little to no sporting tradition may seem a strange one, but it remains to be seen whether they can attract commuters from nearby states with no footballing team in either league. In an interview with Providence journal, Mr al Sayed had this to say:
Journalist: What made you buy into this new league model?
Al Sayed: I think that America is one of the biggest countries in the world economically, but football - or soccer - has never really taken off like other sports. With the right amount of funding this league is the ideal starting point to make it happen.
J: The QIA is well known for spending a lot of money as the heads of Paris Saint Germain, do you see yourself spending the same kind of cash here?
AS: We will be more...measured in our spending, this league is an experiment and it would be unwise to spend 100s of millions of dollars on a failure that never really catches on. However, I am fairly confident it will.
J: With the strict rules on the amount of foreign players allowed in the league, are you confident in forming a good squad?
AS: There are many good - particularly young - American players out there, and in the player selection process we did not have many difficulties finding good ones.
J: It has been reported that under this new league chair(wo)men are going to be very involved in the running of the club, what level of agency will the manager be given under your regime?
AS: Well, the manager will be given the ability to select the team, and handle that aspect of it, while we will control the business side. I think that this is the way many football clubs are run, and perhaps people do not realise it. Of course, any manager who joins will have the full backing of the board, and have to understand his role perfectly.
J: And one last question, how do you rate your teams chance of promotion?
AS: I would not have selected the players I have if I didn't believe in them!
J: Thank you, that's all we have time for.
AS: It's been a pleasure, thanks.
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Sep 10, 2014
APL Announce Houston Heroes

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Today The APL Leader have met with press to announce one of twelve teams entering the premier division this upcoming season,
Houston Heroes will be on of twelve teams to join the league with many saying texas will be overun by soccer teams with the eroes being only one in four texan teams
In a press conference board members spoke about the club

Board Member = B
Press = P
P : So obviously this is a very exciting moment for all of you but how do you reckon your team will et on tis season
B : Well this season we aim to not only preform in all competitions but we want to prove that we are full of passion for our fans and not just the money
P : Are there any player names or new staff members you could name for us today
B : We are currently in the proccess of hiring/signing persons depending on their level of skill,quality and ambition to do well
P:Whats your ambition
B: To Win

The club will be playing there games at the Heroes Arena which has a 27k capacitycapacity
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The Club has taken to social media to express their thanks to all the fans who have considered the club as there own
The club are now looking forward to the challenges of the upcoming season
The Club has received much applause from the footballing comunity from stars like David beckham to Diego maradonna
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Jun 25, 2010
Tottenham Expand to the MLS

With the new set up that is currently taking the football world by storm, it looks like one team looks to expand their fan base into America. News is coming out of White Hart Lane today that they have entered a team into the American Premier League under the name of San Antonio Spurs. They have agreed with the American basketball team to share naming rights and any future profit that comes of this new partnership. Daniel Levy has decided that Spurs player Brad Friedel would be the right man to take the reigns of running the football club. This is what Brad had to say.

"Obviously I am delighted to take charge of running this football club in my home country and I am pleased that Daniel Levy has given me this opportunity and offered his full support. I hope that the affiliation with Tottenham will reap rewards for both teams as we look to the future of this new club and of course the future of the new American Premier League."

Early rumours say that Brad will use his Knowledge of both the previous MLS and his Spurs links to garner the best team as well as finding the right manager to ensure that this new team get results on the field as well.

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Sep 3, 2010
Cuauhtémoc Blanco Announces New American Football Club

Ex-Mexican International Cuauhtémoc Blancohas announced his new football club, in front of the press, he team will be known as the San Diego Aztecs and will take part in the 2nd division of the New American Structure. Blanco how played in the previous American Football structure known as the MLS, has stated he loved his time in American while playing for Chicago.

Press Conference

Jamie Trecker, Fox Sports:
Having played in the old structure, how do you feel about the new format of the league?

Football has been growing at a rapid rate in America and I think the new format will just help improve the interest, not will it help this country but the whole CONCACAF region.

Steve McManaman, ESPN:
The San Diego Aztecs will be starting the season in the second division, how fast do you expect to be promoted?

: I like to consider myself a lenient owner, allowing the manager to have time to build a relationship, I’d first like to solidify ourselves in the league and then take a chance at promotion at a future time.

Lindsay Casinelli, Univision Deportes
: Are there any players and or staff that you have contacted?

Blanco: We’ve contacted a few people, but there’s nothing concrete, players won’t be selected until we have a manager in stone.


Jul 23, 2014
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*Jupp Heynckes steps out from behind the curtain and sits on the chairs*

Reporter (R): You sit here just moments after your franchise was accepted to APL. You must be proud. Tell us, what emotions are bubbling in your body?

Jupp Heynckes (JP): Well, I'm quite satisfied. I have huge plans for this club. I wish to Win the league, qualify for the continental cup and the win FIFA Club World Cup. Of course I know these will be difficult targets and I may never be able to achieve them, but I do hope we win the league at least once.

R: Currently, you haven't got any staff or players. Could you shed any light on who your targets might be? Will you be making a comeback to foot ball and manage the club yourself? Will you be the chairman and manager?

JP: I'm not going to discuss any transfers with you. These stay private for the moment being. The manager will probably be someone European as I wish to bring European style of football to America.

R: For your club you have decided to build a new version of the Madison Garden. You have named it the New Madison Garden. They have been building it for 15 months now. Will it be ready for the seasons first match?

JP: Actually, there is just refinement going on. It is basically ready, just painting jobs and new grass is being put down.

R: Thank you for this interview.

JP: Your welcome!



Jul 15, 2010
Dragons take over Denver

In the latest news regarding the newly formed American Premier League, the Denver Dragons have been announced as one of the teams that will be participating in the second division.

Tommy Smith of ESPN had a short chat with newly appointed chairman Chris Kamara:

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Tommy Smyth (ESPN): So, welcome to America Chris. This move came as quite a shock to most people. What made you buy into the idea of the APL?

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Chris Kamara: Well to be honest, I've always been a fan of the traditional American sports and the whole show-aspect of sports in America. So, when the opportunity opened up, i grabbed it like... like... well like anything!

TS: You have become quite the cult figure in Britain, what makes you think you can make it big in America?

CK: Well, the audience always love a bit of a character, and if there is one thing I can promise, it's that I will bring passion into the board room. Our fans should always be able to expect a show when coming to the Cage (Denver Dragons new home arena, packing 32,000 seats)

TS: So, the whole concept of this league is to start from scratch. What are your plans for the staff and squad. Do you have any names for us?

CK: Well, I think that will be a bit early to say yet. But we are looking for talented players that play with passion, and a manager that will drive fear into our players on the training ground as well as into our opponents. One thing is for sure, our Denver Dragons will always be fighting like beavers!

TS: Oh well! Finally Chris, you start the season in the Second Division. What will your ambitions be for the first season?

CK: If we manage to complete the deals we are working on, I can see us fighting for promotion. It will be a struggle, but I haven't taken this job to aim for mediocrity! We always head to the field to burn our opponents to the ground, and take all 3 points!

TS: Ok, thanks for your time Chris.

CK: No problem, I'm sure we will speak again soon! Care for a flaming kebab?....
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Feb 2, 2014
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Boston A.F.C founded, and first owner is Alan Shearer!

"I am ecstatic
to be owning a football club for the first time, and it would be in the new Samsung U.S.A Premier Division as well! I am hoping to lead this club to success, like the Premier Division, the Samsung Cup, the NACL and eventually, the Club World Cup. We have found difficulty finding players for this league, but we will need to do it somehow! And, because our team was the first to register (Apart from Sporting D.C.), we get an automatic place in the NACL from this season, so I'm hoping we can make a dent in that somehow! :)
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Eoin McG

Soy el Maestro
Nov 16, 2009
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Controversial British Journalist Piers Morgan to Enter Team Into 'American Premier League'

Piers Morgan has today announced that he has successfully completed the paperwork to enter a team into the newly formed American Premier League. Morgan has suggested that the team will be based in New Jersey going by the 'New Jersey Jaguars'. In an interview with Sky earlier today Morgan answered a few questions on the future that lays ahead for the franchise.

SKY REPORTER: Hello Piers! The shoe seems to be on the other food today eh?

MORGAN: Haha, yes. It does seem weird to be on the receiving end of some tough questions, I just hope you aren't too harsh on me.

SKY REPORTER: Of course not! Anyway, down to business. Where did this whole idea come from? You've never been involved in football before, apart from in the twitter sphere. Aren't you a little worried about your lack of real experience?

MORGAN: Well, as everyone will know I'm a die hard Arsenal fan however since moving to the US I've not been able to see as many games as I would have liked. This gives me the opportunity to immerse myself in football again - they may not be up to the standard of my beloved Arsenal from the get-go, but that surely is the goal! In regards to my experience, I know I haven't been involved in the game before other than being a supporter, so I'll be handing over a lot of the responsibility to the manager that I'll be putting in place. I won't be too controlling when it comes to which players come in/out or who the staff are.

SKY REPORTER: It sounds like you have somebody in mind for the job?

MORGAN: We've lined somebody and are hoping to have a deal done as soon as possible. Obviously with the deal not being completely over the line yet I can't say too much, but the candidate has experience at the highest level and has been in the game for a long time!

SKY REPORTER: New Jersey have been entered into the 2nd division of the league and not the 1st is this something you see as a hinderance?

MORGAN: Definitely not! This is a completely new experience to me and nobody really knows what to expect from the league as it is new also. Being in the 2nd division puts a less pressure on the franchise and means we should be able to find our feet without too much trouble.

SKY REPORTER: Some clubs in the league have suggested that they will be spending big in a search for immediate glory. What is you stance on this?

MORGAN: We won't be looking to overstretch the finances and from the squad I have assembled at the moment the we will be around £30,000 under our wage budget. I think many risk financial trouble by overspending.. Right, I have got to catch a plane back to London so I must be off. I've scheduled Jeremy Clarkson for a special episode of Life Stories!!

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Feb 14, 2015
LA Raiders Announce Press Conference to introduce new owner.

*Sir Alex Ferguson walks in to a tame applause and takes his seat*
J= Journalist
AF= Alex Ferguson

J: What made you decide to take over this new American franchise in what seems to be a rapidly evolving way of football in America.

AF= Well you partly answered the question yourself?! I missed the game and the director of football was just not enough for me so I need to get into ownership and why not join a newly evolving league and way of football

J= Starting from fresh do you have any plans for staff or players?
AF= Well we have considered a few candidates for the job assessing each aspect we need and we have taken a look at a squad and started to evaluate some people who would fit in with the newest rules in this leagues, however nothing is set in stone.

J= What are your expectations for the season ahead, where do you believe you will finish in the newly formed NACL?

AF= Its a whole new league system and with no teams confirming any staff or players, the league is really an open book, right now anybody could win the league or get relegated. It all really depends on the assembled squads. My motto for life "Anything can happen"


Jul 8, 2010
Arnie speaks – Washington Olympic Soccer Club’s first press conference

Arnold Schwarzenegger held his first press conference, where he formally confirmed that he is the chairman and owner of American Premier League franchise Washington Olympic. Here is a summary of the best question and answers from the conference:

Why have you chosen to get involved in soccer?
"After the World Cup, the appetite for soccer in this country has become huge. The chance to be involved in the creation of a squad, of a stadium, to be part of something so exciting for the soccer fans in America and here in Washington, it was too exciting an opportunity to miss."

How "hands on" do you expect to be?
"As hands on as time allows. Obviously I am a busy man, but I will not neglect my duties as chairman to both the fans of our franchise and to the players and staff I bring in. I will be heavily involved in the recruitment of players and staff with the help of advisers, but once I've got the team built, they will be given the opportunity to perform their roles.

You have the option to sign up to 10 International players; do you have any targets or players from a specific nation in mind?
"I want players who are brave, adaptable and willing to grab this opportunity. As long as we have a united dressing room that is the key. I want a balanced team with a blend of youth and experience, and we need players who can communicate with each other. Coming to America is a difficult thing; I know this from my experience. It can be a culture shock. We need players who can adapt to that change and we need staff and American players who can help them to do that.

Given that you start in the second tier, are you aiming for promotion as part of your first season?
That's the ambition, but there are 11 other chairmen thinking the same. The aim long term is promotion, but this season it is about establishing - establishing a way of doing things, a playing style, a competitive and exciting environment for our players to grow. As long as the team gives 100% in every game I'll be happy regardless of position, unless we finish last!

Looking at the make up of the league, there are two clubs in nearby states, Portland Pandas and Idaho Magic. Are you looking to build a rivalry with these clubs?
Our fans will no doubt see those as our rival games, and hopefully we can develop a rivalry. But for me at this stage, all 11 clubs in our division are our rivals, and a victory over any of them means the same.

Do you have a manager in mind?
Yes, but he is a very good individual. Whether he would be interested in managing in America is one thing, and if the answer is yes, I'm sure we'll have competition from a host of other clubs. We will see if we can pull it off. I have a shortlist of over 200 players and 10 managers, so I am leaving my options open should other clubs beat us to the punch on individuals.
Jul 7, 2011
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Cellino abandons Yorkshire for USA

No not Massimo Cellino but the owners son and now former board member of Leeds United has left the club to create his own franchise in the United States.

Whilst this has come as a shock to many fans, mainly because the thing he is most known for is a picture of Edoardo eating a burger at Burger King and also that many believe he got on the board solely on the fact of being Mr. Cellino's child. It has apparently not been a surprise to many people working inside the club a source close to Leeds United said as Massimo's son has been looking to build a franchise of his own elsewhere.

Many got a chance to speak too Edoardo Cellino today in Arizona as he looks to make history in the new American League.

Reporter: Welcome Edoardo, you arrived early morning yesterday and you have been around your new stadium for the majority of the past 24 hours, why?

Edoardo: I am very busy, I have to buy players, finalise stadium negotiation and sort out league qualification. I have work a lot yesterday to try make this club great and make fans happy.

Reporter: Without meaning to insult you Edoardo, your English isn't great. Will you be learning the language whilst running the club?

Edoardo: I understand English very well, I can not speak well so much, I will learn yes.

Reporter: Onto important matters, Phoenix Rangers is your new club. What made you want to leave a club like Leeds United to join an untested league and create your own club?

Edoardo: Erm I needed the challenge, I have been with my father all life. I want to seperate and prove I am worth something special, I left Leeds United because erm I don't respect England, their nation is wrong it is not for me, example? Piers Morgan. I moved to United States to create something special and I believe I am the only capable to make this league special.

Reporter: You realise Piers has created his own franchise in America?

Edoardo: No.

Reporter: Okay... you seem to have very little respect for other owners, why is that Edoardo?

Edoardo: Why? Erm... they are not as good as me, I am better, I am best. You have to earn respect they don't have mine, I will rise to the top, others will sink. I have a winning mentality and I expect the best.

Reporter: Okay this will need wrapping up soon, are you sure you're not suffering from jet lag, you seem very unhappy. Anyway onto soccer matters, you need to bring a lot of players in have you got many in mind?

Edoardo: Before I answer, yes I am unhappy. I been put into a second league, it is outraging. I deserve qualification to top league, it make me more determined. I have got players in mind, a lot and it will be erm difficult to accomplish with the club having no reputation, but we will get there.

Reporter: Okay that's all we got time for, a tired grumpy Edoardo Cellino was speaking to us live after creating a soccer franchise in Arizona, we look forward to whether Edoardo's judgmental comments will come back to haunt him.​
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Feb 11, 2014
Sporting D.C. Squad Overview:


William Yarbrough –
Age: 25
Nation: Mexico/USA
Contract: Marquee

The dual Mexican-American citizen has been plying his trade in the Mexican league for his entire career, and now he makes a step into a new atmosphere in the American Premier League. On the fringes of the U.S. national team, it will be interesting to see how Yarbrough copes with being one Sporting D.C.’s most important players.

Brian Rowe –
Age: 26
Nation: USA
Contract: Developmental

The former L.A. Galaxy stopper will be a backup to Yarbrough this season, and should look for performances in the cup to help him attempt to secure a new contract, as he is only on a one year deal.

Chase Harrison –
Age: 30
Nation: USA
Contract: Developmental

The experienced custodian will be a major force in helping develop his younger counterparts and, if both of them receive injuries, should be more than capable to stay composed in big games.


Marko Biskupovic –
Age: 25
Nation: Chile
Contract: Developmental

A steal for Sporting D.C., Biskupovic brings in international experience with two caps from Chile on a developmental contract. The towering defender will hope to attempt to insert himself into the starting eleven and will use his experience in the Chilean top flight to do so.

Michael Orozco Fiscal –
Age: 28
Nation: USA
Contract: Senior Star

Arguably the top center back for Sporting D.C., the U.S. international should be a contender for captain of the club in its historic first season. He will likely feature frequently for the side, and his experience both in Mexico and internationally should greatly benefit the club’s back line.

Tyler Turner –
Age: 18
Nation: USA
Contract: Developmental

One of the future key players of Sporting, with a five year deal to signify their intent, the current U.S. U-20 international will provide ample support as a right back and has the potential to develop into a top player for the league.

Timothy Fosu-Mensah –
Age: 16
Nation: Holland
Contract: Developmental

Definitely one of the players with the most potential in this Sporting D.C. side, Fosu-Mensah will definitely have to fight for playing time for the first few years at the club, but once he develops, it is unlikely that there will be many who can match his level of talent in the center of defense.

Darrius Barnes –
Age: 27
Nation: USA
Contract: Senior

A good backup player, Barnes brings years of MLS experience to the table and can cover for his teammates without D.C. ever getting too nervous.

Taylor Kemp –
Age: 24
Nation: USA
Contract: Developmental

A relatively young player, Kemp will be a good backup in the RB spot and may be loaned to gain more first team experience.

Sean Franklin –
Age: 29
Nation: USA
Contract: Senior

A man familiar to D.C. having played with D.C. United, the former U.S. international should be arguably the number one choice right back for Sporting having been a consistent top MLS performer for years.

Brandon McDonald –
Age: 28
Nation: USA
Contract: Senior

Having spent last season in Sweden, McDonald returns to America hoping to challenge for a first team spot in the center of defense, knowing that he must prove his worth to the Sporting D.C. staff.

Loris Benito –
Age: 22
Nation: Switzerland
Contract: Senior Star

Possibly one of the top left backs in the league, the fringe Swiss national still has a lot to improve and is already a solid left back. It is likely that Benito will contribute to many goals as a provider, and a plus is that he doesn’t forget his defensive responsibilities either.

Kellyn Acosta –
Age: 19
Nation: USA
Contract: Senior

Another U.S. U-20 international, Acosta will be second to Franklin in the right back position, but his potential means that the Sporting staff will hopefully give him plenty of game time in order to develop as a player. If not, a January loan move might be in order.

Corey Ashe –
Age: 28
Nation: USA
Contract: Senior

A great backup for Benito, Ashe is an experienced MLS player who knows what it takes to succeed in America. He, like Benito, roams up the pitch yet retains his defensive duties as well.

Robbie Rogers –
Age: 27
Nation: USA
Contract: Senior

Another former US international, this player provides even more depth for Sporting D.C. as he can play along both flanks from the defensive positions to a winger. However, not a lot of trust has been placed in Rogers with only a one year deal going his way, so it is up to him to prove his salt in this lineup.


Brad Evans –
Age: 29
Nation: USA
Contract: Senior

With only a one year deal at the club, this experienced US international will have to prove himself in order to get a new contract. A bonus for this known MLS player is his ability to play both right back and center mid effectively.

Stuart Holden –
Age: 29
Nation: USA
Contract: Senior Star

Once thought of as America’s leading playmaker, Holden, still a U.S. international, returns to his native country as a good center mid hardened by years of football in England. A great playmaker, Holden will be competing for that starting eleven spot against some tough competition; the staff might give way to younger players, so it will be up to Stuart to prove himself to the club.

Eric Alexander –
Age: 26
Nation: USA
Contract: Senior

A solid playmaker in the MLS, Alexander will be battling it out for a starting spot as he hopes to catch the eye of the national team staff in his performances with Sporting D.C. this year in the new league.

Joshua Gatt –
Age: 22
Nation: USA
Contract: Senior

Having played in the Norwegian top division for a number of years now, this budding American prospect can definitely get more national team caps if performances go his way this year. However, he is very injury prone and definitely will need to be monitored by the D.C. physios.

Dener –
Age: 22
Nation: Brazil
Contract: Senior

A bit of an unknown to fans in America, Dener joins Sporting D.C. from lower league Brazilian side Mirassol. With quite a bit of potential, it is unknown if Dener will feature much in the first team due to other options, but the center attacking mid is sure to be feared by defenders in the league.

Conor O’Brien –
Age: 25
Nation: USA
Contract: Senior

Moving back to the U.S. from Austrian side Wiener Neustadt, O’Brien hopes to bring himself closer to the U.S. national team manager’s eyes as the box to box midfielder looks to make an entrance into the new APL.

Filip Johnsen Westgaard –
Age: 19
Nation: Norway
Contract: Developmental

One of the most exciting prospects in the Sporting D.C. lineup, Westgaard, who can play as both a center mid and center forward, will attempt to get as much first team football as he can in order to prove himself to his managers. Coming from second division side Frederikstad in Norway, Westgaard will be looking to make a point in his first season in the league.

Joseph-Claude Gyau –
Age: 21
Nation: USA
Contract: Senior Star

With a five year deal to his name, Gyau, the pacy left winger who comes from Borussia Dortmund, will definitely hope to be a guiding influence to the team in its inaugural season. An exciting prospect, Gyau still has a long way to go and is already looking like a solid first team player.

Austin Da Luz –
Age: 26
Nation: USA
Contract: Developmental

A backup player, Da Luz will hope to make a big impact coming on off the bench onto the wing and attempt to earn a new contract as well as help D.C. get some big points.

Humam Tariq –
Age: 19
Nation: Iraq
Contract: Developmental

Securing Tariq to a five year deal is a huge coup by Sporting D.C., for Humam is possibly one of the most sought after talents on the global stage. This central attacking mid will hopefully be given as much time as possible, because he can develop into the league’s best player if trained correctly.

Youness Mokhtar –
Age: 22
Nation: Holland/Morocco
Contract: Senior

An exciting winger from the Eredivisie, Mokhtar is sure to wow fans with his pace and footwork; however, with teammate Gyau competing for the same spot on the pitch, the left winger will have to produce top performances if he hopes to become a consistent starter at the club.

Miralem Sulejmani –
Age: 25
Nation: Serbia
Contract: Marquee

Able to play across the attacking third, the former Serbian international will hope to reinstitute himself into the side with performances this year, and as the highest paid player on Sporting D.C., will no doubt be seen as key to any success they have this year.


Joaquin Alonso Hernandez –
Age: 20
Nation: USA/Mexico
Contract: Senior

The Monterrey product and US U-20 international will hope to make a name for himself in this new league, with a possible loan move to a Championship side on the cards for him as he sets off to attempt to reach his potential as a top league player.

C.J. Sapong –
Age: 25
Nation: USA
Contract: Senior

With one US cap to his name, Sapong, who can play out right or up top, will be more than sufficient cover for his teammates across the attacking third and might even compete for a starting spot in the lineup.

Juan Jose Narvaez –
Age: 19
Nation: Colombia
Contract: Senior

The Real Madrid trainee with bags of potential will be looking for any playing time opportunity that he can get in order to develop as a player. A clinical finisher, Narvaez, a Colombian U-20 international, will hope to turn into another great striker from his nation.

Kelechi Iheanacho –
Age: 17
Nation: Nigeria
Contract: Marquee

A huge punt on the part of Stiliyan Petrov, Iheanacho, who commands the second highest wages at the club, is only a youth prospect without any real chance at playing in his first season unless he goes out on loan. This young striker has the potential to be a world-beater, but at only 17, his age could tamper with his development process and leave him underperforming to the standards the club sees that he can achieve.

Terrence Boyd –
Age: 23
Nation: USA
Contract: Marquee

Likely to be the starting striker for Sporting D.C., Boyd, a current US international, will look to be one of the top goalscorers in the league and cement his spot as one of the leading strikers on the national team as well.

Jack McInerney –
Age: 21
Nation: USA
Contract: Senior

A useful backup to Boyd, and at only age 21, McInerney has a big future in the league and could potentially be a top forward as well. Defenders need to keep an eye out for this towering forward.

Sporting D.C. Staff Overview:

Manager: Mauricio Pochettino
The former Tottenham and Southampton manager has moved stateside and brings superb talent and player analyzing skills to the league as one of its top managers.

Assistant Manager: Javier Torrente
Coach 1: Hugo Ibarra
Coach 2: C.J. Brown
Coach 3: Mitko Dzhorov
Coach 4: Tristan Celador
GK Coach: Bernd Dreher
Fitness Coach: Jose Mascaros
Head Physio: Florian Renucci
Physio: Nicolas Corbetta
Chief Scout: Andrey Zhelyazkov
Scout: Jose Malleo

With the guidance of top manager Pochettino and a reliance on youth and strength in depth, it is easy to see that Sporting D.C. are contenders in any way that you look at it. However, with a squad size of 33, there could be a few loans going out in order to secure the development of the club’s players.


Feb 2, 2014
View attachment 288216

Initial squad announced by Boston A.F.C!

Boston have announced their initial team, obviously it's not finished, but we will now look for more players!

Younes Kaabouni - 300k - 1.55k - CAM - 18 - 5 - Fgn

Facundo Coria - 0k - 13.5k - CAM - 26 - 5 - Fgn

Erik Palmer-Brown - 160k - £110 - CB - 16 - 5 - Dom

Mario Rodríguez - 440k - 1.05k - ST - 19 - 5 - Dom
Diego Chará - 575k - 4k - DM/CM - 27 - 5 - Dom

Licá - 650k - 7.4k - LW - 25 - 5 - Fgn

Andrew Jean-Baptise - 300k - 1.4k - CB - 21 - 5 - Dom

Ronald Zubar - 1m - 4.025k - CB - 28 - 4 - Fgn
Gianni Zuiverloon - 450k - 4.375k - RB - 27 - 4 - Fgn

Ashtone Morgan - 425k - 2.2k - LB - 23 - 5 - Dom
Bradford Jamieson - 185k - £850 - ST - 17 - 5 - Dom

Dairon Asprilla - 300k - 1.45k - RW - 21 - 5 - Fgn
Kofi Sarkodie - 200k - 4.6k - RB - 22 - 5 - Dom

Eran Zahavi - 2.4m - 32.5k - CAM - 26 - 5 - Fgn
Jalen Robinson - 275k - 1.75k - CB - 19 - 5 - Dom

Nov 9, 2013
Scottsdale Rangers Join Newly Formed American Premier League
The American Premier League has quickly gained everyone's attention with famous names signing up their own there own American Side. Scottsdale Rangers will join the American Championship and will be led by Chairman Walter Smith and managed by former Hull boss Steve Bruce.

Walter Smith has named his new Scottsdale side after Scottish giants Rangers who he had many great years managing the club at. Scottsdale Rangers will be playing in their newly built stadium the Ibrox Arena which is a 25k seater stadium.

Scottsdale Rangers have appointed former Rangers greats Sasa Papac and Jorg Albertz as coaches, Steve Bruce as manager, Mike Phelan as assistant, Chelsea' Eva Carneiro as physio, Scott McLauchlan as scout and Will Royall as fitness coach. As we suspected Walter has been quick to bring in ex Rangers employees which he knows well. He has also been very busy bringing in players to his side, the list below confirms who Scottsdale Rangers team will consist of;

These include former English Premier League goalkeeper Carlo Cudicini who arrived on a free, young teenager Dylan Castanheira and Matt Pickens.

These include Rangers vice captain Lee Wallace, Tony Beltran, Ghanaian international John Mensah, Birmingham City's Will Packwood and another youth sensation in Walker Zimmermann.

Including in this position are former Rangers and Stoke City midfielder Maurice Edu, Rangers wingers David Templeton and Fraser Aird, Kyle Beckermann also arrived along with Miguel Ibarra, Finnish international Teemu Tainio on a free, Matt Tuttle, William Cline, Jose Parada and Dan Paladini. The midfield positions certainly look as if they'll be a challenge for any of these players to fill with so many players.

Included in this is Hibernian teenager Jason Cummings, Welsh international Robert Earnshaw, Stefan Jerome and Reading's American teenage striker Andrija Novakovich.

'I am extremely excited for my first season running a club and I expect big things from the players and staff signed. I am aiming for promotion right from the start' Walter Smith

'I'm over the moon Walter has chosen me as his man to take charge of this club, the game is increasing massively over here and I'm delighted to be a part of it. Myself and Walter have decided mutually promotion has to be the aim but we will see how the season goes.' Steve Bruce

Walter has told us we should expect to see maybe 2 or 3 more signings but shouldn't expect much more than that.


Jul 23, 2014
View attachment 288203




View attachment 288198
Marcus Hahnemann - International US goalkeeper, represented his country 9 times over the years
Jon Kempin - has represented US for U18 and U20 squads
Benjamin Machini - 18 year old American with a second citizenship from Sweden
Nick Rimando - being used to international stage, he will not freak out by the huge interest in APL

View attachment 288193
Ragnar Klavan - one of the largest sums of money goes to buy Augsburg star defender
Jonathan Silva - our best left back
Todd Dunivant - experience to the left side
Carlos Bocanegra - stats speak for himself - 110 apps for USA
Chad Barson - let's see if he can play
Andrea Christensen - Our future main defender
Filippo Romagna - Andrea's future co-defender
Ander Alana - someone needs to tech these youngsters, like duh

View attachment 288191
Nahuel Leiva
Zack Pfeffer - USA rising star
Caleb Stanko
Brian Carroll
Michael Bustament
Andrija Zivkovic
Ante Coric - Our future best player
Emerson Hyndman

View attachment 288190
Jozy Altidore - "JOZY ALTIDORE LOVES SCORING LIKE A FAT KID LOVES EATING CAKE" - all I need is a quote to describe him
Ewandro - for the future
Raheem Taylor Parkes
Herculez Gomez
Carlos Geronimo

As we can see this club likes it's youngsters.


Jupp Heynckes Manager

Michael Lindeman Assistant

Jaap Stam Coach

Angel Vales Coach

Bobby Mimms Coach

Phil Cannon Coach

Frank Raviot GK coach

Marcello Iaia Fitness coach

Bryan Robson Scout

Peter Farrell Scout

David Wales Physio

Mark Leather Physio

From this we can see that chairman Jupp Heynckes has decided to come out of retirement and lead this club for some seasons. Now there is only left to see, how the public responds to this.

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Sep 10, 2014
Heroes Announce Preliminary Squad

View attachment 288154
The Heroes have now announced their main squad for the 14/15 season though many more could be added

first of all STAFF:
Manager - Nigel Adkins
the ex Southampton will be looking forward to a new career in th APL

Background Staff
Erwin Koeman -Assistant Manager
Clive Allen - Coach
David Lee - Coach
Keith Downing - Coach
Dietnar Hamann - Fit Coach
Dean Kiely - GK Coach
Jon Cook - Physio
Simon Maltby - Physio
Bill Green - Scout
Jim Flood - Scout


Lee Camp
Cody Cropper
Alex Wimmer

Brek Shea
Jonathan Spector
Kyle Bartley

El Kaddouri
Callum Harriot

Andrew Wooton

So that is the Squad thats been drafted though it would've been alot bigger if not for the timing
So it down to the manager now to get us the much needed players that we need



Nov 11, 2014

View attachment 288150

New franchises have been established all across America in preparation for the launch of the new hugely anticipated American Premier League. With only a week to go before the pre-season officially kicks off, official reports have just confirmed the latest addition to the league
"The Portland Pandas".

Former Netherlands international Edgar Davids has been announced as the owner of the new franchise. We managed to quickly catch up with Davids this morning at his sides new stadium, Panda Park.

View attachment 288148

Reporter (R): Today you officially announced establishment of your new Franchise. How excited are you for the start of season?

Edgar Davids (ED): I am incredibly excited for the start of the new season. This is a new chapter in my life and have invested a large amount of money into this franchise and am determined to ensure we strive for success.

(R): You start the APL in the 2nd division will this have a big effect on your ambition to be the best?

(ED): It isn't the ideal start, but i am confident we can gain a quick promotion to the top division and establish ourselves as a dominant team within the league. It is currently difficult to gauge the competition, as new owners are frantically trying to assemble teams in preparation for the start of the league.

(R): Talking of personnel. Have you got any big name signings you can share with us?

(ED) Unfortunately nothing has been confirmed as of right now. I have drafted up a shortlist of players I would like to bring to the club, but will see who we can land.

I will have to cut this short with you i'am afraid as the transfer window opens at 9am (Pacific Time). I know all the chairman will be sat ready to send there shortlists bang on the start of the window, failing to do this i will likely miss out on a number of targets.

If i lose out on any of my players i will be holding you responsible, for having to explain this to you!

Following on from our interview we received another official announcement from Edgar Davids revealing the signings he has been able to confirm up to date. We were also informed that he had failed to land 8 of his transfer targets and had lost out to fellow league rivals.....I think we know who he is blaming for that!

View attachment 288144
Matt Lampson
Thomas Glover
View attachment 288143

View attachment 288142
Felix Passlack

Gale Agboussomonde
View attachment 288140

View attachment 288137
Amobi Okugo

View attachment 288134
Graeme Shinnie
Jesus Vallejo
View attachment 288133
View attachment 288132
Lucas Mareque

Michael Parkhurst
View attachment 288129


View attachment 288128
Kristoffer Ajer

Romain Gall
View attachment 288124
View attachment 288123
Luis Gil

Tommy Thompson
View attachment 288121
View attachment 288119
Luis Ramirez

Maxi Rodriguez
View attachment 288118


View attachment 288117
Conor Casey

Gyasi Zardes
View attachment 288115
View attachment 288113
Jose Sand

Davids now has his work cut out for him to find replacements for the 8 failed signings, as a large amount of the top American talent within Davids budget has already been poached by other league chairmen. After having assembled his squad of players Davids has informed us that he will announce his backroom staff.