Feb 11, 2012
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I will attempt on Football Manager on what any English man dreams of, having their nation become the ultimate footballing side. My aim is to hold the World Cup, the Euros, the Confederations Cup AND number one in the world rankings AT THE SAME TIME, with England. Wish me luck.


Roy Hodgson has controversially resigned as England manager due to medical reasons as he is believed to still be suffering from the publicized car crash he was involved in when his taxi swerved off the road. Medical staff are believed to have advised Roy to take time away from football to get some rest. Roy's press conference announcing his resignation was attended by our journalist Adam Hire.

A. Hire - 'Roy, your resignation has shocked the footballing world. Are you doing what people will call a ''Guardiola'' and are you exhausted from the troubles of management?'

R. Hodgson - 'No, I am resigning due to advice from my assistant that I need some rest from an incident that will remain unnamed.'

A. Hire - 'Do you have any idea on who the FA have in mind to hire as your successor.'

R. Hodgson - 'Yes, before my resignation and I have spoken with the FA and have advised them upon a potential replacement for myself and I am quite happy to say they have hired him already and the FA have given me the privilege of announcing him. May I introduce former Swansea midfielder and current Newcastle youth coach, Max Power.'

M. Power - 'Thank you Roy. May I say it is a privilege, no, an honour to be announced as the England manager. I wish to follow in the footsteps of the great Sir Alf Ramsey and will be the man who leads England to their next World Cup.'

A. Hire - 'Is there any issues within the current side you may wish to change in order for you to fulfill this somewhat outlandish goal?'

M. Power - 'Well, we have a track record with penalty shoot-outs that I don't think the lads want to carry on with but other than that, maybe a top class midfielder pairing to continue the reign of Lampard and Gerrard as they are aging but I think that Wilshere and Oxlade-Chaimberlain maybe fit to cover it. Only time will tell.'

So, with new England manager Max Power raring to go with one thing set in his mind, World Cup 2014 I think it is safe to say here we sure have a confident manager, lets hope this one brings us the success all you fans out there are dying for.

Good luck MP, let's hope you can give the passionate England fans something new to brag about :D
Good luck MP, let's hope you can give the passionate England fans something new to brag about :D
I hope so, international management is probably the only thing on FM I am good at (basing it mainly on my historic 5-0 Euro 2012 final win with England against France on FM12)

These are my fixtures for the year, obviously. It was originally a friendly against Czech Republic, but I decided to play the majority of my friendlies against non-European sides as the variation prepares me for the World Cup so I cancelled it and decided to go against some African opposition. Anyway, I aim to win 3/5 of the games at minimum, the San Marino game will be used to give the youngsters some valuable experience. Next update will be how I got on.
Will you be posting each squad and who has maybe been left out or brought in
Organized my squad for the Mali friendly, got criticized for my decision to use Carrick instead of Lampard but I had decided to use Henderson instead of Lampard as rotation. Anywhere, here is my full squad

I am awful with tactics, testing what I believe is a narrow 4-1-2-1-2 this match and it turns out Carrick is the only DM I chose so I am hoping he is injury free up to the match or I need to redo the tactic and that would be a nightmare
This looks great, will be following as I found managing England really challenging compared to other countries.

Thx for checking on my United story.
This looks great, will be following as I found managing England really challenging compared to other countries.

Thx for checking on my United story.
I am a Man United fan, I am interested to see how everyone else manages with them

A relatively strong side played with Chamberlain given experience mainly. I would of played a rotated side any other time but with it being my first match I felt like I was expected to win comfortably. The narrow 4-1-2-1-2 shown was changed to a 4-3-1-2 during the match following advice that we were struggling in midfield. Anyway, I am proud of this result.


Theo Walcott was brought on for Welbeck I think around the 60th minute and he justified that decision. I had an annoying situation in where my defenders were switching off although I'm guessing it's because they had nothing to do as Mali only had 1 shot
looks good so far, love international saves I do, my tip would be to blood youth through the qualifiers e.g. Butland, Redmond, Zaha etc..
The squad announced for the Ukraine and Montenegro matches

I took a major risk putting David Beckham in this, I am hoping he offers some vital experience to youngsters like Welbeck and Walcott. Anyway, 4 points is a minimum here, hoping to win Ukraine match and would love 3 points against the Montenegro side.
Accepted a friendly with Northern Ireland, it interferes with the current schedule so here is the revised fixtures of 2012

I'm liking the inclusion of David Beckham, I always feel a certain loyalty to the older players and players with loads of caps as I see myself not wanting to let them go even if their attributes are decreasing :p
Okay, doing a double bill for the matches versus Ukraine and Montenegro

Using the 4-3-1-2 permanently now, but may experiment in the games against Moldova and San Marino. Hoping it works against what I see as the biggest threat in the group

Bore draw, on a positive side Ferdinand got man of the match. Now for Montenegro

David Beckham getting a start underneath my management, got criticized for his inclusion but I see no reason why he will not perform

Good win, reach the minimum expectation of 4 points in the 2 matches. David Beckham earning a respectable 7.6 so I feel he has justified his inclusion
Now for the important part, the group standings

Second place to Poland, all is fair though as they had two easy matches against the group's whipping boys San Marino and Moldova. Next up is the Sammarinese and the Poles, 4 points again is my minimum expectation and at least a 3-0 win versus the mighty San Marino

New England manager Max Power has had a power-ful start as the new England manager with 2 wins in 3 games. A simple 3-0 friendly win over Mali started the ball running but there was a slight blemish with a stalemate against Ukraine but England were the better side in that match as shown by Rio Ferdinand winning man of the match but all was restored in an epic showdown with Montenegro that finished 3-1. In the 3 game period, Tom Cleverley and John Ruddy are 2 of the many people who made their international debut and David Beckham made a blistering return. A press conference with Max Power is expected to take place tomorrow