Jul 13, 2012
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Hi guys, if anyone would like any custom kits making, either for a real team or fake, I would be happy to do them for you! I used to do them for people on another site, but I stopped going on it, here is an example of an awal kit I made for my Swansea team (Very basic and quickly made, can do better! :p)

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So if anyone have any requests, please leave them below! :D
Any preference on colours or style for away and third (I presume that's what you meant by all 3?). Or for the home one even?

Nice 1, looks good, sorry yeah by all 3 i mean home/away/3rd. same colours as 2012/13 (original colours)
Okay then mate, I've already made this as I was bored, based on the clubs old away colours (1980s to mid 90s). Do the other 2 now :)

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What do you think to the design for the other kits, but different colours? Or shall I try something different? :)
The yellow one isn't the away kit haha, I made that when I was waiting, just experimenting :p

Might of got the 3rd and away kit the wrong way round, but it doesn't make a difference
Ahh right okay, what about the green one? I couldn't get the burgundy/maroon one to look red enough, and the logo doesn't really work with it as it has a small white outline on the letters :/
not too worry about the burgandy, ill keep the original and keep the yellow one as the green one, thanx
No problem mate :D

P.S. out of interest, what did you think the the greeny/yellow one? Is the main green colour right? (I might get someone else wanting a newcastle kit and I think that is pretty close to the right colour? :))
You couldn't do last seasons shirts, the red home shirt and the blue shirt with the old badge(before the re-brand) could you? Would appreciate t

Do you mean exactly the same as those kits? Because I can just get them from the normal kit pack if you want :)
Can you do me Barnsley's new Home & Away kit please mate and also add a third one in of your choice for fun if you want mate & could you explain to me how to add them to my game.. cheers