Jun 16, 2010
Reaction score
Basicly im playing as man utd using a flat 4-4-2 with wingers on attack duty crossing from byline aim cross to centre, no matter what i tell them to do 9/10 crosses are drilled right at the FB or a covering Def.

So are they useless and should i stop using them and get some decent inside forwards in to overload the box.

Or is it simply the fact im using the 3d match engine and im just being paranoid :) im winning games but only just , like il beat wolves 2-0 but vidic and ferdinand got both goals , same in previus games ...rooney and berbatov might aswell not even be on the pitch ...every time they get a chance on goal they blaze it over or rooney tries to score from 30 yds out.
Valencia and Nani both assist and hit double figures for goals for me was wingers. Rooney also scores for fun. How is the rest of your midfield set out? Are you telling Valencia to hug the touchline, run from deep, and where have you put his cross direction?
No - the wingers in my formation are my key players; without them I wouldn't score half the goals I do.
basicly im playing flat accros the mid with 2 wingers hugging the touchline crosses aimed into centre (i put ronaldo at man u pre start of game , i dont normaly "cheat " but its my first big team so i though ****** it im going to enjoy myself)

I have Paulo henrique playing as a advanced playmaker attack and fletcher as a ball winnng support

Rooney as a complete fwd and berba as deep lying both on attack duty
Wingers and poachers are the most effective roles in FM 2011 as far as I'm concerned.
so now weve established what a winger is any chance of a bit of help :D ?

The tactic im using is basicly this -

Changed the Philosiphy to fluid and changed the striker roles to suit rooney and berba( at least i think they suit )

Pretty much all i see all game is ronny or Hazard blasting their crosses straight at a defender almost broke my new razor naga through sheer frustration :D
With the tactic I uploaded onto this website, wingers were vital. McAnuff and Kebe (of Reading) were amongst the top goal scorers in the league.
i found them useless for a good 2 seasons, so i went from a 4-4-2 to a 4-3-1-2 playing narrow and through the middle, seems to be working better for me and ive seen an increase in the number of goals im scoring. well thats just my save anyway
In my Liverpool save I got Hazard and Elia and both are fundamental for my team. They both got 10+ goals and around 15 assists. Maybe not the biggest numbers but if their was a statistic for 2nd assists they would both have around 40 as the play always develops with them running the ball up the field and either hitting my target man or finding a trailing midfielder who sets up a chance.
last night was the first time i tried using wingers in fm11, and i found that's why winger tactics were so famous(doesn't mean wingless tactics are bad),...and of course supported by right least it's just my tough just for some games...
At Villa, and at Seoul, and at Fiorentina, and at Santiago Wanderers, and at Osaka FC, and at QPR, I always had wingers for the majority of my season.

Villa, Seoul and Fiorentina had the most influential wingers, with the likes of Ashley Young and Choi Tae-Wook and Stevan Jovetic. But they always were useful, and I've always found they improve my tactics. That's not to say, however, a tactic without wingers cannot be more effective than one with wingers, it's just what I've found.
i have hazard and guliano they are both quality - get me goals and lots of assists - hazard got me 24 assists last season alone.
dont have them cross to centre, have it mixed! trust me! change cross from byline to mixed (you are being very one dimensional by asking them to do such exact things) Nani crosses from anywhere on the field, back post, front post etc....

also have Nani moving into channels instead of hugging touchline or even better, cutting inside, crossing and through balls on often :)

i would suggest my tactic I made, 4-4-2, the AMR role is perfectly suited to Nani's strengths, trust me :)