May 6, 2009
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Guys, Just wondered what the deal is with this Basque players only? how long does it last? does It last forever? because if it does how do you get Athletic Bilbao to become the worlds best club?
with luck, and skill. and never sell your top players.
yes, it last forever
in real life, Bilbao only sign Basque players and Spanish under 16s

from wiki answers:
Q: Why do athletico bilbao only have basque players

A: They practice the Cantera policy used by many other Spanish clubs like Barcelona and Real Madrid. Bilbao are the only club left that still practice it to its entirety (although they've relaxed the rule a bit to let in players from the nearby state of Navarre).
The people of Basque are intensely nationalistic and even want to secede from Spain.

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Bilbao is a challenging club to manage, even harder than LLM
Sorry to revive old thread,but you can sign any spanish player ,not basque,if he is 15 years old?
Get Ander as soon as you can, Basque and turns out to be a beast!

But yeah, pretty difficult. But for me it seems that Bilbao produce a future world-class player every two years.
These are some great Basque players-

Cesar Apilicueta
Fernando Llorente
Iker Munian
Sebastien Ruffier
Fransisco Alcacer (Wonderkid)
Pleasure mate, sell off the dead wood like Ion Velez, Igor Gabilondo and your Goalkeeper when you sign Ruffier ;)

I shall do that. With some careful signings, I expect most people could do OK with them.
there's a lot of basque clubs tho , and it's hardcoded ( just like Uruguayan clubs ) to give you awesome above average regens each season or two
is tehre a shortlist of all Basque players? would be really helpful
You can filter in the player search to only show players of Basque nationality.
You can filter in the player search to only show players of Basque nationality.

Its under Nationality
and if you manage bilao (which i'm guessing you do) then you dont have to scroll down to find it
I'm just about to start a game with Bilbao, I've lived there for about 6 months when I was younger.
I always feel bad for Bilbao in my save as U.D. Logrones and I always sell them any Basque eligible player they bid for :)
I just took the job at Bilbao after leaving Newcastle after 3 and a half years. And i totally forgot the only Basque players rule lol what a nonsence. Never mind ill give it a go.