Looks like Macho man will be needed going forward with no right wingers at the club!

Got any idea what formation will be used?
oooooooooooooooooooo player profiles!!!!!
Garcia is looking like the scariest chairman i've ever seen.

I'm so hyped tho! We're looking like a fine team!
Love it. Made yourself a bit better then, haha. Guess that's fair enough.
The MAN in charge

It's time to meet your (perhaps?) ruthless manager in charge.

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Pierre Telstar

My name is Telstar, Pierre Telstar. I come from a small town called Strasbourg. I don't actually like it here that much, cause I was an orphan, and they all took pity on me. But I didn’t need their pity. I’m a strong and independent french woman.... ahem i meant to say man... hihii.

I'm 20 years old. I was mostly raised by women. I have never played football before, my mommies told me it was too dangerous, so I basically just watched others play, from my room, behind a curtain. It was fun. This here, is actually my very first job. Well, actually, I did mow m third moms grass for 1 franc. But I wouldn't call it a job, it was more like slave labour. Hehee, that's enough about me. tehee.
Grats to Aidan's player on scoring the first of the series :p
Not a good start for the young goalie there broken collarbone. Mind you my Wodensson looks to be in the mode of every Wodensson before him a good solid defender with excellent assisting potential just don't expect many goals he's more of a Gary Neville than an Denis Irwin ;)
I still feel like I win overall, my suggestion for team and stadium name got picked
I totally wasn't the one to blame for Handanda. Nope. Not at all. (6) *whistles away*

Nah just joking, I wouldn't wish that on anyone, some competition is always nice :p
That moment, when even the goalkeeper is faster than you, so you try your best to finish first, but instead you bruise your thigh.

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My guy will be a perfect ball playing defender soon!!!!
I see how it is, last one in and first one out :/ Hoping for a full recovery. Not the best start
Great feeling to score the first goal for the club! Hopefully the first of many!
Looking forward to seeing how this shapes up...bring on the competitive games!