Matteo looks a beast! Hopefully get some game time and a chance to shine :)

There isn't much to say, but, uh.., the players did it. I, uhh.. didn't really do anything. It was all them. I'm proud of them, although me being proud of them says, pretty much nothing cause uhh.. I am really noone.

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Season Preview
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The Best Player of the Pre-Season goes to Nate Naterr, who also won Best Striker of the Pre-Season, impressed us all 18 goals in 12 games, claiming 4 Player Of the Match awards. He achieved an average rating of 8.27, with his best rating being 9.90 and lowest 6.70. In one game scored a hat trick and in an another four goals. The future seems to be blindingly bright for this youngster.

The Best Midfielder of the Pre-Season was given to Robert Henry. He assisted five goals in eleven games. He only got one POM award, but his importance cannot be underestimated. He won all the tackles he made, 86 per cent of his passed reached its destination and made about 2 dribbles each game. Even though only half the shots he made were on target, he still managed to score six goals.

Best Defender of Pre-Season was strongly secured by Bryan Glok. He didn't care that he was a defender, he still found a way to go forward and not abandon his defensive duties - 1 goal, 2 assists in 11 matches. Average rating was 8.42. Few opponent strikers even shat their pants when he was substituted on. It was a real **** show, but on a more positive note, thanks to Glok the grass was fertilised.

Good to see Naterr, a fellow BAP vet, doing well!!

(This might be the first one in ages without Lewie participating, only noticed today he hasn't logged in this year)

It seems like it was just yesterday, that these little birds were begging me to chew up their food and then vomit it to their mouths. But now, six months later, they are all doing it by themselves. Scoring goals left, right and centre. What fabulous sights. Sure there have been times when even I opened my mouth and said a few angrier words but then shut up again cause they looked mad and I became afraid of them once again. One time like that was on 12th of November. We got kicked out of Coupe de France. A sad day indeed. A club like Lannion defeated us. US!!?!?!? **** them. Oooh, I'm sorry you had to see me like this. I'm terribly sorry. But atleast we are first in the league, four points ahaed of SC Bastia.

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Player Stats
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Team Stats
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Macho man second highest league rating yerrrrrs!

How bad is his injury?

Most distance covered is an odd one when looking at his attributes!
All looks pretty positive - good goal difference, looks like Naterr, Matteo and Wilcox (what happened in his last 5 games though??) are taking us up with a nice spread of goals from elsewhere.

Looking forward to the second half of the season.
Great month for us...we are clearly too good for this division :p

Matteo having a blast up front with Naterr and Wilcox!

...That 3-0 loss though..
thanks man!

Yeah I noticed he wasn't here....I miss his rivalry!