Barcelona - La Masia - Homegrown Challenge


May 30, 2011
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So i have tried this challenge a few times before, where i essential dont buy anyone and see how well i can do with Barcelona,

This challenge is essential the opposite to most in that it gets the harder the longer you play, the first few seasons you still have a decent squad but over the seasons you start to lose players to refusing new deals, retiring and complaining and wanting to leave

When i first tried out this challenge La Masia was all the rage and everyone was going on about how Barcelona brought through the next generation of football players the right way but nowadays they dont seem to bring as many youth players through as they once did with former graduates Xavi and Iniesta even moving on to pastures new

Barcelona have become more of a buying team in recent year with the likes of Dembele, Coutinho and Umtiti all joining the side since i last played as them

I will be looking to heavily focus on bringing young players through and especially ones who are Spanish but i will not look to get rid of current players either the likes of Dembele at 20 should be integral to the side for the next 10 to 15 years

After 15 seasons and 7 real months playing as Truro City my local club i am rather looking forward to playing as one of the best teams in the World with arguably the best player!

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Start to life at Barca - July 2018

Well a big thing i forgot to mention, i know some people have started recent saves with newer updated databases but i have not, so for Barcelona it means Iniesta is still here whilst Lenglet, Arthur, Malcolm and Vidal are not and worse of all Ronaldo is still at fierce rivals Real Madrid!

First thing that happens, the board give me £70Million to spend! O the temptation to go out and spend it all! I will be using the money saved from transfers to update all our facilities, Stadium and help to pay Messi's ridiculous £675k a week

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Key 3 for the Season

First off is the most obvious one Lionel Messi! Arguably the greatest player in the World, on ridiculous wages and hopefully key to our future success!

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Next up is Luis Suarez, if Messi is the creator Suarez has to be the finisher, with my tactic he is likely to play up front by himself

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And the finally piece in the jigsaw Coutinho, hes the replacement for his fellow Brazilian Neymar, with MSN no more we now need to move forward and let Coutinho shine

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My two biggest prospects include Striker Abel Ruiz

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and Marc Cucurella a left wing back

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Along with these couple of youth prospects a lot of the first team squad are only in their early 20's giving me several seasons to sort the youth players out

6 players are out on loan and they could all play a part in our first team squad in the future with the lack of new players coming in

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Suarez becomes an Eu citizen

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Data analysis Upgrade

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July/August 2017

So our first friendly match was Iniesta's Testimonial with Xavi coming back to the club to play in the match

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I wont show the friendlies as i played a lot of different players and tactics and it went from terrible to just about ok, losing to the likes of Fiorentina, Tottenham and Arsenal before picking up at the end with wins against Watford and Colchester

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We will face Real Madrid not only in a 2 part Spanish Super Cup tie but also in the opening game of the league season, it will really show how the team and tactic is doing facing Real Madrid in the first 3 games of the season

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My assistant manager recommended that i cancel Turan's loan so i did, hopefully he will get a bit of game time

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Real Madrid are favourites to retain the League Title, with us in second place, im hoping to claw it back off them the first time of asking! After not winning a lot of silverware for 7 months with Truro im going to be going after everything!

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The Media Dream Eleven consists of 5 Barcelona players and 6 Real Madrid players

Suarez out for 4 weeks and likely to miss all 3 Real Madrid matches

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3 Barcelona players touted to be up there for best player of the season

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Starting 11 and Tactic for the new Season
(This is subject to change throughout the save as im literally just messing around at the moment with the formation)

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Spanish Super Cup 1st Leg
Barcelona 4 - 1 Real Madrid

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Coutinho netted inside the opening 3 minutes and it all went crazy after that 3-0 up around half an hour in before Messi got the 4th before the hour mark, Alcacer was in inspired form only playing due to Suarez's injury, Benzema got a late consolation goal

Spanish Super Cup 2nd Leg
Real Madrid 0 - 1 Barcelona

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Messi gets the only goal of the game, towards the last 20 minutes they were all over us but it was nice to hold out for the win on the night to go with the overall Cup win! Back to back wins against Real Madrid is a nice way to start the season

Super Cup Winners!

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La Liga
Real Madrid 0 - 0 Barcelona

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A bore draw, to be honest i tried to play on the counter and it really didnt work, they were all over us and we didnt manage much on the attacking front but a draw against Real away from home was a not a terrible start

We dont have a lot in central defence anyway so Vermaelen being out for 3 months only makes it worse!

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The battle for top spot in our Champions League group will be tough as we face Man City, Besiktas and Ludogorets should realistically be cannon fodder for us two power houses

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La Liga
Barcelona 6 - 0 Levante

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It was nice to face a team that wasnt Real Madrid and we showed it smashing 6 goals past Levante including 5 inside 35 minutes! Alcacer has really taken to my tactic with Suarez still nursing his injury hitting in another brace but Coutinho's first half Hattrick was the standout performance, Lerma didnt help his side getting sent off when they were already 5-0 down only 40 minutes in, i think he is the player who has just joined Bournemouth in real life

No one spends big in this window, i remember from previous attempts that when i have not spent the other teams have seemed to not spend as much either

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Coutinho Named August Player of the Month

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The League table means little at this stage of the season but it was nice to see Real Madrid lose to Valencia in their second game of the league season who we face next!

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September 2017

Messi out for 3 weeks

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La Liga
Valencia 3 - 3 Barcelona

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2-0 up and something just changed, i dont know what i guess they must have gone all out attack, scoring either side of half time to level it back up, Denis Suarez came off the bench to net what looked like the winner but Umtiti went on to net an 85th minute own goal!

Coutinho came off right after our second goal and the moment seemed to just fall out of us but it was for just a minor injury!

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So we are not favourites for la Liga but are favourites for the Champions League despite the fact Real Madrid have won it twice in a row

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Sergi roberto adds to our injury problems, hes our current first choice right back and the only real cover at DMC for Busquets

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Champions League groups
Besiktas 2 - 0 Barcelona

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I almost rage quit the save after this game, i just dont know whats happened, after those performances in August it all seems to go to pot, not only did we concede a couple of minutes into the game, we then spent nearly an hour of the game with an extra man as they had a man sent off and whilst we were pushing for a late equalizer they netted a second

La Liga
Barcelona 1 - 0 Leganes

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Well we get back on track with Coutinho netting the only goal of the game in a match where we peppered their goal with a shed load of chances but couldnt get a second, it didnt matter but it would have put me in a better mood

On the massive downside Rakitic adds to our injury list with a nasty 3 month hip injury

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La Liga
Barcelona 4 - 1 Getafe

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A much better display as i try to rotate the squad as much as possible hoping for no more injuries, Dembele nets the opener and is ridiculously quick whilst Suarez nets a brace and Messi gets the other goal

Umtiti becomes the third first teamer out injured

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Striker Abel Ruiz made his debut and really should have scored not long after coming on

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We face lowly Longrones in the Spanish Cup 4th rnd

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We are literally buggered when it comes to centre back now, looks like youngster Tarin will have to partner Pique

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La Liga
Real Hispalis 0 - 2 Barcelona

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Turan and Alcacer get the goals in a much changed front line for our side, im going to try and rotate as much as i can and hope it doesnt backfire, and look at that Tarin got MOTM on his debut!

Tarin on fire on his debut

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6 League matches unbeaten to start the season

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Champions League Groups
Barcelona 7 - 2 Ludogrets

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What a crazy match to get back on track in Europe as Alcacer smashes in 4 goals as well as us scoring one own goal and receiving 2 in a dominant display

All that without Suarez and Messi but it didnt help the injury curse with Turan out for 3 weeks

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Alcacer sets a new goals in a game record with 4 goals

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La Liga
Las Palmas 2 - 5 Barcelona

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Coutinho smashed in a Hattrick as i played my best available 11, with the international break coming up i thought whats the point of resting players just so their National teams use them, Alcacer came off the bench to net another goal but the match did not end well for Suarez

A nasty injury for Suarez, 6 injuries including 4 for my starting 11 gutted

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Ruiz signs a new deal after making his debut

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Alcacer has really had a chance to shine with injuries and with Suarez out have even more game time with 10 goals in just 7 starts

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Top of the table by 1 point with rivals Real Madrid in second i think Eibar being in 3rd has to be more of a surprise though

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Good luck - I have had Abel Ruiz before - he is a cracking young player
Good luck - I have had Abel Ruiz before - he is a cracking young player
Hes come on in a few games seems to get loads of chances but just cant put them away yet hopefully with maturity he will find his goalscoring boots

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October 2017 - Part 1

Busquets adds to the injury list

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La Liga
Villareal 0 - 1 Barcelona

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Messi gets the only goal of the game, scoring 8 minutes after missing a penalty, we had a load of chances but just couldnt put them away

5 match winning streak but it is against a load of rubbish teams

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Champions League Groups
Barcelona 4 - 4 Man City

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2-0 up to 3-2 down in a crazy match, it was one of those that as soon as they got one goal back you just knew they were going to get right back into the game, as soon as they went 3-2 up i put Messi upfront and went to Overload mode and he duly netted 2 goals in about 3 minutes but we still couldnt hold on to the lead and conceded again late on

Currently down in 3rd place in our group after being touted by the Media as favourites to win it!

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La Liga
Barcelona 1 - 0 At Bilbao

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Alcacer gets the only goal of the game in a carbon copy of the Villareal game, a shed load of chances but we manage to sneak it with one moment of brilliance. we may not be putting our chances away but we are racking up those points

Spanish Cup 4th rnd 1st Leg
Logrones 1 - 3 Barcelona

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Dembele nets twice in a man of the match performance as i play a complete second string side with Abel Ruiz even getting his first goal for the club!

Solid start mate, cant wait to see some of the regens you chuck out
Solid start mate, cant wait to see some of the regens you chuck out
Looking forward to the first youth intake, my luck with intakes is not brilliant, usually have the 3 best players all playing the same position and it being one that doesnt fit my tactic lol

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October 2017 - Part 2

La Liga
Barcelona 1 - 1 Eibar

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Not a good day, Iniesta scores really early and thats as good as it got, Alcacer had a mare, Coutinho added to the injury list and they netted a very late equalizer

Coutinho out for 4 weeks

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Injury Crisis as our Medical room hits 7 patients

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Tarin is only out with a minor injury but its another player not available for the big Man City game

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Champions League
Man City 4 - 0 Barcelona

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Well with Suarez, Rakitic, Busquets and Coutinho out injured it was always going to be a tough battle along with Iniesta only just coming back from injury but we really should have done better, we were 1-0 down at half time and i tried a more attacking approach in the second half hoping to get back into the game but it worked the other way as Aguero quickly grabbed a Hattrick before a late 4th

3rd place with 2 games to go and we are facing the real possibility of dropping down to the Europa League, a couple of big games on the horizon against Besiktas and Ludogorets

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Messi has had the odd injury this season just like the rest of the team but 8 goals and 9 assists is not a bad return in the opening 12 games

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2 points clear of Real Madrid and Valencia with Valencia like us undefeated after the opening 10 games

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November 2017

Iniesta out for 3 weeks

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So that nearly the whole of my 5 man midfield out injured

La Liga
Deportivo 0 - 6 Barcelona

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We put all the injuries behind us and Messi and Alcacer both go and smash a Hattrick a piece but it doesnt stop the injury curse with 2 more players picking up knocks!

Gomes out for 3 weeks

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Dembele is out for 12 days but we do have nearly 2 weeks before the next match now

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A lot of players are back from injury after the International break but what made me laugh is how many of them got picked for Meaningless friendlies. Its a first time i actually looked at the player instructions and every major player i just withdrew from their National sides like Umtiti, Messi and Pique but i left the likes of Semedo and Digne to go and get game time

La Liga
Barcelona 3 - 0 Celta Vigo

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The defenders showed us how it was done with Alba scoring first before Pique doubled the lead, Alcacer got the third late on after coming on for a yet again injured Suarez

And this one was the worse one yet!

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Thank christ he is soon to be the only player on the injury list

Suarez has only played 5 times this season after picking up 3 big injuries during matches

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Yep thats right our supposed star striker has 2 goals for the season having literally been available for 7 games out of the last 20

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Completely forgot Yerry Mina was at Barcelona B

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Not a bad understudy to Pique and Umtiti

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Champions League Groups
Barcelona 1 - 0 Besiktas

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We absolutely pummeled their goal but my attacking players were poor, Messi got the all important winner to seal the 3 points and help us toward the Knockout stages

Its all set for the final game, We need to beat Ludogorets big and hope already qualified Man City do us a favour and beat Besiktas

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14 wins in my opening 20 games

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After our recent good form i thought i would try and improve the facilities, as i know the board are always more likely to agree if your in good form

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The big news is the £32Million to be spent on a Stadium Expansion

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La Liga
Malaga 1 - 1 Barcelona

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****** jumping! Coutinho netted early on but we couldnt manage the second goal, Alcacer seems to have lost form at the worse time with Suarez's injury, They then came back into it winning a dubious penalty according to the Media before having a man sent off and we still couldnt win get that second goal!

I sign a 2 year contract extension

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Spanish Cup 4th rnd 2nd leg
Barcelona 4 - 1 Logrones

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My second string play well, Ruiz has a good game but Dembele has an awesome one smashing in a Hattrick and showing why hes banging on the door to the starting 11

Alcacer wins Player of the Month but his form has started to dip

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No chance for a slip up in the league with Real Madrid keeping up with us every step of the way! We are undefeated in our opening 13 league games

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December 2017

We will face Malaga in the Spanish Cup 5th rnd

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La Liga
Barcelona 5 - 0 Sevilla

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This was a massive performance against one of the better teams in Spain, to score 4 goals in the last 20 minutes was amazing and the fact we had 5 different scorers the icing on the cake, It was all about Coutinho though who scored one and set up the other 4

Champions League Groups
Ludogorets 0 - 3 Barcelona

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Qualification was never in doubt after Messi steadied the ship with an early penalty, we scored twice more after i had to make an enforced change due to Coutinho getting injured

We make the knockout stages

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We scrape through in second place after beating Ludogorets and Man City dispatching of Besiktas

View attachment 39797

Devastating after just a fine display against Sevilla Coutinho is now set to miss a month through injury

View attachment 39796

Umtiti gets a big new deal, he decided to moan about his contract despite having 4 years left on a 130k a week deal he felt after his good form he needed a better deal
Well i can tell you on a normal save i hate it when players do this and i would rather annoy them not do it and sell them if i have to but i cant afford to do that when i cant bring in a replacement

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La Liga
Real Sociedad 3 - 3 Barcelona

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This was one of the most frustrating matches i have managed so far as Barcelona, We netted 10 minutes in and they hit back immediately my changes at half time only made them come on stronger and go ahead, i then decided to go all out with Pique netting an equalizer before Paulinho looked to have sealed the 3 points with a late screamer but they managed an even later equalizer!

Denis Suarez is out injured now, thats 3 of the best 4 AML's in the squad injured

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15 games unbeaten in the league since the start of the season

View attachment 39792

We get a tough draw facing money bags PSG and former player Neymar

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La Liga
Barcelona 2 - 0 Alaves

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Messi puts in a man of the match display but we really struggled in front of goal, we should have netted 6 or 7 but had to settle for 2, Ruiz did come off the bench to net his second Barcelona goal

La Liga
Girona 0 - 2 Barcelona

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Messi and Dembele get the goals but again Alcacer struggles in front of goal whilst Dembele is the next AML to pick up an injury

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La Liga
Barcelona 2 - 0 Espanyol

View attachment 39787

Alcacer finally finds his goalscoring boots in the big derby before Coutinho gets the second on his way back from injury but we pick up more along the way

Busquets out for 3 weeks

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Turan out too

View attachment 39785

Messi Named World Golden Ball Winner

View attachment 39784

Coutinho and Messi are 2nd and 3rd in Footballer of the Year

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Messi Wins World Player of the Year

View attachment 39782

Hes the only Barcelona Player in the World Best Eleven too

View attachment 39781

Despite being undefeated in our opening 18 games we have no room for error just 2 points behind Valencia whilst Real Madrid have a game in hand which if they win will see them just 2 points behind too

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January 2018 - Part 1

Spanish Cup 5th rnd 1st Leg
Barcelona 6 - 0 Malaga

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A rare all rounded performance from us, we are usually having a shed load of chances and missing most of them, 2 of these goals were penalties but it was still an amazing performance,

La Liga
Barcelona 4 - 1 At Madrid

View attachment 39563

Their our second biggest rivals behind Real Madrid but we dispatched of them easily with Alcacer netting twice in the first half, right at the beginning and the end of the half, with Iniesta and Messi getting the other goals

Vidal out for 3 weeks

View attachment 39562

Alcacer out for 3 weeks, and with Suarez out too, i will have to either move Messi up front or play 18 year old Ruiz

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Spanish Cup 5th rnd 2nd leg
Malaga 2 - 2 Barcelona

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We came from behind twice on the night with the overall 8-2 on aggregate score never in doubt i played a few reserves and it showed with a much tougher game, Abel Ruiz netted an 81st minute equalizer in the exact same minute that they retook the lead

We face Sevilla in the Quarter Finals

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La Liga
Barcelona 1 - 1 Real Madrid

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Messi has been torrid for us upfront and i should have just given Ruiz a chance up their, what really annoys me is he doesnt like any of my team talks! He reacts badly to them if they are good or bad towards him! Rakitic literally blew the Title race wide open missing an 86th minute penalty that could have secured a huge 3 points!


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January 2018 - Part 2

Spanish Cup Quarter Final 1st Leg
Sevilla 1 - 3 Barcelona

Not sure if this specific screenshot is working its not showing up on my screen, Messi played upfront in the game and scored a Hattrick

View attachment 39338View attachment 39338
WBR Vidal moves to China for £21.5Million, we already have Sergi Roberto and Semedo at wing back along with another backup player out on loan s o i decided to cash in

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La Liga
Levante 0 - 1 Barcelona

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I was not impressed, we played a few of the reserves including Tarin, Ruiz and Gomes putting in a man of the match performance but it was Messi netting an 88th minute goal to seal all 3 points

Spanish Cup Quarter Final 2nd leg
Barcelona 2 - 0 Sevilla

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Another game where i play the second string and this time they decided to perform with youngster Ruiz getting a goal, an assist and the man of the match as we glide through to the Semi Finals

17 Year old Abel Ruiz puts in an amazing display

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We shall face Valencia in the Semi Finals

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La Liga
Barcelona 3 - 0 Valencia

View attachment 39332

We were poor until Dembele came off the bench went on the wing and Messi went up front with all of my main front three netting in the last half an hour

Spanish Cup Semi Final 1st Leg
Valencia 2 - 0 Barcelona

View attachment 39331

Absolute shocker of a result as we throw the cup away with a terrible display, Messi continues with his hot and cold form

Umtiti is banned for the second leg

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I always find with the saves where i dont buy anyone that most of the other teams seem to spend less too, the 3 biggest deals of the winter window all involved players leaving La Liga

View attachment 39329

January Manager of the Month after 3 wins from 4

View attachment 39328

I will reluctantly give Messi player of the month the fact that he has 25 goals in 28 games and i think he has played poor shows how good he can be!

View attachment 39327

5 points ahead of Real Madrid but they do have a game in hand, who would have thought it would be this tight still despite the fact i am 22 games unbeaten so far this season

View attachment 39326
Incredible, an update without an injury not something that was looking likely to happen. Having a good season so far, especially with all the injuries taken into account.
Incredible, an update without an injury not something that was looking likely to happen. Having a good season so far, especially with all the injuries taken into account.
Thanks mate, yes have had a lot of injuries which considering i cant bringing any players to fill the squad out is making it all the more interesting,

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February 2018

Had to take a look at Man Utd after seeing they had spent £400Million in the Winter Window!

View attachment 39079

They spent £187Million on a new strikeforce from Italy with Torino's Belotti and Inter Milan's Icardi joining them

View attachment 39078

Ter Stegen gets a new 4 year deal with a payrise after moaning about his previous deal

View attachment 39077

La Liga
Leganes 1 - 1 Barcelona

View attachment 39076

We just about clung on to the whole Unbeaten season here, Leganes should have been well beaten but we were missing both of our first choice wing backs and Busquets, Iniesta managed to net a last gasp equalizer to get a point but we still dropped 2 in the Title race

Spanish Cup Semi Final 2nd leg
Barcelona 1- 0 Valencia

View attachment 39075

We looked awful the first hour and i had to haul off our front 3 who had no sense of urgency that we were going out of the cup. Dembele managed to net one goal to seal the win on the night but it was not enough for the overall win and we crash out of our first competition

Barcelona crash out of the Spanish Cup Semi Finals

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La Liga
Barcelona 1 - 0 Real Betis

View attachment 39073

Alcacer has not been the same since his injury before Christmas and it took Abel Ruiz coming off the bench to change the game as he netted the latest possible winner in the 94th minute!

Champions League 1st Knockout rnd 1st Leg
Barcelona 2 - 1 PSG

View attachment 39072

We come from behind after Cavani netted an early goal, Umtiti equalized with a powerful header from a corner before it was Alcacer who came off the bench to net a last minute equalizer after the roles were reversed in the previous match

So Alba and Sergi Roberto will both miss the 2nd leg due to suspension

View attachment 39071

On top of the suspension Alba picks up a 4 week injury too!

View attachment 39070

Barcelona 1 - 0 Las Palmas

View attachment 39069

Dembele nets a very early winner inside the opening minute of the match on the way to a man of the match performance, Ruiz and Alcacer struggled up front i think they both prefer to play as impact subs with neither really shining from the start of matches

25 Games Unbeaten in the League

View attachment 39068

Dembele sets a new record after he scored his goal just 23 seconds in to the match

View attachment 39067

La Liga
Getafe 0 - 1 Barcelona

View attachment 39066

Yet another win by just the odd goal with Rakitic netting a penalty around an hour in. come back Suarez we need a striker who can hit the back of the net!

La Liga
At Bilbao 1 - 2 Barcelona

View attachment 39065

Alcacer netted what looked like being the winner early on but despite him playing much better we still missed a lot of chances! They then looked to have grabbed a late equalizer but it was up to Paulinho to net an even later power driver of a winner!

Great about 4 more weeks before Suarez is back and now Messi is likely to miss most of the rest of the season

View attachment 39064

Nothing flashy about Rakitic but he just keeps the ball moving and dictates the tempo and run of play

View attachment 39063

3 points clear at the top but Real Madrid have a game in hand on us, Valencia are 10 points back now and looks like its just between the two big Giants of Spanish football now with 10 games to go!

View attachment 39062

View attachment 39008

La Liga
Barcelona 2 - 0 Villareal

View attachment 39004

The subs are the difference again, Denis Suarez comes off the bench to net the first goal before Ruiz gets a last second goal after they got hit on the counter whilst trying to equalize

Champions League 1st Knockout rnd 2nd leg
PSG 1 - 0 Barcelona

View attachment 39003

We crash out of the Champions league on away goals as Mbappe nets an 8th minute winner on the night, We were missing both full backs along with the already missing Suarez and Messi so it was always going to be hard but Alcacer continued his shocking form and Ruiz didnt improve anything when coming on

After struggling through our group we get knocked out at the first hurdle

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La Liga
Eibar 0 - 1 Barcelona

View attachment 39001

Coutinho went off injured early on and it didnt get much better in terms of going forward, Iniesta netted the only goal of the game from the penalty spot, a lot of grinded out wins in recent months but i dont care as long as we get the 3 points

Coutinho out for a month

View attachment 38997

Big £4.5Million payout to Dortmund after Dembele reaches 25 league games for us

View attachment 38996

We are guaranteed to at least finish in the Top 5 already!

View attachment 38995

La Liga
Barcelona 5 - 1 Deportivo

View attachment 38994

Another injury to a first teamer, Sergi Roberto has been awesome at wing back and covering in the DMC role and was unlucky to go off injured after netting a goal. Not only did Alcacer actually score a goal Ruiz came on for him and netted 2 more in just a few minutes! This was our first game in a long while where we had performed so well in front of goal

Roberto out for 4 weeks

View attachment 38989

Champions League football and a Top 4 finished confirmed now

View attachment 38988

Abel Ruiz has 8 goals and 3 assist in 8 starts and 15 sub appearances and i felt he deserved a new deal

View attachment 38987

He signs a new 4 year deal and raises his release clause significantly

View attachment 38986

2 yougnsters from the youth intake have decent potential to one day make the first team

First DMC Raul Serramitja

View attachment 38985

GK Fran is considered to have the potential to be as good as Ter Stegen

View attachment 38984

We put slightly more distance between us and Real Madrid now 6 points clear with them having a game in a hand

View attachment 38983