Barcelona - La Masia - Homegrown Challenge


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May 2019

La Liga
Barcelona 2 - 0 Zaragoza

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Both strikers who tried to fill in for Suarez struggled but it didnt matter as Messi was in good enough form to net a brace

Champions League Semi Finals 1st Leg
At Madrid 2 - 2 Barcelona

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This was one of those moments where you really feel like chucking your laptop out the window! We were 2-0 up and cruising thanks to a Suarez double but it all changed when Gomes got sent off 37 minutes in. We looked like we would cling on with a key 2-0 away goals win but Gameiro managed to score 2 penalties in 2 minutes just to make me want to cry

La Liga
At Madrid 2 - 1 Barcelona

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We are getting worse each time we play them from a win in the Cup Final to a draw in Europe to a loss in the league this does not bode well for the 2nd leg in the Champions League

Champions League Semi Finals 2nd leg
Barcelona 0 - 0 At Madrid

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We sneak through on the away goals rule! And boy did we ride our luck or lack of it as first Messi went off injured before half time and then Suarez got sent off with half an hour to go

Messi out for 3 weeks

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Messi may miss the Final whilst Suarez will for sure as he gets banned after his red card

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Alcacer is struggling for goals lets hope he can turn that round in the Champions League finals!

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I tried to get Suarez's one game ban rescinded but it was to no avail

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We shall face Tottenham in the Champions League Finals and apparently they are rather well off now!

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Andres Iniesta has decided to retire at the end of the season! I thought he may well at least give me one more year, hes played most games had very little injuries and still been on good form, i have asked if he will reconsider but he hasnt got back to me yet

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It will be gutting if Messi and Suarez both miss the final! Hopefully Messi will recover in time!

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May 2019 - Part 2

La Liga
Deportivo 3 - 3 Barcelona

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Phew what a crazy game, Rakitic went off 5 minutes in and it really buggered us up, it was 3-1 to them by around an hour in, i hauled of Dembele and Suarez who were playing terribly and it was Ruiz who came off the bench to net a brace to seal 1 point which meant one thing!

Barcelona Win La Liga

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Rakitic will hopefully be back for the Champions League Final

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I make the Spain Hall of Fame in just my second season with Barcelona

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2 Leagues, 1 Cup and 2 Super Cups sees me come in at Number 7

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Back to Back Barcelona League Wins for Me

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Iniesta must want to retire on a high

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And he doesnt even want to stay with us after in a Staff role!

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La Liga
Barcelona 1 - 0 Osasuna

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It was Top Versus Bottom in the last league game of the season and with me worrying about anyone else getting injured before the Champions League Final i played a mainly second string with Iniesta the only first teamer in the Starting 11, i felt i had to play him on his last league game, Abel Ruiz netted the only goal of the game just before half time, Arda Turan had another good game, hes an absolute pain always moaning but does play well when called upon

Samper makes his debut

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Table ends up with us 4 points clear of second placed Real Madrid with Valencia in third and At Madrid in 4th

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Messi wins Player of the Year in La Liga with Coutinho second and Suarez third!

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Luis Suarez beats Harry Kane to Top Goalscorer after 30 league goals in 33 games

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I Win Manager of the Year again

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How can Messi win Best Player in La Liga but not make the Team of the Year

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Champions League Final ahead and Suarez is banned for it, along with that im going to have to risk Coutinho, Rakitic and Messi who are still not 100% fit but i cant afford to miss all 3 of them in the Final

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Champions League Final
Barcelona 1 - 0 Tottenham

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With Harry Kane in Spain now it was definitely a big worry gone facing Tottenham, the not match fit players playing gamble worked in the end, Rakitic went off injured around half an hour in so that was not so great but Messi managed to get the only goal of the game in extra time thanks to a penalty! He went off injured 6 minutes later

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Barcelona Celebrate Quadruple!

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With that win i enter the English Hall of Fame now

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I come in at 9th place after 4 Cup Wins and 2 League Titles

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June 2019
End of Season Post

Top Goalscorer - Luis Suarez - What a difference a year can make! Last season he managed just 4 goals, this year 42 Goals in 48 games and at 32 years of age! Hopefully he doesnt just leave us in the lurch like Iniesta i would like to think he has 3 or 4 more seasons in him

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Best Player - Lionel Messi - 24 Goals, 15 Assists and an average rating of 7.56, hes also going to be 32 in a few weeks, but in this form surely he should go to 40 not that i have seen anyone on FM do that

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Retiree Mention - Andres Iniesta - He has started 36 games with an average rating of 7.46 and still had a year to run on his contract, i know he is 35 now but i just dont get why he has retired a season early

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Best Young Player - Ousmane Dembele - He has a massive career at Barcelona ahead of him, 16 Goals and 25 Assists and hes not even in our current best Eleven

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Had to give Abel Ruiz a mention as he has another good season scoring 12 goals within 8 starts and 21 sub appearances

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Despite winning the Champions League only 4 Barcelona players make the European Dream Team

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Messi snatches back the Best Player in Europe from Ronaldo who has won it for the past 3 seasons with Luis Suarez in second

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Luis Suarez Wins the Golden Shoe after 30 League Goals

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Golden Generation in Best Eleven Ever

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2 seasons in and my Best Eleven is starting to take shape, Umtiti and Pique are the two players to have played the most with Dembele also having played over 100 games thanks to being my super sub, Messi has the most goals with 49 goals in 82 games

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Iniesta makes our team of the season and 2nd in the Fans Player of the Year, i really am gutted hes retiring

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We won all 4 competitions we went in for in a stellar season, we used the 2nd most different players with 28 this season as we try to integrate the youngsters from the academy into the first team

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And they have shelved plans to expand the stadium again, i give up on this, our bank balance does go down throughout the season thanks to spending so much on wages but gets a big shot in the arm for tv rights every July but they cant wait that long

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One thing with bringing players through we dont have to worry about the squad registration rules for Europe with 13 players in our squad classed as homegrown at the club and another two as homegrown in Spain

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We shall face fierce rivals Real Madrid in the European Super Cup

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July 2019

Rodri Tarin a one time centre back prospect leaves for Getafe after a successful loan spell

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Centre back Marlon comes back from a 2 year loan deal in France

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Hes not going to be getting anywhere near the first team any time soon but will definitely play a part on the bench now that Vermaelen is past it

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Luis Suarez signs a new 2 year deal

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Glad that Suarez has retired from International duty so he can prolong his club career

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Andres Iniesta Retires

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This was our first major loss to the first team and we are unable to go out and buy a replacement, in the next 3 or 4 years the likes of Messi, Pique, Busquets, Suarez and Alba will all most likely retire as they are all in their early thirties now

We are the Biggest Club in the World

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Nelson Semedo joins Juventus for £40.5Million

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Hes played a lot of games coming off the bench but was never going to beat Roberto to a starting place and we have some reserve youngsters that can come into the side in his position

£110 Million to not spend this Summer

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We shall face Sporting Lisbon for Busquets Testimonial

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Sergi Palencia will come into the side at wing back to take Semedo's place in the squad

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Sergei Samper comes in to take Iniesta's place

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Alena comes into the squad to but im not sure if i may loan him out again along with a whole host of other youngsters

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Dembele will miss the first couple of months of the new season

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Nobody has come back for Busquets Testimonial

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We shall face At Madrid in the Spanish Super Cup

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August 2019 - Part 1

We are favourites to retain our La Liga Title this season whilst the Media's Dream Eleven consists of 5 Barcelona players and 6 Real Madrid players

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Real Madrid lose Casemiro to PSG but make up for that by going to Tottenham again! They already have Harry Kane and now bring in Eric Dier and Jonny who only joined Spurs the year before

GK Fran joins Almeria on loan

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My Starting 11 and Tactic for the New Season

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The only enforced change is Andre Gomes coming into the side for the retired Andres Iniesta, 6 of my starting 11 are now in their thirties so their will be a bigger upheaval in the next few seasons

European Super Cup
Barcelona 1 - 0 Real Madrid

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Messi scored in the opening few minutes to seal the win but after Coutinho picked up a nasty injury it took our attacking prowess out of the game, in injury time as they pushed for an equalizer it all went crazy as our right wing back and theirs both got sent off for separate incidents in the 93rd minute

I Win my first European Super Cup with Barcelona

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Coutinho out for 4 weeks

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Most European Super Cups in History with 6

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No one wanted Vermaelen and Turan even for free, they only have one year left on their deals and i thought why not make them useful and they can help Barcelona B try to get back into the second divison

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Spanish Super Cup 1st leg
At Madrid 0 - 0 Barcelona

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It was a poor match, we had a load of chances but struggled in our finishing their GK was man of the match which says how one sided it was in terms of attacking intent

Spanish Super Cup 2nd leg
Barcelona 2 - 0 At Madrid

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Much easier at home as again they dont even bother to try and attack us which doesnt work so well at home as Rakitic and Suarez netted the second 2 minutes later

Another Spanish Super Cup Win and we have 2 Trophies in our opening 3 games

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DMC Serramitja joins Tenerife on loan for the season

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I have decided that i think 40 games with Tenerife will be a better season for him than maybe 10 games with us

Alena another midfielder joins Villareal on loan

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August 2019 - Part 2

La Liga
Barcelona 4 - 0 Villareal

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You would think this was a good start to the season as we easily beat Villareal 4-0 with 4 different goalscorers but 3 players went off injured!

Busquets out for 6 weeks!

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Luis Suarez out for 4 weeks!

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The one small grace is Messi is only out for a couple of days

Quite a tough draw as we get Roma and Liverpool in the Champions League groups along with Frankfurt

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Real Madrid spend big again as another £100Million goes out as they look to break our strangle hold on the league but they did lose another key player in Casemiro

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Real Madrid completely revamp their back line with a couple of wing backs and Dier coming in

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Whereas we sell Semedo for big money and a few other players that will never make the side before loaning out a load of prospects

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La Liga
Girona 0 - 2 Barcelona

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Abel Ruiz takes his chance in the first team netting a brace as we beat a side that held us to a bore draw last season as they parked the bus

Messi has 2 Goals, 2 Assists and 2 MOTM's so far this season

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2 wins from 2, no goals conceded and Real Madrid have already dropped points!

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September 2019

Messi out for 2 weeks

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Abel Ruiz signs a new 5 year deal

View attachment 36766

After signing his new deal and starting the season well, 19 year old Abel Ruiz is now worth £49.5Million

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La Liga
Deportivo 0 - 1 Barcelona

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We had a shed load of chances but it took Andre Gomes to smash in a wondergoal to seal the 3 points with 10 minutes to go

We have gone 8 games in a row without conceding

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Champions League Groups
Barcelona 4 - 2 Roma

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4-0 up and cruising before Defrel netted a quick brace to ruin our chase for the Clean sheet record, but overall a very impressive win against a decent Roma side

Wing back Palencia makes his debut

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Sergi Palencia - WBLR

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We set a new gate receipt

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We face Real Madrid next and best of all Harry Kane is injured

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La Liga
Barcelona 3 - 0 Real Madrid

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Busquets nets the opener before Luis Suarez nets a brace in a rather routine victory against Real Madrid, no matter where they are in the league i consider them my only rivals in the league

La Liga
At Bilbao 0 - 0 Barcelona

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A bore draw, they play the same way as Girona last season and grab a point, they put in two defensive midfielders and their GK gets the man of the match as we pepper their goal but just cant score

We shall face Elche in the Spanish Cup 4th rnd

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La Liga
Barcelona 4 - 1 Getafe

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Thats more like it! We have another game where we have so many chances but at least this time we actually find the back of the net with Rakitic netting a brace, Ruiz getting another goal and Alba even getting a rare goal

Rakitic has really stepped up since Iniesta retired, not that he wasnt playing well before but he is now the elder statesmen in the midfield

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2 points behind At Madrid after they start the season on fire with 6 straight wins, Real Madrid have started badly though a further 5 points behind us already!

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October 2019

Champions League Groups
Liverpool 3 - 2 Barcelona

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Gutted, a tough game, going to Anfield is always tough and our former Liverpool players had very different games, Coutinho played well but Suarez had a mare and with Messi missing we didnt have enough magic in our midfield to create good enough chances

La Liga
Granada 1 - 4 Barcelona

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A good away win after we struggled against Liverpool, Messi netted an early penalty to set the tone with Luis Suarez netting a brace and Abel Ruiz getting yet another goal

Umtiti dont leave me! Pique is getting closer to retirement age i really need you to look after Marlon and Mina as i dont trust them as my centre back pairing

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5 days later he signs a new 4 year mega deal

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La Liga
Barcelona 3 - 0 Las Palmas

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Suarez nets early, Ruiz nets early whilst Messi gets another goal, the thing with the Spanish league is beyond the top 5 or 6 the rest of the teams are pish and if you dont beat them easily you should be annoyed

Champions League Groups
Barcelona 2 - 1 Frankfurt

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I rested a few of the key players for this match despite it being a must win and Coutinho and Ruiz got the goals to seal all 3 points, they got one back but couldnt push for a second

Cucurella plays on both wing back sides and looks a better player than Palencia

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La Liga
Valencia 1 - 3 Barcelona

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Supposedly one of the tougher matches in the league but it was all rather easy with even Pique getting a rare goal, all 3 goalscorers are the wrong side of 30

Suarez out for 3 weeks

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Spanish Cup 4th rnd 1st Leg
Elche 0 - 1 Barcelona

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I played my second string but we still dominated, Ruiz got the only goal of the game but it should have been a load more, we had 31 shots and they had just 2 with none on target!

I Win Manager of the Month

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Abel Ruiz has 9 goals already this season in 15 games including 11 being sub appearances

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Equal points with At Madrid after 8 wins and a draw as we both start the season unbeaten, we top the table on goal difference, whilst Real Madrid are 8 points off the pace already!

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November 2019

La Liga
Barcelona 5 - 0 Vallecano

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With Suarez out injured and Ruiz still havin a knock, Alcacer gets a rare start and he only goes and smashes in a Hattrick! Messi gets 2 more as we are 4-0 up inside half an hour

Champions League Groups
Frankfurt 1 - 2 Barcelona

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Another 2-1 win as we play mainly the second string again with Alcacer netting his 4th and 5th goals in the last 2 games

We are in second place right now 1 point behind top team Liverpool with them and Roma still to face

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La Liga
Real Betis 2 - 2 Barcelona

View attachment 36595

Phew we got lucky, really i should have left Alcacer in the starting lineup but Suarez was deemed fit and he immediately went back off injured again, We had Messi to thank for keeping our unbeaten record alive by netting an 87th minute equalizer

Jordi Alba out for 4 weeks

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La Liga
Barcelona 2 - 1 Espanyol

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Ruiz comes off the bench to net the winner against our local rivals as Suarez continues to struggle after his injury, they have their own young superstar striker in the shape of Isak on loan from Dortmund

Andre Gomes signs a new 5 year deal

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This is why i have to keep the fringe players around since Iniesta has retired he has gone from bit part squad player to integral member of the first team and is improving with every game

Champions League Groups
Roma 2 - 1 Barcelona

View attachment 36591

Suarez, Messi and Coutinho all have terrible games as our Champions League struggles continue, we had way more chances but just couldnt finish them

All to play for in the final game as we face Liverpool who have already guaranteed the top spot whilst Roma face Frankfurt who have lost all 5 games so far

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We could well go from Champions League Winners last season to out in the groups this season

Messi has livened up in recent weeks but hes struggled with a lot of injuries already this season

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1 point clear of At Madrid as we stay Unbeaten in the opening 12 games whilst they lose their first game, Real Madrid are 9 points behind us though!

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December 2019 - Part 1

La Liga
Malaga 0 - 1 Barcelona

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Andre Gomes puts in a man of the match performance netting a very late winner but after that brilliant late goal we got some bad news that Messi will likely miss the next 3 months

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15 Matches Unbeaten in the League

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Spanish Cup 4th rnd 2nd leg
Barcelona 6 - 0 Elche

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This is more like it from the second team after they struggled to find the net in the first leg they didnt disappoint at home with 6 different scorers!

Just thought i would show that now Messi is getting older he does seem to be picking up more injuries with 8 this season although most of them havent been as serious as the one he just got

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We shall face fellow La Liga side Deportivo in the 5th rnd of the cup

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La Liga
Barcelona 2 - 1 At Madrid

View attachment 36468

A huge win as we get our goals early and they get a late consolation but this was a huge top of the table clash

Champions League Groups
Barcelona 2 - 1 Liverpool

View attachment 36467

2 massive back to back wins here! Coutinho netted against his former club again but it looked like it would end in a draw as Mane netted with 8 minutes to go, but deep into injury time Alcacer who has barely played a game in months came off the bench to net the 95th minute winner!

We finish the group stages in 2nd and knock Roma out of a very tough group

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December 2019 - Part 2

La Liga
Eibar 0 - 4 Barcelona

View attachment 36337

A fine win as Coutinho tears their team apart with a fine Hattrick to seal the away win but Gomes did go off injured

Andre Gomes out for 6 weeks

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We shall face Chinese side Shanggang in the Club World Championship Semi Finals

View attachment 36335

They have some expensive South Americans in their side who of course are not their for the money

View attachment 36334

Thanks to coming second in our group we get a tough knockout round draw as we face Man City who we havent beat in our last 2 games against them

View attachment 36333

Club World Championship Semi Finals
Shanggang 1 - 3 Barcelona

View attachment 36332

Im hoping to give my first team a little rest in this mini tournament and my second string dont disappoint as we easily beat Shanggang with Umtiti the only starting 11 player to keep his place in the side opened the scoring before Denis Suarez got the second, Hulk got a consolation goal which looked to make it interesting but Alcacer netted right after to restore our 2 goal lead

We shall face Brazilian side SEP in the Finals

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Club World Championship Finals
Sep 2 - 3 Barcelona

View attachment 36329

Oh boy did we have Abel Ruiz our Wonderkid to thank for this Cup! Ruiz netted a quick brace early in the second half before they came back into it with 2 goals of their own including a goal from 36 year old Felipe Melo but Ruiz netted his and our third to seal the win!

Famous Treble!
None more Famous than the Spanish Super Cup, European Super Cup and Club World Championship . . . . .

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Abel Ruiz wins Best Player with Denis Suarez 2nd and Umtiti 3rd

View attachment 36325

So Rakitic just has 2 games off and goes and gets injured anyway

View attachment 36323

Got to pick Abel Ruiz as my Player of the Month 15 goals this season in 7 starts and 16 sub games and hes still a Teenager!

View attachment 36321

Well both Madrid sides have really struggled this season! Im 3 points clear of 2nd placed At Madrid and have 2 games in hand and a well rest 1st team!

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January 2020

After 20 goals in 37 games Abel Ruiz wins the European Golden Boy!

View attachment 36216

La Liga
Barcelona 4 - 1 Alaves

View attachment 36215

An easy win to start the New Year and life back in La Liga after a couple of weeks off

La Liga
Real Sociedad 0 - 3 Barcelona

View attachment 36214

Suarez had a chance here to net a first half Hattrick but missed a penalty after netting twice early on, Deulofeu got the other goal whilst they couldnt even manage a shot on target

Spanish Cup 5th rnd 1st Leg
Barcelona 3 - 1 Deportivo

View attachment 36213

A good home win to put us in a fine position for the second leg with Paulinho and Pique getting rare goals for the club

Umtiti out for 3 weeks

View attachment 36212

Yerry Mina joins Eibar on loan, what a waste of wages he is,

View attachment 36211

La Liga
Levante 0 - 3 Barcelona

View attachment 36210

We just cant stop winning in the league at the moment and so far its been a perfect year with 4 wins from 4

Spanish Cup 5th rnd 2nd Leg
Deportivo 1 - 1 Barcelona

View attachment 36209

We only manage a draw in the return leg as they score with their only shot on target but we still glide through 4-2 on aggregate

We face At Madrid in the Quarter Finals

View attachment 36208

La Liga
Barcelona 5 - 0 Girona

View attachment 36207

Coutinho nets another Hattrick! Hes been on fire recently whilst Paulinho has also played well since Andre Gomes got injured

With Mina going out on loan and being terrible with wages of 130k a week i decided to give Marlon a new contract with his deal expiring next season as he has been much better so far than Mina

View attachment 36206

Spanish Cup Quarter Final 1st Leg
Barcelona 2 - 2 At Madrid

View attachment 36205

2-0 down and struggling thanks to Griezemann but Marlon helps get us back in it with a goal before Coutinho equalized

La Liga
Villareal 0 - 0 Barcelona

View attachment 36204

Does make you wonder how you can go so many games scoring 3's and 4's and then cant score to save your life, they didnt even have a shot on target!

Hopefully the Board offer me a new deal soon!

View attachment 36203

Spanish Cup Quarter Finals 2nd leg
At Madrid 2 - 0 Barcelona

View attachment 36202

Our form has gone downhill at the worse possible time as we crash out of the cup thanks to a Vietto brace in a shocking display from the likes of Suarez and Coutinho

Lucas Digne joins Napoli for a potential £33Million

View attachment 36201

He had 18 months left on his deal and isnt happy he doesnt play much so i decided to cash in now, Cucurella is an up and coming wing back and looks already a better option to bring off the bench than Digne

Us selling Digne was the biggest deal of the Winter Window in Spain whilst Real Madrid brought in 2 new signings

View attachment 36200

Coutinho wins Player of the Month

View attachment 36199

Despite falling out of the Cup we did win 4 from 5 in the league

View attachment 36198

With no Spanish Cup to worry about now we shall look to wrap up the league early, already 10 points clear of second At Madrid with a game in hand

View attachment 36197

I dont think we have had to play much better than previous seasons so far if anything the two Madrid sides have struggled


View attachment 35912

February 2020

La Liga
Barcelona 1 - 0 Deportivo

View attachment 35911

We scrape through here to get the win with Rakitic netting the only goal of the game from the penalty spot

23 League Games Unbeaten

View attachment 35908

La Liga
Barcelona 3 - 0 Sevilla

View attachment 35907

So we seemed to find our goalscoring boots in this match today, Coutinho netted twice but i was more happy that Luis Suarez netted to break his 8 hour goal drought

View attachment 35906

La Liga
Real Madrid 1 - 3 Barcelona

View attachment 35905

What a second half turnaround! Bale opened the scoring for them quarter of an hour in but we did much better in the second half as Andre Gomes got his first goal after returning from injury before Jordi Alba got a rare goal to give us the 3 points but we were not done their as Suarez netted our third

Real Madrid sack Zidane straight after the match

View attachment 35903

La Liga
Barcelona 5 - 1 At Bilbao

View attachment 35902

Suarez cant stop scoring now as he smashes in a brace and we go 3-0 up inside half an hour in a totally dominant display

Sergi Roberto our for a month

View attachment 35901

Luis Suarez sets a new record for quickest goal after netting in just 15 seconds!

View attachment 35900

First Umtiti now Dembele is getting admirers

View attachment 35899

Messi signs a new 3 year deal with a slight 75k a week reduction in wages but i think he will still be able to survive on the remaining 600k a week

View attachment 35897

Young Wing Back Cucurella also signs a new deal

View attachment 35895

Dembele commits his future to Barcelona signing a new 4 year deal!

View attachment 35893

Real Madrid pay £16Million so Jurgen Klopp can become their new manager

View attachment 35892

Just had to show how my closest rivals At Madrid are having a torrid time of it along with Real Madrid after losing 3 league games in a row!

View attachment 35887

La Liga
Getafe 1 - 2 Barcelona

View attachment 35886

Paulinho nets the opener but they soon hit back through a penalty from former Real Madrid youth prospect De Tomas but Coutinho continued his fine form netting the winner

I sign a 4 year contract extension

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Champions League 1st Knockout rnd 1st leg
Barcelona 3 - 2 Man City

View attachment 35884

3-0 up inside half an hour and we were flying with Dembele on fire on the wing but Dybala netted two back before half time and spent the rest of the game looking for his Hattrick, we just about hung on to the win but those away goals could hurt us

La Liga
Barcelona 3 - 0 Granada

View attachment 35883

I play a few second string players but it makes no difference to the outcome as Denis Suarez nets the opener in a man of the match performance whilst Ruiz and Alcacer also get in on the goals

Coutinho Wins League Player of the Month

View attachment 35882

6 League games was a very busy month and we won all 6 games!

View attachment 35881

After those 6 wins on the bounce whilst both Madrid teams stumbled around us we are now an incredible 24 points clear of second place!

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View attachment 35824

March 2020

La Liga
Las Palmas 1 - 1 Barcelona

View attachment 35823

We got lucky here, i played a load of the second string and it showed as we soon went behind, they then missed a penalty just before half time, i brought on some of the big guns in the second half and Messi duly delivered netting the equalizer

La Liga
Barcelona 4 - 0 Valencia

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What a demolition of one of the better sides in the league, Coutinho netted the opener in a man of the match performance before Luis Suarez netted a quick brace putting us 3-0 up inside 11 minutes! Messi got the 4th as my attacking trio show they are not quite over the hill yet!

Busquets out for 2 weeks

View attachment 35821

And with that win and other results going our way we guarantee a Top 4 finish

View attachment 35820

Our budget for next season is £231Million! Its burning a hole in my pocket

View attachment 35819

La Liga
Barcelona 1 - 0 Real Betis

View attachment 35818

We absolutely pummeled their goal but it took a man of the match performance from Rakitic and a latish goal to seal the 3 points

Champions League 1st Knockout rnd 2nd leg
Man City 1 - 1 Barcelona

View attachment 35817

Dybala put in another fine display against us i would love to spend some of that budget on bringing him into the club! They would have gone through on away goals if the score had stayed the same but Luis Suarez cropped up and netted an equalizer on the night and a winner of the tie

All Spanish tie in the last 8 for us as we face Valencia who we just beat 4-0 in the league!

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La Liga
Vallecano 3 - 5 Barcelona

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I played a few of the second string in this match, the result never seemed in doubt but the scoreline got a lot closer than i would have liked with Abel Ruiz coming into the side to net a brace

Coutinho at 27 is now hitting his peak form and it really shows as the likes of Messi and Suarez are getting on and seem to be picking up a lot of injuries he has stepped up and i think that shows with his 9 Man of the Match Awards this season

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24 points clear with 8 games to go! We are aiming to retain our Champions League Title and im undecided as to whether i should rest players in the league or not as we are just 8 games away from an unbeaten league season

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April 2020

Abel Ruiz nets his first Spain goal

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We have a couple of youth intake prospects who could make the first team one day with centre back Marc looking the most impressive

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Could do with a winger or full back but we go and produce yet another defensive midfielder we must have about 4 prospects to take over from Busquets lol

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La Liga
Espanyol 1 - 2 Barcelona

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We went behind early on as i played a load of the second string players but Messi brought us back into it before Suarez came off the bench to net a very late winner, both my youth intake prospects started the game and Cucurella put in a man of the match performance

With that win against our local rivals we seal the League Title

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Marlon out for 4 weeks

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Youth intake players make their debuts

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3 League Titles on the bounce

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Champions League Quarter Finals 1st leg
Barcelona 0 - 0 Valencia

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A shocker here we should have netted a shed load of goals but just couldnt do it as we had 25 shots to their 6 and they only had the one on target! This could come back to haunt us

I triggered a 2 year contract extension on Busquets deal

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La Liga
Barcelona 3 - 1 Malaga

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I played the second string with Messi also playing as its likely Dembele will play ahead of him in the Champions League game and we still won with Ruiz, Messi and then youngster Marc getting the goals

Gutted Cucurella will miss the rest of the season he has played well when called upon

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Ruiz out for 3 weeks

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Marc breaks a load of records thanks to scoring in the league at just 16 years old

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Rakitic has signed a new 2 year deal i have found that the players will agree to reduced wages if their release clauses are not so high! Rakitic's is down to £40Million which at his age he is unlikely to go for

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Champions League Quarter Finals 2nd Leg
Valencia 0 - 0 Barcelona
Valencia win on penalties

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Furious here, didnt help that Messi who i decided to start got injured 5 minutes in and we went downhill from their, we really struggled in front of goal and went on to do something i didnt think was possible as we missed all 4 penalties we took in the shootout!

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Messi is out for 3 months

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Alba is out for a couple of weeks too and his backup Cucurella is already out!

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With going out of both the cups in the last few weeks we have to move on and go for breaking league records this season including on going for that Unbeaten season!

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La Liga
At Madrid 3 - 2 Barcelona

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And the injuries continue with Suarez and Dembele going off injured whilst Busquets got sent off we ended up with 9 men as Dembele got injured after we had made all our subs, i have lost all interest in the rest of the season now with the League won and the unbeaten season unattainable

Dembele and Suarez add to our growing injury list

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We had a goal disallowed in the game which was controversial and if allowed would have kept our unbeaten season in tact

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La Liga
Barcelona 3 - 0 Eibar

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Mainly played a second string but we are already missing several first teamers from injury anyway but it was 2 very late goals that got us back on track with Denis Suarez and Alcacer netting in injury time

Eibar lost not long after to At Madrid in the Spanish Cup Final the side that knocked us out of the cup

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Another poor month in terms of going out of Europe but Coutinho continues to perform well whilst the likes of Messi, Dembele and Suarez seem to always pick up injuries at the moment

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32 points clear now with 4 pointless games to go, got to try and aim for 100 points now!

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May 2020

Abel Ruiz signs a new deal after moaning about his contract

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La Liga
Alaves 0 - 2 Barcelona

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A dominant performance from the second string with Ruiz celebrating his new contract with a goal before wing back Roberto netted a rare goal

Dembele will miss the last few weeks of the season

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La Liga
Barcelona 2 - 2 Real Sociedad

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Coutinho netted the opener but they hit two goals back quickly through Daniel Sturridge, Alba netted the equalizer early in the second half but we couldnt push for the winner after that goal

10 Barcelona Players going to the Euro's including Abel Ruiz

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La Liga
Barcelona 4 - 0 Levante

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We play a better team as i aim to get to 100 points and Abel Ruiz smashes in a Hattrick as hes in a fine mood after making the Spain squad

He then goes and wins Young Player of the Year in La Liga

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La Liga
Sevilla 0 - 1 Barcelona

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Ruiz continues his goalscoring form netting just 3 minutes into the match and that was as good as the match got but it doesnt matter as we hit the 100 point mark in our last league game of the season

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We finish the season just the 28 points ahead of second place, we had 9 more points than last season but Real Madrid are more than 20 points behind what they got last season


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May/June 2020 - End of Season

Top Goalscorer - Abel Ruiz - Academy Product just 20 years of age netted 26 goals in just 19 starts with 27 sub appearances

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Best Player - Philippe Coutinho hes now 27 and coming into his prime whilst Messi and Suarez come out of it and he showed why Barcelona paid all that money for him before i took over with 20 goals and 17 assists in 46 games

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Best Young Player - Marc Cucurella - Another academy player hes looked good when coming in for Alba who has picked up a few knocks over the season the 21 year old is the heir apparent to his position in a few seasons

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Record points tally with 101 points

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We set a new average attendance record in the league

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Coutinho breaks the average rating record in the league with an average rating of 7.72 over 34 games

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Coutinho Wins Player of the Year with Andre Gomes in second

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Ter Stegen wins his first GK of the Year Award

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What the heck the Real Betis manager beat me to the Manager of the Year award despite breaking all sorts of records this season

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Easier to just point out that Messi and Busquets didnt make the Best 18 of the Season

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GK Fran signs a new deal after a decent season on loan and is now considered a wonderkid

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Man Utd beat Bayern on penalties in the Champions League Finals

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Centre back Marlon joins the Best Eleven Ever for Barcelona, i like the added touch of mentioning our Golden Generation

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3 seasons in and Umtiti has played the most games for me with 158 whilst Suarez has scored the most with 70 goals but look at Abel Ruiz 48 goals in 99 games what a player he is set to be!

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Coutinho continues to grab all the awards winning Fans Player and best goal

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We won the league at a canter which is why its all the more annoying we went out of both cups against teams we really should have beat to me Real Madrid seem on the way down chopping and changing players too often whilst At Madrid are probably our biggest threat along with Valencia

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Messi had 9 injuries meaning he almost missed half of the season!

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We finally get rid of Arda Turan after nobody wanted to buy him and he stayed in Barcelona B for the last year whilst i think Vermaelen must have retired

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July 2020

Jasper Cillessen joins Inter for around 4.5Million, he only had one year left on his contract and wasnt happy and along with the emergence of Fran i felt i could let him leave with no worries

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Bit annoyed that right after i see Fran along with Ruiz and Alena will miss the first few games of the new season as they head to the Olympics

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Denis Suarez signs a new 4 year deal, hes unlikely to make the first team anytime soon but i have to keep him around as no new wingers have come through the youth intake and he is only 26

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Jordi Alba only wanted to sign a 2 year deal and at 31 i agreed with him, i hope he will stay but in a year or so i should be able to knock his big wages down

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Luis Suarez signs a new 2 year deal too

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With paying out on those new contracts our transfer budget is down to just £231Million

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Rakitic retires from International duty at 32 we hope hes got a few more seasons with us in him

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Centre back Umtiti wins Euro 2020 Best Player!

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Abel Ruiz is second in the goalscoring charts ahead of Mbappe with 5 goals in 4 games for Spain

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Umtiti won Best Player yet didnt even play in France's Final win

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Alena joins Real Betis on loan

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DMC Serramitja joins Albacente on loan, i am going for the way of loaning out my prospects after Fran improved so much getting game time over hanging around the second team

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Deulofeu out for the start of the season

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Nobody wants Mina and his ridiculous wages so he goes out on loan again, joining Bordeaux this time and they pay 90% of his wages

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After seeing Croatia had sacked their Manager when i saw Rakitic retire from International duty i decided to go for the job

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Our best player is Marko Rog an attacking midfielder who is currently at Man Utd worth £55Million

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Another attacking midfielder in Kovacic is up their too in terms of our best players hes been around for ages but still only 26

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Right back Vrsaljko is the other key player and he is also now at Man Utd

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Croatia made it all the way to the Semi Finals of Euro 2020 before being knocked out by eventual winners France

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We shall face At Madrid in the Spanish Super Cup

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Munir joins Alaves for the season

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Portuguese Pedro Alves has done me a favour by sending Spain home at the Quarter Finals stage meaning Fran and Ruiz should be back for the first game of the season

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