people are free to play how they want absolutely,but personally i wouldnt bother playing at all if i was going to use instant result.I prefer to actually manage the team game by game,making substitutions and team talks according to how the game is going.
You can´t judge a tactic playing only with instant result, in my opinion

There are many enviroments on the play

But people are free to play like they want
I'm not judging anyone. It's just my opinion guys. Chill out :)
some guys dont have the time to play the game for long so instant result is a fantastic way of completing a season quickly.Theres no right or wrong way to play FM,all comes down to personal preference
Thank you. Your tweak is superb. Any suggestion on training? Should I change AM to train AM and CM to train BBM?

Hey. Yes :) ST - train DLF , AM - train Attacking Midfielder , B2B - train Box to Box Midfielder ...

Team Training instructions are same as TFF-s.
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Ready for the second season with napoli... in this save we allowed only to spend 10 million a season...(we spend 11;) but didn't see that they had contracted that youngster befor the first season)
Uff strong team :) Gabbiadini is very good striker :) I have also Ghoulam in my M.United :) but he is only subtitute , because L.Shaw is better :)

Strong team is true! But half of them unhappy wants to go to some Chinese grabbers bastards;)

AGGRESSOR TWEAK and BEAST TWEAK, which is better? :)

AGGRESSOR TWEAK and BEAST TWEAK, which is better? :)

Hey :)

I think Beast Tweak is better :) i am not 100% sure , but with Beast Tweak i lost only 6 matches in All Competition in 3 Season with Manchester United :)

Defensively i am 99% sure that Beast Tweak is better :)
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