Best goal return you've had on FM?

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Nov 6, 2009
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First thread ive made on here so i hope its in the right place apologies if not just wondered what the most goals people have managed to get out of a single player in a season on FM? im currently doing a Man City game and Tevez is ripping up the record books, he has 50 goals in 42 games so far and ive only just entered march! he has 38 in 30 league games so far with 8 games to go and has just surpassed Andy coles prem record for a season which hes now obviously going to smash (no pun intended mr keys), hes by far the most lethal goalscorer ive ever had on any FM game to date.

So whats your record? am thinking Tevez will end up with around 60 goals this season for me fitness permitting, ridiculous numbers by far the best ive ever managed to get from a striker.
75 in 60 from Yaya Sanogo. <3
49 in 40 from Robin van Pierse (Arsenal) and when played with Real Madrid, Higuain about 50 goals and Christiano about 60, but dont remember how many games played.
it doesn't count as he's since played more games but at one point i had this, 10 from 2 isn't bad by anyone's standard's but i think his rating said it all.
38 goals in 30 league games (Jozy Altidore for Sporting CP), did it several times. Would usually get like 37, 38, 39. In FM10 though.
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Hernan Crespo with Birmingham on FM05.
Scored about 48 in his first season with me.
Sold him for £31 million in the next January
back on FM06 , shearer scored 58 goals just the prem and had a total goals tally of 69 for the season
in the days of the older fm/cm games only the strikers scored so quite often got ratio's of 2:1 but on fm 11 my best is with Kuyt with 28 goals 13 assists in 40 matches
In CM4 it was always Owen with about 80-90 goals in 60 games. In fm11 its 53 in 55 games for Luis Suarez
well in FM10, I had Artem Milyeskyi scored around 47 in 43 and Scott McDonald with 53 from 52 both with Celtic
Hulk only came in January

Edit : It is in Portuguese but i guess you can understand , XD
So far villa has 18 in 12 for me and I'm only mid October so looks like he's going to be well over 40 goals providing he stays injury free :)

What skin r u using there Simao12?????
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