Best Video Game Theme Tune.


May 17, 2010
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saw this thread on another forum I use and thought it was pretty good idea so I thought I would post it here. Title says it all really. My favorite game them tune would have to be any of the total war series games. It does a fantastic job of creating an awesome atmosphere, especially in the heat of battle. Rome in particular I would say.
Which game has the best sound track in your opinion and why?
Final Fantasy 7 Boss Music.

Oh Yeah.
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Super Mario theme tune :D
Pokemon :D or maybe Dynasty Warrior's they always have good music:)
one that just came to me that I can't believe I forgot... Tetris (H)
I watched less than a minute of that video and he's ******* insane :O
I watched less than a minute of that video and he's ******* insane :O

he makes it look so easy :S I actually just downloaded tetris for my ipod touch for 59p and its prettty good. Only thing it's missing is the amazing theme tune ;)
sympathy for the devil in Black Ops lol

but seriously, the one of GTA IV or MGS4
Call of Duty: World at War tune at the end, when you do the sniping. Man, it's epic..
there are far too many I love

Street Fighter 2 Turbo
Final Fantasy VII ( Boss Music, Cids Theme, Tifa's theme, One Winged Angel. Jenova Music)........................errr yeah its Final Fantasy VII its music is a masterpiece that defines the game.