Best Video Game Theme Tune.

The opening theme from Fahrenheit is hauntingly beautifull

YouTube - Fahrenheit (Indigo Prophecy) soundtrack- track 2

MGS3: Snake Eater. Best game in the series and an awesome song. Funky as a funky monkey and a great voice.

YouTube - Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater - Song - Intro - PS2

I could have chosen a dozen tracks from any of the Final Fantasy games but this one is so amazingly beautifull it genuinely brings a tear to the eye. Tidus' Theme. It has a reminiscent, longing quality to it. Very special.

YouTube - 02-Tidus' Theme-FFX Piano Collections
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MGS3 for opening theme and for ingame RTW simply for the feel it gives you.
Grand Theft Auto - San Andreas :wub:

Wish they'd release it on PS3.
I can't believe I forgot about this one! :O
[ame=""]YouTube - Battlefield 1942 theme[/ame]

so good
FIFA 98 - "I get knocked down, but I get up again!"
Some of my favorites

[ame=""]YouTube - Best VGM 112 - Metal Gear Solid 2 - Main Theme[/ame]

[ame=""]YouTube - ♫ Top 12 Final Fantasy VII Songs ♫[/ame]