Blue Square Auction Game SIGN UP NOW!!

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Were back in form!
Nov 27, 2009
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Hello all

I came up with this idea after i seen Kris championship auction game and thought this would be interesting. Im making 1 maybe 2 divisions if there is any interest in it.

You will get a budget of 50m to get 16 players so there cant be much overbidding ;)

1) 250 post minimum
2) Regular Member

So sign upp :D


Bling Singhs
Budget - 50m

Stratford FC
Budget 50m

Brummy's Bangers
Budget 50m

Budget 50m

Edin Dzeko is 'ard
Budget 50m

Sporting FC
Budget 50m

The Flidimites
Budget 50m

Jeremy kyle City
Budget 50m

Luke united
Budget 50m

we are one
Budget 50m

fc madrid
Budget 50m

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Sign up Template

Team Name
Home Colours
Away Colours

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Team Name: Bling Singhs
Home Colours: Red
Away Colours: Black

:), hopefully i can sign the pog
Team Name = Brummy's Bangers
Home Colours = Pink
Away Colours = White
Team Name: OMG FC
Home Colours: White and Blue
Away Colours: Red and Black
Team Name: Edin Dzeko is 'ard
Home: Pink and Burgundy quarters
Away: Man city colour. sky blue
Team Name: The Flidimites
Home colurs: Red
Away: Yellow

am i in?, and when will this start?
Team Name: Hobart United
Home Colours: Green with red arms
Away Colours: Dark Blue
Team : Jeremy kyle City
Home : Gold and White
Away : Yellow with black side stripes :)
Am i regular enough to join? dont know to much about conference players now exeter are in league 1 but ill give it a go.
Team Name luke united
Home Colours red+white
Away Colours blue
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