Bodell's two up top tactic.


Nov 14, 2009
Hello again guys..

As I'm sure you've seen, I not that long ago created a tactic called 'Bodell's npower Championship tactic' and it was quite a success, the only real bad feedback I recieved was about the lack of taking chances at times, so I decided to change a few things around, it's still the same playing style, fluid, short passing etc, but there is no longer a defensive midfielder, due to me adding one more striker.

One striker as a complete forward, and the other as a poacher. I have used this in quite a lot of my saves since the npower Championship one, and it's always worked out quite well, I am not to far into my current save, but I am top of the league, and currently un-beaten with Crystal Palace.

But as I said, I'm not to far into the game at the minute, but to be top off the league, and un-beaten with Crystal Palace is quite pleasing, I'll pop some screenshots of some results just below:

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As you can see, none of them are that great, apart from my dramatic League Cup win over Everton on penalties ;) I will be adding some more when I get further into the season.

I didn't do it with just Palace's squad, because that would be near enough impossible, but I managed to sign some good players on loan like, Stanislas, Ousmane Dabo, James O'shea, Arteaga & Ryan Bertrand.

The playing style.
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Match Preparation.
I made sure the players were learning my tactic in pre-season, with 'team blend' selected, and the normal work rate, before handing it over to the assistant at the start of the season, as I couldn't be bothered to keep changing it, and tweaking it.

Pitch size.
I made the pitch the largest possible, due to two wingers who play a massive part in my tactic.

Like I said, I tried to keep it as close to the other tactic as I could, due to the fact that if you're already playing a season with it, you could just slot this one in for your home games, and switch back to one up front for your away games. (Just a suggestion).

If you want any more screenshots just let me know, and I'll be pleased to put some up..

Thanks guys, Bodell. :wub:
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