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Sep 25, 2012
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I took the idea from ******'s thread. I loved the idea so I am going to try it, but instead of doing it in Europe, I am going to manage in South America. The idea is to win the top league of the ten countires that are members of the CONMEBOL. I can only move to another country if there is a borderline and only after winning the title.

This is the journey plan: Argentina -> Uruguay -> Brasil -> Paraguay -> Bolivia -> Chile -> Peru -> Ecuador -> Colombia -> Venezuela
Or: Argentina -> Paraguay -> Bolivia -> Chile -> Perú -> Ecuador -> Colombia -> Venezuela -> Brasil -> Uuruguay


  • I must play at least a whole season before changing teams. (Unless I am sacked or I win a title within 6 months)
  • I can not apply for a job within the same country. (Unless I am sacked)
  • Nevertheless, I can accept an offer from another club if I had played a whole season with the current team.
  • I must win the top division of a country before moving to another.
  • I can only move to a neighbouring country.

I am going to start with Ferro, from the Argentinian second tier, as they are one of my favourite teams.

Club Ferro Carril Oeste, known simply as Ferro Carril Oeste or Ferro, is an Argentine sports club from the neighbourhood of Caballito, Buenos Aires. Although many activities are hosted by the club, Ferro is mostly known for its football team, currently playing in the Primera B Nacional, the second division of the Argentine football league system.

Always located in Caballito, the club was founded as Club Atlético del Ferrocarril Oeste de Buenos Aires on 28 July 1904, by a hundred employees of the Buenos Aires Western Railway (then Ferrocarril Domingo Faustino Sarmiento). The club was approved and supported by railway managers, so Ferro soon incorporated lands to build its headquarters and sports installations. In 1907, Ferro joined the amateur second division, and in 1912 the team won the promotion to the first division after beating Racing Club in the final game.


So, lets begin!


12/13FerroNacional BArg
13/14FerroPrimera AArg
2nd/5th6th Rnd--
14/15FerroPrimera AArg
1st/1st*6th Rnd*QtrGroup stage*
15NacionalPrimera DivisónUru

*When I left
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The club

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Short squad that lacks some quality.

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With the little money that the board gave me, I could only sign some oldies, but with pretty good stats for this division.

View attachment 368856

He can play in all the positions of the defense. He will start as a LB

View attachment 368857

Experimented midfielder that will be a starter for the team.

View attachment 368858

Veteran defender who played briefly for Villareal.

View attachment 368859

He can play along all the left side. This ex Boca Juniors player is ery well known in Argentina beacuase of this:


Ideal formation

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The first season of this trip will start soon. Please, if you have any comment so far, do not doubt on posting it.
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August/September 2012

Nacional B

Gimnasia de Jujuy 2-2 Ferro
Dolci - Pereyra Díaz

We were a completely diffrent team in the second half. After going to the break 0-2 we played much better and we managed to equalize. If we play like in the second half, we will win rather than lose.

Ferro 5-1 Banfield
Dolci - Pusineri - Amoroso - Casanova - Desvaux

Fantastic performnce. When you play this well there is nothing more to add.

Atlético Tucumán 1-1 Ferro

I do not usually complai abut the referees, but this one was just a douche. First he sends off De Miranda unfairly, and then on the 89th minute he awards Atlético a doubtful penalty. Luckily Carranza stopped it and we went home with a point.

Ferro 2-1 Almirante Brown
Pereyra Díaz - Chimino

Solid performance. We had just one mistake and we paid it with a goal.

Ferro 1-0 Olimpo

A great win against one of the teams that are expected to promote.

Rosario Central 2-1 Ferro

Pereyra Díaz

Understandable loss agains one of the best teams in the division. We played well though.

Ferro 3-2 Deportivo Merlo
Pereyra Díaz x2 - Pusineri

Breathtaking match. Luckily we ended up winning

Ferro 1-2 Instituto
Pereyra Díaz

Surprising loss at home. What bother me the most is that we lost it in the last 15 minutes.

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We are three points away from the top. It is all very close really.


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October 2012

Nacional B

Defensa y Justicia 4-3 Ferro
Dolci - Salvatierra - Sara

I need to improve the defense ASAP

Douglas Haig 1-1 Ferro

We managed to draw in the last minute, but we played really bad. I guess that the injuries are affection our performance.

Ferro 2-1 Aldosivi

Sara x2

The previous match was a last minute draw, this was a last minute win. Sara alone defeated Aldosivi with two shots from 25 metres.

Crucero del Norte 0-5 Ferro
Sara x3 - Krupoviesa - Pusineri

Old is the wind and it is still blowing! Fantastic performance of my 36 years old striker Sara secured our first victory away from home.

Ferro 3-0 Nueva Chicago
O.G - Sara - Carabajal

Totally dominated this match. We even had to goals disallowed.

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Due to the improvement of the last 3 matches we climbed up to the 4th place. Merlo is surprisingly leading the competition, but they are expected to drop soon.

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November/December 2012

Nacional B

Boca Unidos 1-5 Ferro
Sara - Carabajal x2 - Amoroso - Fuentes

We outclassed the opposition. An easy win for us.

Ferro 3-0 Independiente Rivadavia
Dolci x2 - Amoroso

Another easy victory.

Patronato 2-3 Ferro
Sara x2 - Aquino

The result implies a close game, but in facct we dominated clearly, they just were lucky to score twice.

Huracan 0-2 Ferro
Sara x2

A great win against one of the strongest teams of the division.

Ferro 3-0 Gimnasia de La Plata
Sara(pen) - Fuentes x2

They got an early sent off and that facilitated thing for us.

Ferro 2-1 Sarmiento de Junín
Pusineri - O.G

A nice comeback to reach he mid-season.

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Look at us! Leading and having scored an impressive quantity of goals. We are unstoppable at the moment.

Copa Argentina

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One does not destroy one's parent club everyday.
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During January's transfer market, we did not make any new signing due to our critical financial status.

Nacional B

Ferro 1-3 Gimnasia de Jujuy

Our minds are still on the summer break appearently...

Banfield 2-3 Ferro

Pusineri - Amoroso - Sara

Breathtaking match that we ended up winning.

Ferro 1-0 Atlético Tucumán
Krupoviesa (pen)

A boring match. We played badly but a penalty secured our victory.

Almirante Brown 2-0 Ferro

They were totally superior on the second half and they deserved the three points.

Olimpo 0-2 Ferro
Fuentes - Salvatierra

A real progress had been made compared to the previous match.

Deportivo Merlo 1-4 Ferro

Sara x2 - Casanova - Fuentes

They hit us first, but we then showed who were the best team.

Ferro 1-1 Rosario Central

It is not such a bad result after all.

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We lost the lead but just for one point, and we ae still in a promotion spot.

Copa Argentina

View attachment 369532

Totally dominated. I am very happy because we need the cup money.
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April 2013

Youth intake

View attachment 369563

Nothing out of the ordinary. Some decent players though.

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Nacional B

Ferro 3-1 Defensa y Justicia
Pereyra Díaz - Salvatierra - Fuentes

Solid performance at home.

Ferro 3-0 Douglas Haig
Pereyra Díaz - Desvaux - Casanova

We only needed the first ten minutes of the game. We scored quickly and then we just wited till the time was over.

Instituto 1-4 Ferro
Sara x2 - Pusineri - Dolci

Fantastic performance at Córdoba.

Aldosivi 1-1 Ferro
Pereyra Díaz

I saved our best players for the coming cup match and we could only draw.

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We recovered the top spot on goal difference.

Copa Argentina

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Krupoviesa scored from a free kick and that way we could beat a team from the top tier.

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We were drawn against the other second division team that was alive in the competition. We destroyed them and went directly to the semifinals.

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May/June 2013

Copa Argentina

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With Sara, Pereyra Díaz, Pusineri and Dolci injured, there was nothing We could do against a team from the top tier.

Nacional B

Ferro 2-1 Crucero del Norte
De Miranda - Salvatierra

21 shots and only 2-1...

Nueva Chicago 1-0 Ferro

Terrible performance.

Independiente Rivadavia 1-3 Ferro
Pereyra Díaz x2 - F. Acuña

An amazing result considering that we had several players injured.

Ferro 2-0 Boca Unidos
Aquino - Casanova

Just three more points.

Ferro 1-0 Patronato

A boring game that we luckily won.

Ferro 1-2 Huracán
Sara (pen)

Lost it on the last minute. Gutted.

Gimnasia de La Plata 3-1 Ferro

They played better and deserved to win.

Sarmiento de Junín 3-1 Ferro

I used the instant result on this one, as we were not playing for anything,

View attachment 369807

Our bad form on the last games prevented us from winning the title. We, however, promoted quite easily.

View attachment 369809

Sara was undoubtfully our best player of the season, followed by Krupovesa in my opnion.

I guess I'll try and make my best on the first division, but appearently it is going to be hard to sign anyone due to our financial status. If i recieve an offer I will seriously consider it.
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August 2013


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I could bring more players than I thought, but several others left the institution.

View attachment 369876

I had only one keeper on the main squad, so he is an important addition to the team.

View attachment 369877

We were short on center backs also. He is quite good compaed to his partners.

View attachment 369878

I know him from other saves and he always scored. However he will be back up for now.

View attachment 369880

He arrived to replace Carabajal who did not want to resign his contract.

View attachment 369881

I intend him to be a back up for both RB and MR positions. Unluckily he got injured for three months in his first friendly.

View attachment 369883

Quality midfielder that can play both at the center or at the right.

View attachment 369885

Decent back up I guess.

View attachment 369886

He is not an actual transfers, but he is a new face for me. He was loaned last season.

View attachment 369890

Experienced LB. He will be a starter for sure.

First Stage

Estudiantes 4-0 Ferro

The change of tiers was traumatic.

Ferro 2-0 Boca
Casanova - Sara

Amazing! We defeated the best team of the country!

Ferro 2-0 Belgrano
Pereyra Díaz x2

A genius mind decided that I had to play 2 days after the match against Boca. Things ended up well though.

Ferro 1-0 Colón

Three consecutive clean sheets and more importantly, victories!

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After the hard loss against Estudiantes, we now seem to be adapting well to the first division.
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September/October 2013

First Stage

Racing 0-1 Ferro
F. Acuña

A fantastic free kick made us win in the home of one of the big five of Argentina.

San Lorenzo 2-2 Ferro
Rivero - García

A draw against another big team is not a bad result.

Ferro 3-3 Godoy Gruz
Pereyra Díaz - Dolci - F. Acuña

A nice comeback. We were losing 1-3 with thirty minutes left.

Newell's 1-4 Ferro
De miranda - O.G - Rivero - F. Acuña

I can not believe we won so clearly against a tough rival.

Ferro 3-0 Arsenal
Pereyra Díaz x2 - Sara

Tottaly dominated this match.

All Boys 3-3 Ferro

Klusener - F. Acuña - Schunke

People can't say our matches are boring...

Ferro 0-2 River

We dominated the first half but couldm't score. In the second half, they had a couple of chances and won the game. I think a draw would hace been a more fair result.

View attachment 370136

Surprisingly we are fighting for the title. Lets see how it ends.
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November/December 2013

Copa Argentina

View attachment 370174

We started nice and easy. Our back ups did well here.

First Stage

Unión 1-1 Ferro
Pereyra Díaz

A bad draw considering the quality of our rivals and the fact that we had 17 shots.

Ferro 3-2 Independiente
García - Rivero - De Miranda

De Miranda scored from a corner on the last minute to give us three more points.

Ferro 2-0 Argentinos
Rivero - Casanova

A little revenge for last's year cup match.

Lanús 1-1 Ferro


Sara came from the bench to equalize on the last minute.

Ferro 2-1 Gimnasia de La Plata
Pereyra Díaz x2

The difference cpuld and should have been bigger.

Huracán 1-0 Ferro

Terrible match. I think that the chances of obtaining the title have slipped away.

Vélez 0-1 Ferro
Pereyra Díaz

Superb win on the derby.

View attachment 370175

So that is how things looked with one game to play. We had to face Tigre, whilst Boca and Estudiantes were going to play a kind of final in which the team that win becomes the champion. However, if they drew, we had a chance to win the tournament. Lets see what happened.

View attachment 370176

We did our part defeating Tigre, but was it enough?

View attachment 370177

No, it was not. Estudiantes played with ten men the whole match, but they still won the match and the title.

View attachment 370178

A second place in our first tournament in the first division is not bad. Lets see if we can do better in the final stage.
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January/Febraury 2014

There is a new face on the team. He arrived as a free transfer due to the amount of injuries we were having.

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Final stage

Ferro 2-0 Estudiantes
Amoroso - Pereyra Díaz

Defeating the holders on the first match is an auspicious start.

Boca 3-0 Ferro


Belgrano 3-0 Ferro

That was unexpected and worrying at the same time.

Ferro 1-1 Racing
Pereyra Díaz

We deserved more, but a draw will have to do.

Colón 0-2 Ferro
Pereyra Díaz x2

That's the Ferro I know.

Ferro 2-2 San Lorenzo
Pereyra Díaz - O.G

We gave away a two goals difference, and that really frustrates me.

View attachment 371021

We had a really irregular start, whilst Boca is unstoppable at the moment.
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March 2014

Final Stage

Godoy Cruz 0-1 Ferro

We suffered to win this game, but we did it.

Arsenal 0-0 Ferro

Boring draw. Maldonado hitting the post was the most relevant highlight.

Ferro 3-0 Newell's

Pereyra Días x2 - Casanova

Newell's still doesn't know what hit them.

River 3-2 Ferro
Germano - Rivero

We could've won it, but we ended up losing. On the last minute, their keeper saved a CCC and in the counter they scored.

Ferro 4-0 Vélez
Pereyra Díaz - Bologna (pen) - Klusener - M. Acuña

What a way to win a derby!

View attachment 371091

Half way through the season and Boca has taken a confortable lead.

Copa Argentina

View attachment 371092

We faced a hard opponent and ended up losing on the penalty shoot out. We are out early this season.
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April/May 2014

Final stage

Ferro 2-1 All boys
Dolci - Pereyra Díaz

A nice comeback and victory.

Ferro 0-1 Unión

Had to play with back ups beacuse this game was only two days after we faced All Boys and my players were exhausted.

Independiente 2-0 Ferro

Having Pereyra Díaz sent off before half time did not help at all.

Argentinos 2-3 Ferro

Klusener - Germano - Rivero

Lots of emotions on his game. Futunately we won it.

Ferro 4-0 Lanús
Bologna (Pen) - Klusener - M. Acuña - Aquino

Fantastic performance of our guys.

Gimnasia de La Plata 0-0 Ferro

Both defenses were espectacular this match.

Ferro 1-1 Huracán
Pereyra Díaz

Did not play well. It is a fair draw.

Tigre 3-1 Ferro


Awful performance

View attachment 371142

River won the title. I can not believe gave away the advantage they had. As regards our campaign, I would they that the words that best describe it are irregularity and unconsistency. We couldn' win more than two games in a row. Even though we did worse than we did on the first stage, a fifth place is respectable for a team like ours.

End of season overview

View attachment 371143View attachment 371144

If we look at both the season tabe and he average ponts table, we can see that we wre one of the best teams of the year. We even qualfied for the Copa Sudamericana.

View attachment 371145View attachment 371146

Pereyra Díaz is clearly the plyer that stands put. I fear that I might have to sell him due to our financial status. I I stay...

View attachment 371147View attachment 371148View attachment 371149

Deportivo Quito's offer was the best one, but there is a long way to walk before I can manage in Ecuador. I might accept Godoy Cruz's offer though. They do not offer a better transfer budget than the one I have, but the have better players. Furthermore, they are not going to play an international competition and will only have to focus on the league. I really do not know what to do, I am considering it right now, so the next update might be with another team.

Edit: I just noticed they were relegated, so **** them, I am staying. I do not know how I forgot that.
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August 2014


View attachment 371421

I needed to sell in order to clear the deficit. Rivero and Pereyra Díaz were the only viable options, as Dolci and De Miranda have a 100% sell on clause. On the other hand, IO am very happy with the signings I made.

View attachment 371422

He will replace Rivero. I bought him for 24k and now he is valued at 600k!

View attachment 371423

He is a favourite of mine in real life. I could not resist to sign him.

View attachment 371424

A decent backup for the right flank.

View attachment 371425

Former Milan and Sporting Lisboa player will occupy the LB position.

View attachment 371426

I may have overpaid for him, but the transfer window was closing and I really wanted a RB that could also play as a CB.

View attachment 371427

I loaned him to play as a ML. Hope he is worth it.

Ideal 11

View attachment 371428

First Stage

Huracán 1-1 Ferro

They dominated the first half and we did it on the second half. It is a fair draw.

Belgrano 1-2 Ferro

Bracamonte - Benítez

We scored two goals on the last 15 minutes, but before that we played really bad. I think our new players need time to addapt.

Copa Sudamericana

View attachment 371431View attachment 371432

Fantastic performance on the continental competition. We were the better side in both mtches, even though in the second leg I played mostly back ups.

I updated the OP with the career so far, and also an alternative journey plan. Please don't be a silet reader. Share your thoughts.
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September 2014

First Stage

Ferro 3-0 Tigre
Benítez x2 - Pereyra Díaz

We only needed the first half to defeat Tigre.

Ferro 1-0 Rosario Central

17 years old Becerra scored his first profesional goal on the 88th minute to gave us three points.

Unión 1-4 Ferro
Dolci x2 - Benitez - De Miranda

Totally dominated this game.

Boca 1-1 Ferro


A lucky draw. To be honest, we deserved to lose as Boca shot more than 20 times. Fortunately Bologna was inspired and saved several situations.

View attachment 371442

Having our game againstEstudiantes postponed we are two points from the top. Recently promoted Atlético Tucumán has amzed us all with their performance.

Copa Sudamericana

View attachment 371443

Our plan was to prevent the Chilean champions from scoring, and we fulfilled that plan.