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Download Brentford Treble Winners In Season 1 - 442 Wide Diamond 2023-11-19

I no I have only played 4 games with Spurs surely a better team than Brentford but only won once v Arsenal 2-0. All others have ended in draws 3-3 3-3 1-1
OP set up aswel

Ok, give this new version a try..

If you are favourites or need a goal just change to attacking.


  • Diamond Balanced.fmf
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Hi Guys, thinking about setting up a discord server and playing on stream with this formation, so you guys can see it all working how i do it.

Would anyone like that?

Note: I've just also won the Champions League in my 4th season (runner up in season 2) with FC Lorient in France.
Used the original tactic on my MU save on 24.0 / 24.1 ME and it was possibly the best tactic I have used home and away for my MU team. Ridiculously good with an impressive amount of clean sheets. Fantastic job!

It stopped working, particularly for away games, on the new 24.2 ME but hopefully a new updated tactic will come out for the new patch.