Built For The Future: An FM-Baseshire FC Joint Story!

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Jun 13, 2009
Leonardo Di Canio 'should be regarded as an important player for the first team' ;)

Btw, where are the logo's :/


Oct 10, 2009
July 15th 2009:
Its going well for me so far, ive played in 2 friendlies and i seem to be finding my feet, the manager has ordered me to work on balance as he sees me as a target man in the future, we are away at charlton in the cup, it should be good experience as fellow africans have played there such as mark fish and shaun bartlett. We captured a signing in young winger Hicham N'Laab, he is a nice guy and will be tutoring the very mouthy chris mcturner, what a task that will be, i have made very good friends with the winger alfonso sanchez, his footballing skills are questionable though


May 27, 2009
bcfc I don't know if I will be able to do this atm as I want to do my Preston story and I know I said i'd do this and I know people will say I shouldn't have asked but I can't do storys when I just can't get into the game sorry bcfc :S

I could restart and try to get into the game if you want but this one I just can't its boring me :S
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May 25, 2009
Update 2 - Pre-Season

Then delete your posts here pls so we dont get confused^^ but thats just my opinion ;)


7th July 2009
Dear Diary!
No. Iam not back in Germany. The Team of Josh Gregg, FM-Baseshire, watched me carefully at that talent day they invited me, and were fairly impressed.
My team won the game 3:2. I played in the position as playmaker,
scored 1 goal and assisted two more.

It wasnt only FM-Baseshire which was interested in me but they had the best concept.
At the moment they are only hiring youngsters and as i heard one of the youngsters is the Wonderkid Alfonso Sanchez, grandson of the Chilean Legend Leonel Sanchez.
Without further thinking then i signed a contract on a base of 4 years and 275€ per week. Obviously more than i earned in my job-training as car-mechanic.
This was it for today. My Dad's calling.


8th July 2009
Dear Diary!
Today i had my first game in a tricot of my new club. It was just against our Reserve Squad, but it was still a special moment for me. We won by 4 to 1.
I made 2 assist and my coach, Arnold Asuf, was very pleased by my performance today.

12th July 2009
Dear Diary!
I dont have much time as we have to go tothe Stadium! We are playing against the first Team of Fenerbahce .
Just before we arrived we heard we have to play against Queens Park Rangers in the Carling Cup. A tough one and not realy boosting our motivation against Fenerbahce.

But I for myself forget that very fast as the coach told us who would start today. And guess who started? ME!
After the starting lineup was discussed the coach told us to focus because he would choose a Captain after the game.
The first chance for our side was given to me but i failed as i shot the ball off target just by centimetres!
I think it was deflected by a defender of Fenerbahce.
Only 5 minutes later i could correct my mistake of not scoring and set up the first Goal with a nice pass! Ricardinho was the scorer.
What a nice feeling when the whole team is cheering for you and Ricardinho. In the end this goal was the first and last and we won by 1:0.
We used our chances and desrved the win in the end. I was so wasted i couldnt believe it. I cleary need to make more fitness in the future!

Ahh, i almost forgot. The coach told us our captain would be Tass Bangura. He saved us today and clearly deserves it!
His vice is Chris Barber, a skilled central Defender. He saved us today and clearly deserves it!
Later that day the coach draw lots to determine who would sleep with whom on away games. I had to share my room with Ben Dover.
I got lucky cause i really like Ben and it could just improve our game toegther because Ben is one of our best Strikers.
This was needed because we had our first away game on the 17th against Galway United. I'm so excited already!

17th July 2009
Dear Diary!

In the next game i had to watch from outside because the coach rotated and wanted to give every player a chance.
But i have good feeling that i will get one of the regular spots!
Everybody from last games' squad had to watch the game from the outside. Alex Whitehouse leaded the Team as Captain.
The whole team and especially Whitehouse played realy bad.
It seemd like the Team couldnt get together out there and Whitehouse couldnt handle the pressure of being the Captain. We lost the game by 3:1.

21th July 2009
Dear Diary!

Today we had a home game again against Aldershot.
The coach told us before he has a rough plan of who would beginn in the first game of the season and wanted to play like this today.
And you know what? I'm in!!!
In the middle of the 1st half (Aldershot scored in the 2nd minute btw) I, again, could score but my header just popped against the woodwork.
2minutes later Carl Taylor was in the exact same situation and bagned the ball with a header against the woodwork.
We lost the game with 21 shots on their Goal by 1:0. For comparison only: They had 3!
The Coach wasnt pleased at all and let us feel it with an extra training session after the match.
On the field we promised Aldershot to beat the **** out of them when we face in the league. The team is even more motivated now!

23th July 2009
Dear Diary!

The last match in the pre-season was against the GH-Academy.
The coach played with the same team as against Aldershot. He explained us he wanted us to get bond together and work as a team!
Alfonso Sanchez begun the scoring after great spadework of me in the 3rd minute.
30 seconds later I screwed up my courage and banged the ball out of 25m into the net! What a feeling!
But in the 15th minute Santaigo Deboah got hurt and will be out for around 11 days but shouldnt be in danger for the first seasonal match.
In the end we won 5:0 with Mateo Torres scoring the final goal.

So...This was pre-season an I'm happy i joined this club and startet a professional football career.
In the whole pre-season I played 4 games, was never substituted, scored one goal and provided 4 assists.
Gonna call my Mom and Dad now with my iphone which i bought from my first money here.


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Jan 30, 2010
If BCFC wants I will do Bodie's story ( if he quits ) and will be Bodie's player etc?


May 27, 2009
Yeh I don't mind you doing that :)
His Name is Leoj Nedob :).
And Sorry again bcfc :)
And have delted all past posts :).
I will still be following mate :).
And thanks for adding me into the database though :)
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