Bullets package sent to Celtic boss


Feb 27, 2009
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Just saw it on SSN

Packages containing bullets have been sent from Northern Ireland to Celtic manager Neil Lennon and player Niall McGinn.
The packages, addressed to the two men, were intercepted by staff at the Royal Mail sorting office in Mallusk, County Antrim, last week.
The mail was bound for Celtic football club in Glasgow.
Police in Northern Ireland said officers were called to Mallusk office on January 5 after postal workers reported suspicions about two items of mail.
The items were removed for further examination, and police are investigating the incident.
A spokesman for Celtic said: "It is now a police matter and the club has no further comment to make."
Police are investigating the incident and have asked anyone with information to come forward.
Celtic winger McGinn is also a Northern Ireland international player.
Lennon, a former Northern Ireland international, has received death threats in the past.

Maybe they enjoy a spot of clay pigeon shooting...

or hunting
Oh, dear. This is very worrying. Haven't any been sent to Paddy McCourt? He's 'Norn Oirish'.
They were probably just taking a shot at seeing if it'd make the news.
These people need to sort their lives out. Sending out bullets think their 'ard. Lenny laughed it off but it is a shame because McGinn mght quit international football now and it wouldnt surprise me if McCourt joined him in doing so. Then some northern ireland fans wonder why gibson & duffy want to play for the republic XD
Referee's are dangerous people. Not to be messed with.
Or maybe the people who sent the bulletts are subhuman scum? :S
I'm glad Lenny laughed it off, because McGinn is really young and I think it will affect him. They've done nothing wrong, probably sent by protestants in NI (although that goes without saying). Kyle Lafferty might be in danger of anger from catholics in NI, but it's altogether disgraceful. People that do stuff like this are scum of the earth, regardless of religion or which team they support.
Is it just me that would absolutely **** himself playing in Scotland?
Lennon would do anything to get in the papers!!!

Nah joke in all seriousness Mcginns a player I actually like aswell although I am a rangers fan. I can see him never playing for NI again through a few idiots. Lennon is just one of those guys that will teach Mcginn not to get affected because hes already been through it so I dont think theres any panic there.
Is it just me that would absolutely **** himself playing in Scotland?

Meh, it's kinda a part of life here, everyone thinks Glasgow is relatively safe, and it is in some places, but you still hear of people getting stabbed or assaulted for wearing the wrong colour in the wrong area. :S
Lennon twitter earlier "Bottles & Bullets today! Wish they'd quit all the stupidity so we could all just concentrate on the football."

Exactly right, this is what they pull just because our reserves beat them last week?

There is nothing to worry about really, if they where going to do something they would have. They just though they would be 'ard and send bullets to them.

Anyway word is they didnt sent any to Paddy as they know he would hunt them down a kill them :p
Why do you think the Old firm games are always on so early, because ifits a regular 3 o'clock Kick off, which means everyone up at 9 drinking, then theres guranteed trouble. You will never kick trouble out of an old firm. thats what makes it so great and bad at the same time. During the week we can be mates but come that old firm your best mate isn't your mate for 90 minutes.

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And what I dont understand if it was intercepted why did the press and Mcginn have to find out ? only puts pressure on them.
Very confusing, and slightly worrying. Hope there's nothing too sinister behind it.

They had a blast of a time.

You could say they were... gunning for glory.

high, if you will.

Though it turns out their operation was shooting blanks.
I can do better.

They had a blast of a time.

Taxi for RTW
Never good hearing about this kind of thing in football, it's just a game for christs sake. Oh well good thing nothing came of it in the end