Carling Cup Third Round


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Sep 15, 2005
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The Draw:

Doncaster v Gillingham

Bolton v West Ham

Crystal Palace v Liverpool

Man Utd v Barnet

Chelsea v Charlton

Reading v Sheff Utd

Fulham v West Brom

Mansfield v Millwall

Sunderland v Arsenal

Everton v Middlesbrough

Wigan v Watford

Grimsby v Newcastle

Aston Villa v Burnley

Blackburn v Leeds

Cardiff v Leicester

Birmingham v Norwich
Man Utd v Barnet is the tie of the round. can see them playing there reserve's
Well to be honest Kris all of the top sides will be (or should be) playing their reserves.

I can see Liverpool playing their reserves again, just like last season.
Doncaster v Gillingham home win

Bolton v West Ham away win

Crystal Palace v Liverpool away win

Man Utd v Barnet home win

Chelsea v Charlton home win

Reading v Sheff Utd away win

Fulham v West Brom away win

Mansfield v Millwall away win

Sunderland v Arsenal away win

Everton v Middlesbrough away win

Wigan v Watford away win

Grimsby v Newcastle home win

Aston Villa v Burnley home win

Blackburn v Leeds away win

Cardiff v Leicester home win

Birmingham v Norwich home win

my predicitons
Grr what is it with Chelsea drawing Prem teams! It wuld have been nice to get a lower league side and then see how well we do against them, or how well they do against us. Hopefully next round we will.
i bet charlton are gutted!

We will field reserves but must win
To be honest I feel sorry for Charlton because, not getting ahead of my self, but I though that this cup they would have had a nice run in. Ah Well :)
I hope we dont do what we did against Exter in the FA cup last year, we will probably play reserves but should still win easily in my eyes.

Chelsea always seem to struggle when they get a lower league team i think, like Scarbrough and Scunthorpe you didnt really trash them like you should have.
I think we should go through, but im goin to the sunderland match because its only £1, because of the poor attendance at cheltenham
I have a feeling that we are going to put out are reserves, and maybe even lose and that would just end a terrible week for us. :(
Your reserveres do ok Jack as long as you dont stick Traore in with them. Hopefully this year Bob Foy will get a run out.
welll yous were right :D

2-1 to Palace with a pretty strong team playing as well :

Liverpool: Carson, Raven, Hyypia, Whitbread, Warnock (Traore 76), Potter, Gerrard, Hamann, Kewell (Luis Garcia 65), Morientes (Sinama Pongolle 62), Crouch.
If only we could score :D

We must of had about 20 shots at goal but only about 6 or 7 on target. Speroni made a few good saves though so all credit to him and palace. It's nice to know you got knocked out by the winners ;)
Kris said:
Man Utd v Barnet is the tie of the round. can see them playing there reserve's
Yup, from what I have been reading on Sky Sports our team is going to be very, very young.
Is the Man U match on tonight?

Is it on TV?

I really wanna see it.
Nah it's the Newcastle and Grimsby match on tv tonight.
No it's not on TV, just the Grimsby v Newcastle match :(
That result was abit harsh, i thought we did enough to win the game. Im not watching the carling cup im watching the spanish league double header.. alot more exciting :D
We shud be about 5 up against evertonians but its only the one....if we dont win.... :mad: