Celtic vs Ross County


Nov 27, 2009
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Live Sky Sports One now.

Not sure if anyone else is watching this but with 10 minutes left, County lead 1-0 and in my eyes, deserve to win this game. Been very good today and i am shocked that County's number 7 (Michael Gardyne i think) isn't playing at a higher level, he is class
Come on County. Nice to see someone other then Rangers or celtic win trophys.

(wrong section Mate)
Come on County. Nice to see someone other then Rangers or celtic win trophys.

(wrong section Mate)

same mate, i like to see the underdogs win lol and i no mate, wasn't sure where to put it and Samaras just hit the post, nervy 10 minutes for County now

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2-0 Ross County... game over

Its not just 2-0.

They have totally out played them LOL

Celtic have had a few chances, can't deny that. But Ross County totally deserve it!
Ross County have been by far the better team all round. I love games like this
I've only watched like 15 minutes but County have been quite good from what I have seen.

That second goal, no idea what the Celtic #38 was attempting...put your left foot through the ball don't try swinging with your right as the ball comes past you.
So Still Neil Lennon for Celtic Manager, i think i put had the right prediction is Martin O'neil. I even Backed it up with Money for once.

Oh the county we do, oh the county we do, oh the county we do, oh the county we love you!!
Brilliant, celtic look wooeful today.
Lets face it... Tony Mowbray ripped out any passion that Celtic had in Scottish players and sold them on. And put a bunch of Foreigners in that aren't good enough. Amazing management skills XD. Can't blame Lennon for inheriting that squad can you!

And i would like to congratulate Andrew Barrowman the Birmingham City Youth Academy graduate. Played a blinder!!!
game overrrrr. Ross County didn't look out of place, boy oh boy, Robbie Keane has took a turn for the worst and who the **** is Georgio Samaras, he's terrible.
look at all the celtic fans faces lol sorry but they thought they just had to turn up lol how wrong we're they!
Celtic didn't look like scoring, Samaras missed a sitter and Robbie Keane missed a header (The ball had already rolled out but what the ****).
yasss now my celtic-fan friends cant rip me bout Hibs getting knocked out by County lol, Count to win the Big Cup!
Congratulation Ross County on beating Celtic 2 - 0, it is good to see someone other than Celtic/Rangers having a chance of winning silverware.