Champions League Final 2007

Who will be victorious?

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Sep 15, 2005
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Ok so it's about 7 days away now so who do you all think will win?
Ac Milan looked really fired up celebrating the United victory. They think they should of won the champions league last time and want to make up for it.
I want Milan to win, Milan will win.
I hope to god Milan win and think they can as they will be more motivated than last time
Liverpool all the way. Always want UK sides to do well :D
Liverpool will win, as long as they don't have lame Arbeloa in defence anyway!
Liverpool always step it up in Europe so im goin for scouse win
liverpool 3-0 up at ht
3-3 at ft
and milan to win on pens
:D lol
Milan, Kaka is just unplayable at the moment.
Kaká hasn't met Sissoko, Carragher, or Agger yet. :D
Yeh I think Liverpool will win because they seem to cope in Europe. Pity they suck eggs in the Premiership, which is clearly the better trophy don't you agree fellow Man Utd fans? ;)
obv :D. This year it was for us anyway
Benitez seems to have these European games sussed. Liverpool - marginally.
Here's what I think the lineup will be for Wednesday night:






I'm sure Rafa will have a different idea though and will have a few different plans on how to contain Milan and break them down. Only thing from what I've chosen that is highly likely to be the same is the back 5. Don't really stand a chance predicting the midfield or who's going to be playing upfront. I think we may even play Gonzalez or Bellamy to use their pace against the Milan defence.
It would be wise to use some pacey midfielders specially if they play Maldini.
Cmon Milan!!!!!!!!! Hopefully Kaka will have a good game and rip Liverpool apart.