Champions League Skin

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Maaaan that looks ***. I want FM :(

Is it based on Flex?
With a better background that wouldn't be too bad.
Maaaan that looks ***. I want FM :(

Is it based on Flex?

The creator said he based it on Steklo for FM 2008

meh i am not a fan, if it was flex styled i would like it
It doesn't feel finished to me. With a few tiny fixes & changes it would be good. Like Lee said a different background would make a lot of difference.
I've had problems with this skin. Some details are hidden or you can only see half the word etc. In the match where you try to go to overview or 3d match it happens.

Also what is flex and what is so great about it?
Flex is just a nice skin a lot of us on these forums like. Link.
can any1 giz a tip on how to put this on me skins coz a cant put i on??? tar.
ive tried the CL skin now and i really like the graphics but there are quite a few bugs and things i dont really like;

1. the bookmarks row at the top where all those little icons are, each one of those redirects to the transfer rumours page not where its actually meant to go.

2. i suppose this is your own personal preference but the menu tree is on the right, there should be an option to make it on the left.

3. the writing definitely needs to stand out more than it does.

rant over lol
Heh i fixed all those on this skin yesterday after download, took me few hours but its done ^^ And fixed bug with training progress arrows not showing :p

Screen 1 Screen 2
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Hey m4dm4n would it be possible for you to upload your revised version of this skin - I think it's great and a left hand menu version would be awesome - cheers
Skin works when you browse your squad, transfer etc.. but when you get to match mode pretty much everything messes up :S

So wont upload it yet, maybe the original creator can fix that first hehe
Ahhh I did wonder, when I went to the 3D match screen i couldn't find all the options to look at the match stats/ratings etc whilst the game was taking place. Hopefully a revised version may surface soon :)
nice skin but need some adjustment on the settings...hope it will be resolve soon..
i do love it but i cant use 'cause half of the buttons dont lead where they should
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