Chris Ball - The European Journeyman

May 10, 2018
Edenbridge, Kent, UK
Chris Ball - The European Journeyman


Chris Ball, the new kid on the block. A 34 year old, from Kent in England, that has spent his whole career to date working in sales roles across different industries, who has now decided to turn his hand to football management. He comes to the table with absolutely nothing to prior experience, no coaching badges......just the accolade of being top goalscorer for his local pub football team for the last 3 seasons! The man that is affectionately nicknamed as 'ballb4g' by his closest friends isn't fussy about where he will begin his career and has even said he will initially work for free to make his football management dreams come true!! The question remains as to whether there will be any football club owner out there who will be crazy enough to take a punt on ballb4g?!

ball profile.jpg

It is rumoured that Ball is looking to some of the more obscure leagues across Europe to get his foot on the football management ladder, with countries such as Hungary, Norway, Denmark and Finland being mentioned as possible destinations for the man who shares his nickname with men's genitals.


Chris Ball is said to have no real game plan. In a letter that he wrote in to a local paper (in a desperate attempt to try to drum up any sort of interest in his story), he mentioned that one day he plans to be the most successful manager Europe has ever seen! Sounds like pipe dreams from where we are sitting at the moment, but only time will tell if this 'dreamer' can have any kind of impact on the footballing world, or whether he'll simply fade away as a nobody after half a season managing a club nobody has ever heard of!

There are a whole host of available jobs at the moment, but it remains to be seen whether any of these are 'too big' for the inexperienced Ballb4g and whether he'll have to await further opportunities to kick start his career...

May 10, 2018
Edenbridge, Kent, UK
Unknown English Manager Appointed As Brechin City Boss

Chris Ball moves to Scotland to replace Mark Wilson


Chris Ball, fondly known as Ballb4g, has moved his family (fiancée and two children) to Scotland as he has accepted an opportunity to become the new manager of Brechin City.

Brechin City are a semi professional outfit and play their football in the Ladbrokes League Two, which is the 4th tier of Scottish football. The club have a limited history since their formation in 1906, with only one League Two and three League One titles to their name, with their best spell coming in the early 2000s. The Brechin City owners will be hoping the Ball can bring success to the club, although firmly admits that he sees his manager eventually going on to bigger and better things one day.


Chris Ball has said that he is eager to get to work in his new role and will arrive at Glebe Park for his first day tomorrow. He will have an opportunity to meet his new team in the morning after a meeting with the board to confirm the club’s vision, before taking his first training session in the afternoon.

May 10, 2018
Edenbridge, Kent, UK
Settling In At Brechin City

After a meeting with the Brechin City board, their expectation of me is to steer the club clear of relegation during my first season in charge. The club are expected to struggle throughout the campaign and every single point will be important if I'm to keep the club in the division. As far as the cup competitions go this year, I'm expected to simply help the club avoid any embarrassment.

comp expectations.jpg

The longer term vision of the club isn’t exactly demanding, with the Brechin board only expecting the club to become firmly established in the current division within the next 5 years.


I won’t have much money to play with to strengthen my side this Summer, as the club have made £30k available for transfers, with the bank balance currently in the red.


After introducing myself to the squad, it is believed that the Brechin City players have taken well to my appointment.


Talking of the squad, there’s little to choose from with a real shortage of players in the team and this is something that I will need to rectify before the season begins. Most of the players are of Scottish nationality and there are a couple of standout talents in a team that is mostly mediocre at best!


Connor Baron is a player that I am likely to be building my team around in the centre of the midfield. He looks head and shoulders above the rest of the players in the squad.


One of the topics discussed at my interview for the Brechin job, was that of adding a parent affiliate club that I could exploit to potentially bring some talented youngsters into the club on loan. The board have fulfilled their promise in setting up such link with Dundee United and it will now be interesting to see how this relationship pans out and what becomes available to me.

dundee link.jpg
May 10, 2018
Edenbridge, Kent, UK

Pre Season 2020/21

Incoming Transfer; Greg Pascazio
Signed From; Free Agent, Fee; Free Transfer, Contract; 2 years (£40 p/w)

Our squad is severely lacking decent cover at centre back. Although he is no world beater, 24 year old Greg Pascazio looks good enough to be able to do a job for us this season so I brought him in to add to the defensive numbers.


Incoming Transfer; Taylor Queen
Signed From; Free Agent, Fee; Free Transfer, Contract; 1 year (£7 p/w)

Another centre back added to the ranks and we probably have enough cover in this position now. Taylor Queen was another player available for no fee and the 21 year old still has plenty of room for improvement and could develop into a decent player for the club.


Injury; This is proper sh*t news before the season starts. Leeroy Makovora is one of the best players in the squad and he’ll now miss virtually the whole season. I’m better off terminating his loan and sending him back to Hearts rather than making the weekly contributions to his wages every week when he can’t play. This is a massive blow for us though!


Incoming Transfer; Connor Scullion
Signed From; Fauldhouse Utd, Fee; £2,600, Contract; 2 years (£130 p/w)

I wasted no time in bring new wingers into the club, to bolster my wide options. First in was Connor Scullion, a young left winger with decent dribbling and crossing skills. I’ll be looking for him to play to his strengths and whip plenty of balls in from the left side.


Incoming Transfer; Ryan Ferguson
Signed From; Broughty Athletic, Fee; £3,000, Contract; 2 years (£100 p/w)

Next in was a player for the right wing, in the form of 26 year old Ryan Ferguson. Probably going to be our best option down the right side to start with I would imagine and for a player that has plenty of experience at this low level and has played for the club before (21 appearances in 2014/15), I will be looking for some consistency in his performances this year.


Our pre season friendlies offered up a very mixed bag, with 2 wins, 2 draws and 2 defeats. Not as consistent as I’d have liked, but I did do a lot of chopping and changing with the squad to try to find my best formation and tactical setup. Still don’t think I’ve got it nailed just yet though.


This is where I am at with the tactic at present. A few players have personalised roles and tactical instructions, so things can be changed and mixed up with subs etc throughout games. I’ll probably look to change our mentality depending on opponents as well.


Looking at the season preview, we are nailed on to finish bottom of the league according the media and bookies. Queen’s Park and Edinburgh City are expected to run away with the league title challenge between them and the entire media dream 11 is made up of just their players!

season preview.jpg

We will kick off our competitive games with two matches in the League Cup before three league fixtures in the month of October.


Incoming Transfer; Cameron Taylor
Signed From; St.Cuthbert’s, Fee; £4,000, Contract; 3 years (£130 p/w)

I wasn’t planning on adding another centre back to the squad, but my scouts found Cameron and it was recommended that I sign him whatever the price. And to be fair, he does come into the club as probably my best option in the central defence position, despite being only 20 years of age.

May 10, 2018
Edenbridge, Kent, UK

October 2020

Betfred Cup – Group Stage Matchday 1
Cove Rangers vs Brechin City

Formation; 4-3-3 Wide, Mentality; Balanced (Attacking on 38 mins)
Lineup; L.McMinn, S.McIntosh, G.Pascazio (C.Taylor 64), J.Page, D.McKay, C.Barron, M.Todd, K.Inglis, R.Ferguson (C.Scullion 64), C.Coupe, P.Nawrocki

cove rangers.jpg

My first venture into competitive football didn’t have a fairytale ending as we were outplayed for majority of this game by our League One opponents. Luckily, nobody expected us to get anything from this game and avoiding a heavier defeat is probably seen as some sort of achievement.

Betfred Cup – Group Stage Matchday 2
Brechin City vs Dundee United

Formation; 4-3-3 Wide, Mentality; Cautious (Very Attacking on 86 mins)
Lineup; L.McMinn, S.McIntosh, G.Pascazio, C.Taylor, D.McKay, C.Barron, M.Todd, K.Inglis (S.Cusick 74), R.Ferguson, C.Scullion, P.Nawrocki (R.Currie 74)


A very brave effort from my lads as we really did hold our own against a team a couple of divisions above us! I expected us to get battered here if I’m honest and the end result is very encouraging with the league campaign just about to kick off.

Incoming Transfer; Chris O’Neil
Signed From; Free Agent, Fee; Free Transfer, Contract; 2 years (£75 p/w)

Chris is a versatile player who can cover across the entire back line, so it was a no brainer to add him to the squad for the upcoming season. Down at this level, I’ve always felt it important to have at least a couple of players in the small squad who can play multiple positions/roles for the team.


150 season tickets sold for the upcoming season!

season ticket.jpg

Scottish League Two – Matchday 1

Stenhousemuir vs Brechin City
Formation; 4-3-3 Wide, Mentality; Balanced (Attacking on 5 mins)
Lineup; L.McMinn, S.McIntosh, G.Pascazio, C.Taylor, D.McKay, C.Barron, M.Todd, K.Inglis (S.Cusick 65), R.Ferguson, C.Scullion (C.Coupe 65), P.Nawrocki


A very tight game between two sides who struggled to get going. Even after taking such an early lead, Stenhousemuir offered very little for the remaining 88 minutes of the game. Fortunately for them, neither did we!

Scottish League Two – Matchday 2
Brechin City vs Albion Rovers

Formation; 4-3-3 Wide, Mentality; Positive (Defensive on 86 mins)
Lineup; L.McMinn, S.McIntosh (C.O’Neil 63), G.Pascazio, C.Taylor, D.McKay, C.Barron, M.Todd (S.Cusick 63), K.Inglis, R.Ferguson*, C.Coupe, P.Nawrocki

albion rovers.jpg

First 3 points are up on the board and my first competitive win as manager. We were bl**dy good value for this win as well. The boys turned in a great performance and I come away well chuffed with this result. Both of our goals came from headed efforts.

Scottish League Two – Matchday 3
Annan Athletic vs Brechin City

Formation; 4-3-3 Wide, Mentality; Positive
Lineup; L.McMinn, S.McIntosh (C.O’Neil 67), G.Pascazio, C.Taylor (L.Bollan 88), D.McKay, C.Barron, M.Todd, K.Inglis, R.Ferguson, C.Coupe, P.Nawrocki


Absolutely gutted to have lost this one with one of the final kicks of the game! The ref added on 4 minutes and they scored on exactly 94:16!! We gave another decent enough performance here though to think that we won’t be the league’s whipping boys this year as everything thought!

Pleased to have an early win up on the board. Early days yet but good to see that we don’t end the first month of the season at the very bottom.


Player of the Month
Cameron Taylor (Form; 6.8, 6.7, 7.0, 7.7, 7.0)

Cameron has been our most consistent player this month and the young centre back seems to have settled in at the club quickly which bodes well for the rest of the campaign.


Next month offers up three league matched and our final couple of group games in the Betfred Cup. I’m likely to rotate the squad for these games with absolutely no interest in that competition at all this season!



Jun 7, 2009
seems like a not to bad a start to the season what are you hoping the season and cups go. Thinking of doing the same challenge how did you manage to find a Scottish club as normally there is none when i did them in the past.