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Jun 14, 2009
Name Network Game: FM Base

Start/Playing Date(s):

Sunday 1-2-2009

15:00 - 19:00 (GMT+1)


Hamachi Network Name: finnfm

Hamachi Network Password: 1X Spacebar

TeamSpeak: N/A

Competitions: English Premier Legau, Championship

Database: 9.2.0

Asigned Players/Clubs (Finn's):

- Tottenham Hotspur... Finn
- Man City... Garland442
- Arsenal... gormo095
- Liverpool... BenWorthoLfc
- Man Utd... Mitchayo
- Aston Villa... craigcfc
- Fulham... FulhamFan101
- Wigan... YatesyLaa
- Portsmouth... Pure0xygen
- Chelsea... garyb67
- Everton... Chrono
- Wolves... HLC2K8
- West Brom... Joseph Constantinou
- Newcastle... Mattiassorman
- Blackburn... szydelko88
- West Ham... Mally
- Bolton... ncfc2008

You can sign in here, by posting your name and the club you want to be... ('Transfer' Window Closed)

Rules: No cheating, insulting, flaming, etc. I do not work with warnings, you will get banned instantly.

PC Server Details:

AMD Athlon Duo Core 3 Gig
4 GB Duo Core Memory
NGeforce 8800 GTS ***
Broadband I-Net Connection (8/20 MB+)

How we start the Game:

The first half-hour will be dedicated to lobby, setting up your clubs tacticts, etc. After that, force continue will be set to 2 minutes. But have no fear, for example, when I play a match, and you don't, or the other way around, you get some extra time to buy a star player or adjust set-up, etc.
can u join into this any time