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Jun 14, 2009
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Absolutely fantastic updates and great to see you do so well with most of your results.

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Mar 16, 2015
Clube Atlético Mineiro- May

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2nd Leg of Campeonato Mineiro Finals. Clube Atlético Mineiro and Cruzeiro Esporte Clube. Today match will be at home and Estádio Independência is sold out as all 23,000 Galo fans are singing and excited that their team holds a 2-0 lead and are 90 minutes away from their title.

View attachment 286949View attachment 286951

Now for the line up for today match.

View attachment 286944View attachment 286943

Same lineup as last game as I'm very confident that Pratto will do wonders again. I going for a big game from my Luan and Datolo. With Josue out, Donizete will have to fill in but I'm confident that he will do great. Cruzeiro chance their striker again and with no sign of Damiao and Lima, they will have to put fate on Marquinhos and their Luan.

The Referee and linesmen enter the field and look at the goalies checking if they are ready to play.

Kickoff: Atletico Mineiro starts. *TWEET*

25th miinute: Jemerson bring down Marquinho and the official stop the play. Jemerson escapes the booking. Dede lineups for the freekick. Dede runs and shoots. It goes straight to the net..... OHHH just of the post. What a chance for Cruzeiro. Goal Kick for Atletico.

29th minute: Corner Kick for Cruzeiro. Marquinho takes the corner and Marcelo heads it to Henrique who gives it back to Marquinhos. Marquinhos again crosses the ball to Joel and he heads it....... GOOOOOOOOOOL!! Joel make it 1-0 and now Cruzeiro needs 2 more goal to win it as they know that a tie will make Atletico win. Victor is furious at his defenders for watching and not trying.

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31st minute: Leandro Donizete intercepts the ball from Souza and finds Atletico's Luan open. Luan runs pass Cruzeiro's Luan and gives it to Pierre who immedately passes to Cardenas. Cardenas for the outside shoots..... MISSES the net. Oh what a poor finish.

32nd minute: Cardenas runs to the left and crosses to Pratto. He jumps higher than Marcelo and heads it...... SAVE by Fabio.

40th minute: Pierre trips Souza and the referee shows him a Yellow.

43rd minute: Datolo takes the corner. Kicks it and Pratto heads it..... OVER THE BAR!! OOOOO what a chance to tie the game.

45th minute: The referee does not add any extra minutes and ends the first half.

OH MAN. We ready need to wake up. Up until Joel scored Atletico was not playing properly. Good thing that goal woke them up a bit as they managed to create dome chance but we need to finish better.

2nd Half: Cruzeiro kickoff. *TWEET*

48th minute: Cruzeiro's Luan receives a Yellow after pulling Datolo's shirt after he beat him.

50th minute: Throw in for Atletico. Marcos Rocha throw the ball into the box straight to Atletico's Luan. Luan then runs to the net and crosses over Fabio and to Leaonardo Silva and heads it........ GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL!!! With the open wide net, Atletico's Captain ties the game and regains the 2 goal lead on aggregate.

View attachment 286919

50th minute: Cruzeiro subs off Joel for Willian

57th minute: Datolo runs the ball up the field and passes to Leandro Donizete. Donizete sees Junior Cesar running up the flank and finds the open space behind Dede and Fabiano. He passes and Cesar, onside, with his speed goes on a breakaway against Fabio and kicks it in the right bottom corner..... GOOOOOOOOOOOOL!!! OH with that, now Atletico has a 2-1 lead and a 4-1 aggregate lead.

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62nd minute: Freekick for Cruzeiro. Willian takes 10 steps back. He runs and kick it to the box and Souza header and...... GOOOOOOOOOOOL!! The ball goes straight to the middle as Victor was slow to defend the ball. Tie game and 4-2 Atletico still leads on aggregate.

View attachment 286917

67th minute: Cruzeiro takes off Marcelo and puts on Leo.

70th minute: Atletico takes the tired Cardenas out and places Guilherme on the field.

76th minute: Freekick for Atletico. Datolo prepares the set piece. He goes back and starts to run. The ball goes over the wall...... SAVED by Fabio.

78th minute: Both substitution for both teams. Cruzeiro's Luan runs off the field and hug De Arrascaeta, who run to position. Jemerson who did not have a good game is replaced by Lugano.

80th minute: Corner for Cruzeiro. Willian takes the corner but Lugano heads it clear. But the ball goes to Henrique, who runs it wide and crosses to Anselmo Ramon. He heads it and........... GOOOOOOOOOOOOL!! the ball finds the back of the net and now they take a 3-2 but are down 4-3 on aggregate.

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84th minute: Henrique faces De Arrascaeta open and passes who immediately gives it to Marquinhos. Marquinhos finds Souza running to a open spot and crosses to him. He heads it and...... GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL!! Cruzeiro manages to score 3 straight goals to make it 4-4 aggregate and now finds themselves one goal away for completing the upset. Victor looks at both Silva and Lugano and yells at them. Marcos Rocha is yelling at the lineman for the offside but tells him to leave and referee pushes him away. Now the Galo fans are quiet but now they still can win the title.

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90th minute: The officials add 3 extra minutes.

92nd minute: Freekick to Atletico. Datolo sets up the play knowing that a goal will end Cruzeiro bid of making an historic comeback. Datolo kicks the ball. Guilherme jumps and head it...... GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL!! The stadium erupts as Guilherme runs to the fans and salutes them. I cannot believe it. Atletico just ended Cruzeiro comeback and now leads 5-4 on Aggregate.

View attachment 286915

93rd minute: Henrique receives a Yellow card for arguing with the official after the goal.

93rd minute: The Referee whistles and ATLETICO ARE THE 2015 CAMPEONATO MINEIRO CHAMPIONS for a record 43rd time. Oh what an entertaining game.

View attachment 286924 View attachment 286923

The fans chant and players celebrate.

As I go to the press conference, I got asked my questions but to summarize. (I'm not very good at creating press conference, sorry)

"I'm happy for with our win. Its good to win my first 1st title as manager for this great club. But overall this game was very poor. All 4 Cruzeiro goals were scored on headers. We have Jemerson, Leonardo Silva and Lugano who are tall players but today they were poor in the air. But Tonight we Celebrate."

Game review

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View attachment 286913


View attachment 286912

Campeonato Mineiro Review

We played some good football in this year championship. During the first 11 games (not including the 1st game), I used mostly my reserves to see which player I can use during the Brasileirão which starts May 10th. Some players surprised my such as Tabata and Marion and others such as Jo and Andre made the a great impression. Some of the highlight was the 11-0 win over Villa Nova and 3-1 win over our local rivals America Mineiro.

View attachment 286887

With playing in the finals, we qualified to the 2016 Copa do Brasil.

Top Goal Scorer:

View attachment 286876

Campeonato Mineiro Team of the Season

View attachment 286875

Others were: Dodo finished 2nd place of Campeonato Mineiro Player of the Season and Leonadro finished 3rd in Goal of the Season.

Record News:

View attachment 286874

For just the quick results from the other state championship winner for whoever wants to know (I just putting the big ones):

Campeonato Paulista: Corinthians over Santos
Campeonato Carioca: Fluminense over Vasco
Campeonato Gaúcho: Gremio over Internacional
Campeonato Baiano: Vitoria over Bahia

Next post will be the rest of May. The 2nd leg of Round of 16 game in the Libertadores and the start of Brasileirão.​
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Mar 16, 2015
Clube Atlético Mineiro- May Part 2

Clube Atlético Mineiro vs Club de Fútbol Tigres de la Universidad Autónoma de Nuevo León

Copa Libertadores 2nd leg of the Round of 16. Now that we are done the state championship, we can put all of our attention to this fixture. We got an important away goal in Mexico. Now I hope we can put this to our advantage. We trained hard with our defending set pieces as our last game it was poor.

Now we are at home for the 2nd leg

View attachment 286863

WOW WOW WOW WOW WOW. We left it very late as Pratto scored the very late penalty at the 97th minute of the 2nd half. Tigre received a Red card for that penatly and Pratto made them play. These last 2 games were drama. But at last we are in the Quarterfinals.

And the team that we will face is no other than....

View attachment 286858

Our Rivals again. South America and Football Manager 15 must really love this rivalry. So the next 2 fixtures are:

View attachment 286855

Yes 2 more games this month.

The Quarterfinals brackets are:

View attachment 286854

View attachment 286852

Now the REAL competition will start! The big reason that I love this competition is because how competitive this league is. Every year at least 12 teams are favourite to win compared to the English league 5 teams (Man United, Man City, Liverpool, Arsenal, and Chelsea), Spanish league 2 teams (Real Madrid and Barcelona), Italtian 4 teams (Juve, Inter, AC Milan and Roma) and German 1 team (Bayern). The usual teams to that are favourite to win is Atletico Mineiro, Cruzeiro, Santos, Palmerias, Sao Paulo, Corinthians, Flamengo, Fluminense, Botafogo, Vasco, Gremio, and Internacional. But with Botafogo in the 2nd division and the surprising Atletico Paranaense, the league will be a very competitive one this year.

Our Fixtures for this year Brasileirão will be:

View attachment 286861
View attachment 286860

This year the media is predicting Corinthians to win the title this year. We are predicted to finish 4th just behind Corinthians, Sao Paulo and Internaiconal.

As I'm most focused in Copa Libertadores at the moment, I will be mixing the squad a bit until we win or get eliminated from that competiton so we can focus on this.

Anyways our first match will be against Campeonato Gaúcho winner Gremio in Porto Alegre.

So here we are

Grêmio Foot-Ball Porto Alegrense vs Clube Atlético Mineiro

Game 1

View attachment 286850

Another Late Goal, Another Win. This game was suppose to end as a draw as both team played well defensively but Andre managed to find a opening to score at the last minute of the game.

View attachment 286849

The victory came with a price as loanee Cardenas is out until October.

3 of my young players: Goalkeeper Cleiton, Midfielder Eduardo and Striker Carlos were selected for the U20 Brazil national team for the U20 World Cup in New Zealand.

View attachment 286848

Also Lucas Pratto was called up by Argentina National Team for the Copa America in Chile. No Brazilians in my team were selected by Dunga.

View attachment 286846

Clube Atlético Mineiro vs Figueirense Futebol Clube

Match 2

View attachment 286845

Poor match today, we wasted to many opportunities today and Pratto had a very poor game today. Defensively we been amazing since that 3-4 lost to Cruzerio earlier in the month.

Associação Chapecoense de Futebol vs Clube Atlético Mineiro

Match 3

View attachment 286844

OK, Atletico forgot to show up today. Losing to a second division team like that is pathetic. No words

Clube Atlético Mineiro vs Cruzeiro Esporte Clube

Copa Libertadores Quarterfinals 1st leg.

View attachment 286843

At least we showed up this game. I loved that we beat our rivals but giving up two goals is not a good sign especially the 2nd leg will be away.

Clube Atlético Mineiro vs Avaí Futebol Clube

Match 4

View attachment 286842

We Won, we played better but even Avai with 10 men, we could not score more and even with 10 men, Avai still scored on us.

Award News

View attachment 286841

That is his 3rd award

Rafael Carioca was part of Brasileirão Team of the Week

View attachment 286840

Cruzeiro Esporte Clube vs Clube Atlético Mineiro

Copa Libertadores Quarterfinals 2nd Leg

View attachment 286839

And we are eliminated from Copa Libertadores. Even worse it was our rivals. Josue in his first game back since the injury, really made it impossible to maintain the lead after he was sent off. Now we need to focus on Brasileirão and Copa do Brasil.

Sport Club Internacional vs Clube Atlético Mineiro

Match 5

View attachment 286838

This game was meant for us to win, we were the better team, until a silly defending error cost us points. this team will need a tactic change soon.

Our May Review

View attachment 286830

This month started so good with a Campeonato Mineiro win and a entertaining Round of 16 match, but now with the Club deciding not to show up or not play with the passion that they had in the beginning. Copa Libertadores goal was failed and even worst we lost to a rival. Now the Brasileirão has started, we need to focus on a top 4 finish so we can qualify again to Copa Libertadores.

Plus after a nice April injury-free month, May is making us rotate squad every game due to long term injuries. Cardenas is out 5 months, Dodo is out 3 more months, Maicosuel is out 3 weeks, Datolo 2 weeks and Junior Cesar 2 weeks.

Brasileirão standing after the May

View attachment 286829

Not a good sight

View attachment 286828

June needs to be kind to us.
Next post will be up on the weekend​


Mar 16, 2015
Clube Atlético Mineiro- 2014-2015 European Review

For this post, I going to review some of the biggest leagues in Europe


English Premier League

View attachment 284925

Liverpool finally won the league after 25 years and the season ended the same way as the 2012 season when Manchester City just barely finished ahead of Manchester United. Manchester Unitedès Falcao and Manchester City's Bony finished as joint top scorer with 20 goals

The Championship

View attachment 284919

Cardiff City won its 2nd title in 3 years and returns to the Premier with Fulham and Watford.

FA Cup

View attachment 284917

Manchester City won its 2nd FA Cup in 5 years beating Tottenham 2-1.

Capital One Cup

View attachment 284915

Manchester City does the Double and 2 straight Capital One title by beating their rival Manchester United 2-1.



View attachment 284914

Barcelona retains the title and wins their 7th title since 2005. Valenciaès Negredo finish as the top scorer with 24 goals with Ronaldo finishing with 22. Messi with 20 goals.

Copa del Rey

View attachment 284913

Atletico Madrid beat Barcelona 3-2 for their 2nd title in 3 years.



View attachment 284912

Not surprisingly, Bayern wins their 3rd straight title. Dortmund's Max Kruse finished with 25 goals.


View attachment 284911

And Bayern also win their 3rd straight Cup and their double of the season.


Serie A

View attachment 284910

Juventus win their 4th in a row and Tevez finishes with 28 goals.

Coppa Italia

View attachment 284863

Inter stop Juventus bid for a double and wins their 8th Coppa Italia.


Primeira Liga

View attachment 284909

Porto continues its reign in Portugal with their 10th title since 2002 with Jackson Martinez scoring 22 goals.

Taça de Portugal

View attachment 284906

Benfica denies Porto double by beating them on Penalties.


Ligue 1

View attachment 284905

PSG with their 3rd straight title and surprisingly Ibrahimovic finished 2nd with 22 goals. Toulouse's Ben Yedder is 1st with 25 goals.

Coupe de France

View attachment 284904

Monaco beats Lorient on penalties and wins for the first time since 1991.


Scottish Premiership

View attachment 284903

Without the Rangers challenging them, the Celtic won their 3rd straight title and Celtic players occupied the top 5 top scorers.

Scottish Cup

View attachment 284899

Rangers even in a lower division, beats the Celtic on penalties.

Scottish League Cup

View attachment 284893

Not to be out classed by the Rangers, Celtics beat them 3-0 and went to the finals to win on penalties against Aberdeen.


Champions League

View attachment 284862

Manchester City wins their 1st ever Champion League title and finishes their season with a quadruple(Community Shield, Capital One Cup, FA Cup, and Champions League).

Europa League

View attachment 284884

Dortmund finally win a European Competition since 1997 and wins their 1st ever Europa League Cup.

Next Post will be up soon​


Mar 16, 2015
Ok Guys, I'm back!!!!! Dealing with some personal issues which prevented me from playing FM 15 and updating this story. While I was away, it made me think how could I improve my story telling skills. So from this point on: the monthly updates will be much more organized.

Clube Atlético Mineiro- June

June Fixtures

Clube Atlético Mineiro vs Associação Atlética Ponte Preta

View attachment 281878

Much better game today. The game started with Pratto scoring on the 1st minute of the game and the rest was history. 25 to 6 shots and Fernando Bob red card really made this match easy. Hopefully this match will start must need run for our team.

Sociedade Esportiva Palmeiras vs Clube Atlético Mineiro

View attachment 281874

Pratto's 2 goals was the difference between the Brazilian Giants. But the main focus was our RB Marcos Rocha stellar game against Palmeiras, saving our *** multiple times.

Clube Atlético Mineiro vs Fluminense Football Club

View attachment 281849

This game was entertaining for the fans. 6 goals in 22 minutes. But as a coach, my defending was poor in the beginning. Lucky my team talk at the break helped our cause and we defended well. We had 27 shots compared to Fluminense 11 but Flu's shots on target was higher than ours. Pratto is on fire with 7 goals in 3 games and 15 goals in 15 games in all competition.

Clube Atlético Mineiro vs Cruzeiro Esporte Clube

View attachment 281815

For the millionth time this season, we are facing our biggest rivals. And revenge was sweet. After eliminating us from Copa Libertadores, we got our revenge. Lucas Pratto continues his Ronaldo type form and scores his 2nd straight hat-trick and his 10th in 4 games.

Club de Regatas Vasco da Gama vs Clube Atlético Mineiro

View attachment 281803

Lucas continues his scoring form and in the process saves us from a loss. Vasco is in a rut with no wins in 10 games. This game should have been a win for Vasco but with their luck and Pratto form, we were able to win.

Sport Club do Recife vs Clube Atlético Mineiro

View attachment 281799

A win is a win but wasted too many chances. 20 shots and only 1 finds the net. Pratto doesnt score today but assisted on Maicosuel goal today. And this game caps off a 6 game winning streak and a perfect month.

Big Injuries

View attachment 281809


The 2nd International Transfer Window started June 20th and will end on July 20th.

Key Player Movement


View attachment 281868

Neto Berola aka Messi Berola, has return to Atletico Minerio after a successful loan with Al-Wasl from UAE. Appearing in 23 game while scoring 13 goals with a 7.31 rating. Neto Berola was loaned before I joined the club. Neto is a very pacey player which Galo fans calls him Messi Berola, is a great stiker who can also play the winger. The only downside is that with speed like that, his stamina is not on par which makes it hard for him to play a full 90 minutes.

View attachment 281821

Douglas Santos has extended his stay Atletico Mineiro until the end of season. He was expected to return to Udinese in July but signed a 6 month extension. Reason why he stayed was he wants to help the team to win the Brasileirão and help retain the Copa do Brasil title. The Left Back is an exciting prospect that can be a future star in the league if he ever comes back.



View attachment 281830

Guilherime was the only Atletico player named Team of the Week on June 2nd with a 7.8 rating during that week

View attachment 281827View attachment 281810

Lucas Pratto was the only Atletico player named Team of the Week on June 16th and on June 23rd with the hat-tricks against Fluminense and Cruzeiro.

View attachment 281824

Also that same day, Pratto won Goal of the Week after his second goal against Fluminense.

View attachment 281796
View attachment 281795

Loanee Rafeal Carioca won both Goal of the Week and team of the Week on June 30th.


Other News

View attachment 281811

The U-20 Brazilian National Team won the U-20 World Cup beating U-20 Mexico 3-1. I'm proud to announce that Carlos (One of my top prospect) won the U-20 World Cup Golden Shoe Award with 9 goals and Cleiton (My top goalkeeper future key player) won the Golden Glove Award.

View attachment 281813
View attachment 281812

With Carlos proving to be the real deal, either Jo or Andre will have to go. Cleiton will be in the featured in the first team soon.


Our June Review

View attachment 281794

This month was amazing! 6 wins of 6 and the team played amazing. The fact that we were eliminated from Copa Libertadores, we can now focus on Brasileirão until August when we prepare for our title defense for Copa do Brasil. Lucas Pratto was on fire this month scoring 11 goals in 5 matches including 2 hat-tricks.

This month Injury were good as only Leonardo was injured long term and the other injured players are coming back to training soon.

Brasileirão standing after June

View attachment 281792

From 12th place to 2nd in one month. Vasco is the surprisingly in last place after 11 games.


View attachment 281791

Hopefully this form continues. I feel that Sao Paulo will be a very tough game compared to a easy month (on paper) but in football anything can happen.

Next post will be up this week​


Mar 16, 2015
Clube Atlético Mineiro- July

July Fixtures

Clube Atlético Mineiro vs Coritiba Foot Ball Club

View attachment 280871

This game was a let down. 20 shots and 3 on target and the only goal was a late penalty. We need to work on our chances as we are wasting to many opportunities. But in the end, 7 wins in a row.

Goiás Esporte Clube vs Clube Atlético Mineiro

View attachment 280845

Better game in term of shots but to be honest, Goias goalkeeper Renan played amazing stopping 25 of the 26 shots. Luan scored but 4 minutes later he got injured but will return of the next match. Also 8 wins of 8 and 3 games in a row without conceding.

Clube Atlético Mineiro vs Joinville Esporte Clube

View attachment 280838

After 3 games, we finally scored more than 1 goal and continued our run with 9 wins in 9 and 4th straight clean sheet. Pratto is still dominating and our shot on target is getting better.

São Paulo Futebol Clube vs Clube Atlético Mineiro

View attachment 280835

I knew that this game was going to be tough but I didn't expect for my team to not show up. Sao Paulo dominated the entire game and it was over from the stunner goal from Maicon. We need to step up next match.

Clube Atlético Mineiro vs Clube Atlético Paranaense

View attachment 280834

As a send off to Rafael Carioca, he had one of his greatest game of all time. 4 goal game and a perfect 10 rating. We bounced from that disappointing loss to Sao Paulo to a very convincing win.

Transfer News

The International Transfer Window ended on July 20th, 2015


View attachment 280891

Trying to keep this a secret was difficult but on July 3rd, 23 years old Ezequiel Cirigliano joined Atletico Mineiro on Free Transfer after failing to reach an agreement with River Plate. The Argentinian Midfielder is a versatile player who can play multiple positions and is a team player that wants the team to be good instead of individual stats.


View attachment 280841
View attachment 280840

Last month, Neto Berola returned to Atletico Mineiro from loan but unfortunately couldn't find a place for him on the team with Pratto, Jo, Andre and upcoming Carlos and the wing with Maicosuel, Marion, Luan, Datolo and Cesinha. I feel like 2 million is an acceptable fee to sell him. Neto Berola is excited to go to Italy with the fact that the country lifestyle is much better than Brazil.

View attachment 280832

Matheus Menezes was bought to the team on loan to help us with our CB when our Captain Leonardo Silva was out for 5 months. Unfortunately after 18 appearances, he fell of the charts with Silva coming back and the in-form Edcarlos. Matheus loan agreement was terminated and returned to Botafogo.

View attachment 280831

We tried to extend his loan until the end of the season but Spartak Moscow wanted him back. Excluding the last game, Rafael played very good during his 25 appearances.


View attachment 280867

Marcos Rocha was the only Atletico Miniero Player that was featured in Team of the Week on July 8th.

View attachment 280830

Both Rafael Carioca and our Captain Leonardo Silva were featured in Team of the Week on July 20th

Other News

View attachment 280892

New Sponsor deal for 3 years.

Now a Surprising news that I had nothing to do with:
View attachment 280864

Copa do Brasil Draw

View attachment 280829

Our journey to our Copa do Brasil title defense will beginning on August 20th against Atletico Goianiense

View attachment 280828

and the tree for the 4th round are:

View attachment 280827

Our July Review

View attachment 280826

Good month overall with the exception of the Sao Paulo game, we achieved 4 wins of 5 and 4 clean sheet. Injury wise, we had a couple of bumps and bruises but nothing to major that we need to worry about.

Brasileirão standing after July

View attachment 280825

Stayed in 2nd throughout July opening a 9 point gap on Sao Paulo but 4 point behind Corinthians and their impressive 13 game unbeaten streak. Still shocking is that Vasco is still in relegation zone in 18th.


View attachment 280821

8 matches next month including a Copa do Brasil match.
Next post will a little Copa America update than the August Update hopefully by the weekend.​


Mar 16, 2015
Clube Atlético Mineiro- 2015 Copa America

View attachment 280819

Copa America is an international association football competition contested between the men's national football teams of CONMEBOL, determining the continental champion of South America. It is the oldest international continental football competition with the first competition held in 1916. The current tournament format involves twelve teams competing at venues in a host nation over a period of about a month. The confederation has only ten members, so national teams from other FIFA confederations are invited to fill the other 2 places; Costa Rica, Mexico and the United States have been regular since being invited for the first time in 1993. In 43 tournaments, seven national teams have won the title.

The Copa América is one of the most prestigious and most widely viewed sporting events in the world. The highest finishing member of CONMEBOL has the right to participate in the next edition of the FIFA Confederations Cup, but is not obligated to do so.

The most successful team in Copa America is Uruguay with 15 titles then Argentina and Brazil with 14 and 8, respectively.
Group Stage

View attachment 280815

The top 2 teams on each group and 2 best placed 3rd placed team advanced to the knockout stage. So Group A Chile and Bolivia, Group B Argentina and Paraguay and Group C Colombia and Brazil went through. Both Mexico and Uruguay also qualified by having the 2 best records for 3rd place.
The Knockout Stage

View attachment 280813

As you can see Mexico shocked the world by being the 1st ever team from a different continent to win Copa America. They were the underdogs throughout the Knockout Stage by eliminating Argentina in the Quarterfinals and costing Gerardo Martino his job. Mexico went to the Semifinals against Current Champion Uruguay and beat them 1-0 for their 3rd final. Now playing against Brazil in the final was going to a challenging one but Mexico shocked at the with 5-4 penalty after a 3-3 draw. Mexico were up 3-1 with 10 minutes to go but Brazil with their magic tied the game. But unfortunately, Brazil magic would not help them in the shootout and after the match Dunga resigned from the team.

View attachment 280812

Congratulation Mexico for their 1st Copa America win.

2015 Dream Team

View attachment 280811

Copa America Best Goalkeeper

View attachment 280809

Copa America Best Player

View attachment 280807

Copa America Best Young Player

View attachment 280805

Copa America Golden Boot

View attachment 280804
Next post will be August update.​


Mar 16, 2015
Clube Atlético Mineiro- August

August Fixture

Clube Atlético Mineiro vs Clube de Regatas do Flamengo

View attachment 279596

Entertaining game for the neutral supporters. We had a 3-1 lead before Flamengo came back to tie before half-time. Pierre saved us in the end. But I'm happy because a win against our rivals is always a positive note.

Sport Club Corinthians Paulista vs Clube Atlético Mineiro

View attachment 279595

A match against the league leaders is always a difficult game but this game was something else. Corinthians decided not to show up and we punished them badly. This win closed the gap just within 1 point.

Clube Atlético Mineiro vs Santos Futebol Clube

View attachment 279594

Gustavo Henrique's own goal gave us the motivation to punish them after the blunder in the 11th minute. Highly rated Gabriel Barbosa had a quiet game as we closed him down and didn't allow him to get a shot. This game also put us in first after Corinthians tied against Sao Paulo. This game also had a major injury to our attacking midfielder Guilherime.

Figueirense Futebol Clube vs Clube Atlético Mineiro

View attachment 279593

Unfortunately we played poor against a team that we should be winning. This tie costed us the lead after Corinthians won 3-1 against Joinville and regained that 1 point lead.

Atlético Clube Goianiense vs Clube Atlético Mineiro

View attachment 279592

The 4th round of Copa do Brasil was a very boring game and my team featured a bunch of reserves which I thought they were gonna be good against but I was mistakenly wrong. The highlight of the match was the injury to Felipe but nothing serious.

Clube Atlético Mineiro vs Grêmio Foot-Ball Porto Alegrense

View attachment 279591

Lucas Pratto scored his league leading 16th goal of the competition to cap off a difficult game which Gremio created a lot of chances where I thought that we were going to lose. But our attacking core were also on point which help us bail out our defense.

Clube Atlético Mineiro vs Associação Chapecoense de Futebol

View attachment 279590

Something about Chapecoense that we just cannot play good against them. Losing 4-0 to them last time we faced them and now a 1-1 draw that we should be winning. But now tied with Corinthians for 1st place

Avaí Futebol Clube vs Clube Atlético Mineiro

View attachment 279588

Easy game against a weak team and this win with Corinthians 2-0 loss to Gremio gives us a 3 point lead to end the month of August.
Major Injury News

View attachment 279587

Highly promising Dodo returned to Full Training after a broken foot which sidelined him for 4 months.

View attachment 279586

First Choice Guilherme is out for 4-5 month after injuring during the Santos match. Maicosuel, Dodo and Felipe will be fighting to replace him for the time being.

Major Transfer News

As Most of the European League ended their Transfer windows, 2 players from our in were sold.


View attachment 279585

Leonardo, our 5th choice striker was sold to Eibar from Spain for 130K. Reason because I didn't want to keep him on the bench and continuing to ruin his career. Both Leonardo and I thought this move was the best for both parties. He is also excited to play in a Top European league and hopefully to play against the Spanish Giants.

View attachment 279584
View attachment 279570

Another Striker has left the team. Since Carlos will be a regular for next season, I need to offload Jo or Andre to make it happen. Since only offer was Toulouse for Jo, I felt that the fee was a great return for him. Jo is excited to go to France for is improved lifestyle.

View attachment 279581

6 Atletico Players were in the Team of the Week on August 4th. Defenders Leonardo Silva, Jemerson, Marcos Rocha; Former loanee Rafeal Carioca (4 goal performance); and Felipe.

View attachment 279575

3 Atletico players were featured in Team of the Week on August 11th. Marcos Rocha, Pierre, and Guilherme.

View attachment 279574

For the 1st time in my FM career, I had 2 players for Goal of the Week. Pierre in 1st place with a stunner against Corinthians and Luan in 3rd place against the same team with another stunner goal.

View attachment 279572

Marcos Rocha was the only Atletico players featured in Team of the Week on August 18th
Other news

View attachment 279569
View attachment 279555
View attachment 279567

Internacional won Copa Libertadores for the 3rd time in their 106 years. In the 2 legged finals, Inter beat Sao Paulo 4-3. Internacional finished first in Group D with 13 points and went to the Round of 16 match against current champion San Lorenzo and went to the Quarterfinals against Monterrey on aggregate. Semifinals match was against Boca Juniors which were in the same group as Inter. After winning 2-0, they to the finals against Sao Paulo and won. Fun Fact: in 2006, Internacional won their 1st ever Libertadores against Sao Paulo.

But in very good news, Luan won the Best Player in Copa Libertadores with a 7 goals and a 7.81 rating.
View attachment 279561

The Dream team for the competition are:
View attachment 279560

Only Marcos Rocha was named.

In other news, Superclasico das America will be played on September 5th and both Victor and Luan were called up.

View attachment 279554
Our August Review

View attachment 279589

Another great month with no losses but I wished that we won the 1st game of Copa do Brasil against Atletico Goianiense. Injury wise was a bit off with the long term injury to Guilherme.

Brasileirão standing after August

View attachment 279552

YES!!!!!!!!!!!! We're in 1st place with a 3 point lead. Corinthians had an off month with the loss to Flamengo, Gremio and us. I cannot rule out Sao Paulo in 3rd with points in 19 of their last 20 Brasileirão games. And still shocking is Vasco in dead last.

View attachment 279551

6 games next month and with a possibility for more if we win our match against Atletico Goianiense. Plus a tough 4 games against Copa Libertadores winners Internacional, Palmerias, Fluminense and Vasco (Yes Vasco).
Quick Superclasico Das America post than September post​


Feb 15, 2009
Amazing how much detail you put into your posts mate. Fantastic story, good luck for remaining games too.


Mar 16, 2015
Clube Atlético Mineiro- September

Associação Atlética Ponte Preta vs Clube Atlético Mineiro

View attachment 273873

Great game overall and great result for us as we continue our quest to win the Brasileirão for the first time since 1971. The match was a tight on as we got our 2nd goal after Chaves scored the tying goal.

Clube Atlético Mineiro vs Atlético Clube Goianiense

View attachment 273872

Copa do Brasil. No comment.

Clube Atlético Mineiro vs Sport Club Internacional

View attachment 273870

And we still cannot find a way to beat Internacional. The current Copa Libertadores champions scored both of its goal by penalties. So my defending is the only one to blame here. With that loss and Corinthians win, now there a 2 way tie for 1st.

Clube Atlético Mineiro vs Sociedade Esportiva Palmeiras

View attachment 273868

Excellent win after 2 disappointing losses. 37 shots with 20 on target. Even against a top team in Brazil, this game is a warning to all the other 19 team teams that we are not going down easily.

Fluminense Football Club vs Clube Atlético Mineiro

View attachment 273867

This game was a heart breaker as Fluminense tied the game in the dying moment of the match. Jemerson left the game with a pulled hamstring and will be out for 2 weeks. Luckily and really lucky that Corinthans also tied against Internacional.

Clube Atlético Mineiro vs Club de Regatas Vasco da Gama

View attachment 273866

A expected win against a team that is really struggling. Pratto scored his league leading 22nd goal and 30th this season.

Major Injury News

View attachment 273845

Not a injury but I'm happy to announce the loanee Cardenas is back after a 4 month layoff due to a broken foot.


View attachment 273863

Marcos Rocha was the only Atletico players featured in Team of the Week on September 9th.

View attachment 273862

Maicosuel was the only Atletico players featured in Team of the Week on September 22nd.

View attachment 273861

Marcos Rocha and Lucas Pratto were the only Atletico players featured in Team of the Week on September 30th.
Other News

View attachment 273858
View attachment 273857

Daniel Nepomuceno won the election for his second term as President of Clube Atlético Mineiro for 4 more years (or whenever I forget).

View attachment 273853
View attachment 273851

So just after the elections, Daniel Nepomuceno offered me a 3 year extension due to being impressed with our league position and winning Campeonato Mineiro.
Our September Review

View attachment 273842

This month an OK month due to winning 3 of the 5 Brasileirão fixtures but a huge disappointment losing in the 4th round to Atletico Goianiense thus stopping us retaining our title. Injury wise: No major injury and Cardenas is back for us.

View attachment 273840

We lost our 3 point advantage over Corinthians due to losing to Internacional but luckily Corinthians failed to take advantage after we tied against Fluminense. I'm still shocked that Vasco is struggling this much.

View attachment 273838

Just 4 matches next match and a big match against our rivals Cruzeiro.
Next post will be up soon hopefully


Mar 16, 2015
Clube Atlético Mineiro- October

Clube Atlético Mineiro vs Sport Club do Recife

View attachment 273433

Easy game against a team that we should be beating. Decided to give Andre a chance to play and he delivered a great game by scoring one goal. Luan had a great game but unfortunately had to leave the match will an injury and will be out for 3 months, thus ending his season.

Cruzeiro Esporte Clube vs Clube Atlético Mineiro

View attachment 273427

Terrible game against our hated rivals. Our fans are very upset with our performance and the only person that I can blame is myself for not motivating my team to win. The only positive outcome of this was Corinthians lost to Palmerias 1-0 thus helping us keep first place.

Coritiba Foot Ball Club vs Clube Atlético Mineiro

View attachment 273416

This was another heartbreaker as former Atletico Mineiro Leandro Almelda scored in the dying moment of the game after we dominated most of the game. No the football gods decided not to help us and Corinthians defeated Last place Vasco 2-1 and got a 2 point advantage.

Clube Atlético Mineiro vs Goiás Esporte Clube

View attachment 273410

Major Injury News

View attachment 273409

Unfortunately, one of our most consistent players is now gone of the season with a Torn Hamstring during the Sport game. Now either Dodo, Cardenas or Marion will fight for that position in the starting lineup.
Major Transfer News

View attachment 273407View attachment 273406

The domestic transfer window closed on October 4th and here are the result of every transfer window since January 1st. Total budget spent was £1.12 million and Total budget bought in was £8.25 million.

View attachment 273402

Loanee Sherman Cardenas won the Goal of the Week on October 22nd by scoring a stunner against Coritiba.

View attachment 273399

Both Loanee Cardenas and Marcos Rocha were featured in Team of the Week on October 22nd.

Other News

View attachment 273395

Both Luan and Victor were called up for the Brazilian National Team by Dorival Juniors to play against Uruguay and Paraguay for the World Cup South American Qualifiers. Unfortunately, Luan got injured was replaced by Douglas Coutinho.
Our October Review

View attachment 273434

Bad month as we won 1 of the 3 games played and lost to our rivals 4-2. Even worst now that Luan is out of the season, we need Cardenas, Dodo, or Marion to step up and fill Luan's shoes.

View attachment 273388

Due to our match against Goias was postponed and Corinthians played a game before the month ended, we are 4 points behind with 2 game in hand. Luckily, Corinthians draw their last 2 games, we have a chance to take the lead. Sao Paulo have finally managed to catch us in the standing but with 2 more games.
November Fixtures

View attachment 273387

7 more games to go with 6 in November. Possible title decider against Sao Paulo and Corinthians.
Next post will be up soon


Mar 16, 2015
Clube Atlético Mineiro- November

Clube Atlético Paranaense vs Clube Atlético Mineiro

View attachment 271476

Good win against Atletico Paranaense in Parana. Pratto with another 2 goals and Pierre caps off the win with a late goal during the dying moment of the game. With this win we are now 1 point behind Corinthians with a game in hand.

Joinville Esporte Clube vs Clube Atlético Mineiro

View attachment 271475

This game was a disappointment as we could not find a way to score against a relegate threaten Joinville. Both goals were scored on penalties and now even with a game in hand, Corinthians defeated Coritiba 1-0 and gained a 3 point lead with 4 games to go (5 for me). But on a positive note, with this tie, we qualified to next year Copa Libertadores Group stage, meaning that we guaranteed a top 3 finish.

Clube Atlético Mineiro vs São Paulo Futebol Clube

View attachment 271474

This game was a difficult game to play. Even at home, Sao Paulo was a huge threat during the game. What made this game even harder was the fact that both Lucas Pratto and Victor were in their respective National teams for their South American World Cup Qualifier match. So Andre and Giovanni replaced them for this match. After a goal by Andre, Sao Paulo went ahead with 2 goals by Bastos and Pato. Just after Felipe subbed in for Cardenas, he scores the tying goal. The turning point of this game was when Bruno fouled Datolo from behind and received a automatic red card. With a man down, Sao Paulo could not hold off my attacking focus and on the 90th minute, Cirigiliano scored the game winner.

With this win and Corinthians win, we are still behind 3 points with 3 to go (4 for me)

Clube Atlético Mineiro vs Goiás Esporte Clube

View attachment 271473

Now we are playing the game that was postponed in October due to Goias matches in Copa Sudamericana.
And it was a easy game. Now that that we played our extra game, we are leveled with 78 points.

Clube Atlético Mineiro vs Sport Club Corinthians Paulista

View attachment 271472

Ok this game should have been a must win game against them especially at home. But with the football gods, they decided not to help us today. But I am not **** off with this result and I believe in our team to help us win this league.

Clube de Regatas do Flamengo vs Clube Atlético Mineiro

View attachment 271471

NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO, Flamengo tied the game in the last minute which dented our chance to winning the title. I usually won't blame my players but Marcos Rocha received a second yellow card in the 66th minute and let the team down. With 10 men on the pitch, Flamengo scored the tying goal and with Corinthians defeating Atletico Paranaense 3-0 now we are 2 points behind with a final game to be played in December.
Major Injury News

View attachment 271470

Good new as Guilherme is back to full training after a 4 month layoff with a torn calf injury. But unfortunately, he will not be able to play the final games due to not being match fit quickly enough.

View attachment 271469

Pierre won the Goal of the Week with a beautiful goal against Atletico Paranaense.

View attachment 271468

Both Marcos Rocha and Pierre were featured in the Team of the Week on November 3rd.

View attachment 271467

Felipe and Andre were featured in the Team of the Week on November 17th.

View attachment 271466

Both Jemerson and Andre were featured in the Team of the Week on November 28th.
Other News

View attachment 271465

Both Pratto and Victor were called up by Argentina and Brazil, respectively both matches on the 13th and 17th.

View attachment 271464
View attachment 271463
View attachment 271462

Sao Paulo won their first ever Copa do Brasil after defeating Flamengo in a two legged finals 3-0. Sao Paulo started their campaign with a 6-3 aggregate win over Santa Cruz in the 4th round and eliminated Santos 5-1 in the Quarterfinals. In the Semifinals, Sao Paulo beat Internacional in a Copa Libertadores finals rematch 3-2 and met the 3 time Copa do Brasil winner Flamengo. In the end, Sao Paulo won the first game 1-0 at Maracana and 2-0 in Sao Paulo.

View attachment 271461

With that tie against Joinville, we qualified to next Year Copa Libertadores and it will be our 4th straight appearance.

View attachment 271112

Josue is looking to retire at the end of the season due to not wanting to play in a lower level of football.
Our November Review

View attachment 271460

Undefeated month but lost points against Corinthians and Flamengo that may end our chance for winning the Brasileirão. Injury wise, Guilherme is back but won't be able to play due low match fitness.

Brasileirão standing after November
View attachment 271459

One more game to go and next game will decide the winner. Figueirense, Joinville and the 4 time Brasileirão winner Vasco were all relegated to the 2nd Division and either Sport or Coritiba will go under.
December Fixtures

View attachment 271455

Final game of the season and what a finale that may be. For us to win, we need to beat Santos and need Corinthians to lose.
Next post will be the conclusion of Brasileirão and a season review.

Last edited:


Mar 16, 2015
Clube Atlético Mineiro- December

Today is the day of the final game of the Brasileirão and WHAT A FINALE that we will have. Today game is Santos Futebol Clube vs Clube Atlético Mineiro and Sport Club Corinthians Paulista vs São Paulo Futebol Clube. Either Atletico Mineiro or Corinthians will be champions. Atletico will be champion if they win and Corinthians either lose or tie. Corinthians will be champion if they win and Atletico lose or tie, if Corinthians tie or lose and Atletico ties or lose.

The match will be played in Estádio Urbano Caldeira in Santos, Sao Paulo. The stadium capacity is 16,798 and field will be full of Peixe fans.

View attachment 271111

The lineup for today match:

View attachment 271110View attachment 271109

Ok, Gabriel Barbosa is the important person that we need to mark on. Leandrinho and Patricio Rodriguez will be the main factor in the middle and hopefully Datolo and Pratto will exploit the back 4.

The officials are in the middle of the pitch and ready to start.

Atletico Mineiro will start.


2nd minute: The stadium announcer says: "Goal for Corinthians. Vagner Love. 1-0 Sao Paulo after 2 minutes." Santos fans starts to jeer as they do not like the fact that their rivals are this close to winning the title. The few Atletico fans starts to sings hoping that the team will hope to play better and hopeful that Sao Paulo will comeback.

5th minute: Daniel Guedes hits a free kick and goes to Leonardo and run pass Douglas Santos. Leonardo runs to the goal post but Patric takes the ball from him but fails to clear the ball properly and goes to Valdivia. Then he passes to an open Rodriguez who shoots the ball....... SAVE BY VICTOR!!! But the ball escapes from him and Rodriguez hits the rebound...... GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL!!! Santos goes ahead and Atletico will need a miracle to win the title now.

View attachment 271108

12th minute: Corner for Atletico Mineiro. Datolo goes and takes it. Ball lands to Lucas Candido and immediately hits it with a volley and Sidnei heads the ball out. Cardenas gets the ball and one two with Lucas Candido and passes to Pratto. Pratto shoots............ SAVED BY VANDERLEI and goes out for a corner.

22nd minute: Patric threw the ball in and Cardenas got the ball. He plays it to Maicosuel and go to the penalty area and plays it to Pratto. Pratto runs pass Sidnei and shoots the ball.......... GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL!!! Atletico levels the game and Fans starts to cheer "EU ACREDITO" (I Believe).

View attachment 271107

28th minute: Datolo runs to the corner and crosses the to the area but Alison blocked it and Leandrinho clears it. Lucas Candido recovers the ball and run up and beats Leandrinho with a fancy footwork and shoots the ball from out the box and.......... FINGER TIP SAVE BY VANDERLEI.

42nd minute: Goal kick for Santos. Vanderlei kicks the ball to the middle and Leonadro gets to it and heads the ball the to Gabriel Barbosa. Barbosa does a great play and pass it to Patricio Rodriguez but Patric clears the ball. The ball lands to Caju and passes back to Rodriguez, just barely passing through Maicosuel. Rodriguez hits it and...... SAVED BY VICTOR!!!

45th minute: The official adds one more minute.

46th minute: The official ends the 1st half.

Half time: Santos 1-1 Atletico Mineiro. Plus Corinthians 1-0 Sao Paulo. With this, Corinthians is only 45 minutes to winning their 6th title.

51st minute: Substitution for Santos. Leonadro goes off and Geuvanio comes in.

54th minute: Substitution for Santos. Gabriel Barbosa comes off injured and is replaced by Lucas Crispim

55th minute: Alison runs the ball to the middle and passes to Valdivia, who immediately gives the ball to Geuvanio. He shoots...... SAVED BY VICTOR!!

65th minute: Substitution for Santos. Leandrinho leaves the field and is replaced by Marquinhos Gabriel.

66th minute: Double Substitution for Atletico Mineiro. Lucas Candido comes of and is replaced by Josue who is playing his last match of his career. Also Felipe comes in to replace Cardenas.

77th minute: Substitution for Atletico Mineiro. Marion come in for Maicosuel.

87th minute: Free kick to Santos. Rodriguez kicks it and Lucas Crispim heads it to goal. Douglas Santos slides to the ball and clears it but the ball is deflected by Geuvanio and...... GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL!!! Mr. Araujo cannot believe it. Douglas Santos cannot believe it. The fans cannot believe it. The ball that was suppose to be cleared, hit Geuvanio in the back and ball rolls in. That may killed the chance for Atletico Mineiro to win their first title since 1971.

View attachment 271105

90th minute: The officially adds 5 more minutes.

93rd minute: Marion Passes the ball to Felipe. He runs the ball to the wing and crosses to the area. Josue heads the ball..... MISSES!!! That might have been it for Atletico Mineiro.

94th minute: The Stadium announcer "Match ended in Arena Corinthians. Corinthians 1-0 Sao Paulo." That is it. Corinthians are Champions and now Atletico Mineiro are now playing the final moment knowing that it is over.

View attachment 271104

95th minute: The referee ends the game.
Santos Futebol Clube vs Clube Atlético Mineiro

View attachment 271103
View attachment 271102
View attachment 271101
As I went in the dressing room, instead of being mad at them, I was happy because they had a good season, finishing in 2nd and qualifying to next year Copa Libertadores.

The reporters were outside waiting for me and instead of answering their question, I just said "We had a great season with plenty of highs and I am happy with our team position. We achieve our goals by challenging of the title and we qualified to Libertadores next year. But I promise to you this: NEXT YEAR WILL BE OUR YEAR!"
Next post will be the season review with the awards and such. After that will be the rest of December and a 2015 review​


Mar 16, 2015
Clube Atlético Mineiro- December part 2

Our December Review

View attachment 270804

The season has ended and we lost our final game against Santos and lost the title to Corinthians.

Final standing
View attachment 270803

Corinthians, Atletico Mineiro, Sao Paulo, Internacional and Cruzeiro all qualifed to Next Year Copa Libertadores and Copa Sudamericana is kinda confusing so I won't say who qualified for next years. Teams that are going to play Serie B next year are Sport, Joinville, Figueriense and the Giants Vasco and will be replaced by Botafogo, Criciuma, Vitoria, and Macae who are joining Serie A for the first time in history.

View attachment 270800
View attachment 270802
View attachment 270801

Atletico Mineiro's Luan won the Brazilian Best Player award and the Brazil Player of the Year.

View attachment 270798
View attachment 270797
View attachment 270795

Atletico Mineiro's Lucas Pratto won the Best Foreign Player Award and the Brasileirão Top Scorer.

View attachment 270792
View attachment 270794

Luis Fabiano won the Brasileirão Goal of the Year after chipping the Joinville's keeper from 47 metres.

View attachment 270788
View attachment 270789

Tite won the Brazil's Manager of the Year after leading Corinthians to Brasileirão title and Campeonato Paulista title for 2015.

View attachment 270783
View attachment 270784

Santos FC highly rated's Gabriel Barbosa won The Brasileirão Young Player of the Year.

View attachment 270781
View attachment 270782

Marcelo de Lima Henrique won the Top Referee award. He was the official for 54 matches while handing 128 yellow cards and 8 red cards

View attachment 270780

We had 3 players represent us in the Team of the Year award (Marcos Rocha, Pierre, and Lucas Pratto).
Next post will be the rest of December and the new season will be up soon with a new format.