CM Club Update - cm 03/04

hi Szkodi, welcome back,

James rodriguez, Colombia is a must for a boost ;)
by the way, with the updated db, who are the wonderkids and how to i filter them out for scouting purpose? anyone!?
James will be definiteky much better in next update!

I will let u find it on yourbown. U can use CM Scout to do it for you :)
hey szkodi

how do you change the amount of subs you are can on your bench in the english leagues??
There is a certain things what i can change in editor but i can not do anything about ammouny of playera in dugout. Perhaps someone who knows a bit of programming can make a tool to change it so as they did with ChampMan 01/02.
Hey guys!

My new here, so let me introduce myself...

I'm brazilian (yes, I'm not healed yet after Germany's won) and I'm a big enthusiastic of soccer and manager/sim games and to me the best ones are CM 01/02 and CM 03/04 :D I have found a forum about CM 01/02 updates and now I finally found this treasure about CM 03/04 updates.

I downloaded the update yesterday, but didn't install it yet. I will do today, after work and my hopes are high after reading the comments above. And before I get start, I just want to say: thank you CM Club Update Team!

I don't know if there is anyone contributing to south american database, specifically in Brazil, so if I can contribute to development somehow, here I am.


PS: I'll give a previous feedback today after start a new game.
Hello our Brazilian friend!

It's great to see another person downloading our update and downloading it.

I would like to see your feedback on anythinng involving CM Club Update for 13/14 season.

We do not have anyone from South America so if u would like to join our team to become tester and Head Researcher of Brazil then i will welcome you on best way i can.

Brazil and Argentina is scheduled to be updated in 14/15 update so any help would be appriciated.

Let the force be with you!
Hello Szkodi!

Man, what an amazing job! I search through italian teams and it is so realistic. All teams and squads... and the ages are modified to keep the game faithful to 2013/2014! And there is a lot of young players on database! Excellent!

I did an sheet on Excel with Juventus' changes to 2014/15. Can I send to you?

And how can I support this project updating brazilian teams? There is a lot of work to do (!!!), but I think it will be great to have Brazil's Leagues updated. So, if you want my help, you can contact me and we can talk about it.

Hello mate.

I'm extremely happy to hear that! I assume that you are Juventus fan as well. Feel free to contact me on [email protected] or through our facebook fanpage.

I believe we can do a lit of good things for Brazilian league as well! If you are happy to become our head researcher for Brazil and for example Juve then youbare very welcome.

Besides did u noticed that some good managers after getting axed are becoming coaches? If so, please let us know the name of them so i can sort it out.
Actually, I'm not a Juve fan (lol) but I appreciate the game they played last season and their supporters. I really like the song they sing on stadium. And I like to play on Serie A, so I looked at to see the changes on squads and so on.

I sent you an email, so we can talk about brazilian database :)

I didn't notice this yet (about the managers), but I'll look for and send to you.

That is great!As you have noticed i can not change structure of the league to have so many teams like these days.

I will listen to any suggestions and opinions.

Will be back soon on your e-mail.
Ive just started playing this on my work com, as FM14 can barely move.....

any good tactics ?
Hey Szkodi,

Did you also update the Hungarian league?(in Hungary there are a lot of CM fans) If not what datas you need to do this? Maybe i can help you in that..
Hey Szkodi,

Did you also update the Hungarian league?(in Hungary there are a lot of CM fans) If not what datas you need to do this? Maybe i can help you in that..

Didnt touch Hungary as far there is no much interest and players from that countty. Is there any CM 03/04 dedicated websites in Hungary?
Just to ket you know that inour nezt edition of update for season 14/15 there will be around 200 new teams, over 5k added players and many many more.

You can follow our update and see latest screens on facebook. Just search for CM Club Update.
Hi szkodi,this update is very good,if you need help for serbian league or whole balkan leagues,i can help you.So much talents and wonderkids are based on balkan like a Andrija Zivkovic,Danilo Pantic (Partizan) ,Luka Jovic (Red Star),Duje Cop (Dinamo Zagreb),Mijat Gacinovic (Vojvodina). and lot more.
Send me a private message if u want a help.cheers
Private msg sent. THank you so much for an interest.
Unfortunately had the same issues as pmjones. Clean install of CM03/04, updated to 4.1.5, also tried switching the editor files from read only but not successful. This despite also successfully getting the logo images update and getting a successful update message for the club update download.

Think I'll maybe just have to wait for the November update! But any other additional advice would be appreciated! Thanks in advance...
So basically new database is not working, am I right?

Coukd u tell me where did u installed your CM and what operation system r u using?

I hope we can help with that one.
Yea, don't worry too much about it though, as I said I can be patient and hope that the next update works for me.

Installed CM in default Program Files> Eidos etc, OS is Windows 7.