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Nov 27, 2009

Hello and welcome to another season with me guys.
I don't know if i will manage to update as frequently as i did in Tata's tactic tread but i will do my best and im sure that if people like what i do i will struggle not to play to keep you guys entertained!

Tata Martino's Tread with last season story:

Can i beat my 110 point record in LIGA BBVA last season?
Will i manage to trick Ronaldo away from Real?
Will Barcelona accept my bid for Messi and Neymar?

Stay Tune for more happy days ;)
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Nov 27, 2009
Full name
Club Atl?tico de Madrid, S.A.D.

  • [*=center]Los Colchoneros (The Mattress Makers)
    [*=center]Los Rojiblancos (The Red and Whites)
    [*=center]Los Indios (The Indians)
    [*=center]El Atleti (The Atleti- not to be confused with the more literal Athletic)
Founded26 April 1903 (110 years ago)
GroundEstadio Vicente Calderon,
OwnerMiguel Angel Gil Marin
PresidentEnrique Cerezo
ManagerMagnus Helmersen
LeagueLa Liga
2012?13La Liga, 1st

The Squad


Marc-Andre ter Stegen
My first choice by far. Safe, Consistent and nicnamed the german wall for a reason.
Probably the best GK in the game all over.

Bernd Leno
My backup keeper. Solid on all areas and will play some games if i need to rest Marc or looking to rotate the squad.

Luciano Orquera
4 star prospect i got from Boca for 4.8 millions in 2014/15.
Been on loan at Valencia the past two seasons, and may be going out on loan this season aswell if a good club wants him.


Martin Montoya
Snagged him for a coffemug and some toiletpaper from Barcelona two seasons ago and he has been fantastic and will be my first choice as RB in this formation.

Javi Manquillo
Good prospect who has been mostly out on loan, and is not looking to be a starplayer, but his decent pace and good defending stats will make him a good sub for Montoya when hes in need of a rest.


A brasilian regen who has tonns of potential (5stars).
Already at the age of 18 realy got better stats than Montoya and Javi, but im looking to carefully introduce him in the first team with the goal to have him play as first choice there next season if he keeps developing his stats.

Ben Davies

Picked him up from Newcastle for 12M before last season and he replied by beeing my 3rd best performer last season despite losing the last half with injuries. Undisputed my best choice for LB, and still at a young age i can see him flourish for Atletico in years to come.

Mark Payne

Another Leftback that i picked up from Manchester United for less than 1M.
Hes got 4 star potential and will be my primary cover for Davies when in need of rest.
Needs to work on his crossing and dribbling to be more usefull in the offence tho.

Toby Alderweireld
My rock and the one person i can always rely on to perform at the back.
Stripped for his Captaincy last season having ter Stegen take over, but still is fond of me and loves the fans.
Will be used as a rotation option but play more than not as Centerback this season.

Eder Alvarez Balanta
What can i say...
This lad is my best defender and will be starting all the matches i need him to as he is never injured.
Quality defender with even more potential than any defender i have seen.

Eliaquim Mangala
The Rock!
This monster is a must to play if the oponent uses a strong striker and he cannot fail to perform even in the most hazard of conditions.
Will be my primary rotation with Toby for the CBR possition.

Tin Jedvaj
Another young star atlete who has in some sorts dissapointed me with his development despite getting lots of playtime out on loan.
Will possibly look to loan him out this season aswell, but always nice to have 4 Centerbacks to rotate when the schedule gets rough.


Brasilian regen who is a 4 star potential and has some insane stats.
Looking to loan him out this season as he still lack his citizenshipand i cannot afford to play him as the foreign player quote is stacked.


Joshua Guilavogui
This lad has been on loan to "Barcelona" last season and got lots of substitute games for them.
hes solid, but compare to the rest of my midtfield i will be looking to offload him if i get a good bid.


Snatched Xavi from Barca when his contract was near the end.
Looking to use him as a Tutorer for Oliver and the young rising stars i have.

Roberto Pereyra
My Argentinian Wonderkin that can play both MC and MR.
Was sold to United for 40M, but they failed to come up with the fonds so i decided to keep him.
Solid and contributes both with assists and goals.

Lucas Romero
This is the man everyone talks about.
Has developed nicely and can play both DMC and MC.
Little dissapointed of him last season were he was in the shadow of Oliver, but im quite sure he will bounce back for us this year!

Vincent Wanyama
Everybody knows this guy.
You will get a force to recon with on the midtfield aswell as goals and assists from one of my favourite players.
You always know what you get with Vincent.

Mateo Kovacic
Got him for free, and not realy got the spot for him so looking to attract interested buyers over the course of the season.
Will get some chances in Cupmatches and if performing well might have a future here.

Pierre-Emile Hojbjerg
Danish Wonderkin who cna play MC and MR and will be very usefull for usin the years to come!
Will msotly act as cover and rotation this season and might get loaned out i the right club shows up.

Kevin Strootman
I grabbed this guy from real for 4M after they bought him last season for 30M.
Strootman will be a squadplayer for me and if clubs show interest i might consider selling as my Midtfield is crowded.

Pedro Obiang

Not registrated, and will not be neighter unless something happends.
Grabbed him on free transfer, and realy looking to sell him if i can.

Oliver Torres

My star midtfielder!
Last season he was on fire with 10 goals 24 assists in 27 games, and he will be my first pick for LMC this season no doubt!

Alexandre Manoel
5 star Brasilian regen who got soo good stats i will not loan him out but play him as rotation in the midtfield this season.


Tutorer and a fantastic player in general.
Bit expensive to have in the squad, but still quality from set pices and he will for sure get some playtime around the pitcht when we need experience present.

Marcos Ocampo

A pacemachine! Hes lacking Spanish Citizenship but next season he will have it and he will be a fantastic squadplayer as he can play all positions on the right.

Intentionally my 2nd choice as MR but got injured for half a season in pre season.
Regen with 5 star potential and some sick stats already.

We know this dude. Hes worth a loth of money, he scores goals and can play in any offencive position.
He got spanish citizenship now so hes one of my Rotation players.
I call dibs on the "offencive potatoe" nickname.

Iker Muniain
A little dissapointed of him last season, but he will be my first choice as ML this year, and so far so good in preseason :)

Alejandro Labinoa
Argentinian ML who looks like a real terror for the opponent.
Will go out on loan as he lacks spanish citizenship. But keeping my eye on this 19 year old Flameboyant Winger!

Tonny Trinidade de Vilhena

Dutch 4 star talent who is going out on loan despite smelling quality all over.
Cant affort to have him rot in the reserves and will most likely sell him if a good offer is made.

Tomas Martinez
Could not refuse to buy this regen from River.
AMC player but retraining him as ML as he got a good cross, is left footed and looks like he can take on the defenders realy well. Look out for him in a few years (17 crossing 17 dribbling 15 pace 18 technique nomnom^^))

Will Hughes

Wonderkin who is one of my primary rotationplayers for the MC.
Was a steady player until Oliver's development rocketed, and i will consider loaning him out to a world class club to ensure he stays happy if i can't find enough games for him.

Lazar Markovic
My first pick for MR. Fantastic AMR who can now play MR comfortably aswell as cover the F9 striker role somewhat untraditionally. Excellent on the ball, and from the highlights i have seen one of the best players taking on defenders in the game.


Mazinho did something right when he created Thiago Alacantera and Rafinha, thats for sure!
Can play all over offencively, but probably best as MC atm. He will get games this season and he will bring me goals and asssists

Juan Fernando Quintero
I had to buy him...
Hes my Primary rotationplayer on ML with Iker and has unbelivable set pices stats.
When on the pitch he will be taking corners, penalties and free kicks and i bet - be deadly!

Jose Antonio Gomez
Another youngster who im not sure to keep or sell yet.
lets see...

Ikechukwu Uche

Another old fart i aquired to help tutor the squad.
Hes also a coach for me and despite not beeing happy with lack of playtime will not be sold as i value him pretty high as a tutorer.


Christian Benteke

got this lobster for 7M from Barca after they payed 36M for him the previouse season.
not realy got any use for him, but looking to play him as rotation and maybe sell for profit.

Gabriel Barbosa
Been a dissapointment in my save.
I had him out on loan to good clubs, but he has not developed to well despite getting playtime.
Avaible for loan and considered a squadplayer

Luuk de Jong

Grabbed him on free to sell him for profit, but he has been good in pre-season so im considering keeping him as a rotation option as he performs well in both striker roles

Richairo Zivkovic

Still got bags of potential and im looking to get him out on loan to a good club with the thought of having him come back next season to be my first choice!

Domenico Berardi
Fantastic player!
been on loan to quality clubs and considered my first pick for F9 position.
also a very good set pice player so i suspect he will get a fair load of assists and goals this season.

Carlos Fierro
Probably my best striker last season all over, but i could nto find space to registrate him this year so looking to loan him out, but he is one of my favourite players, and i am sure he will prove on the pitch that he should be in the first 11.

Mauro Icardi

first choice for my CF slot this year.
A good season last year and a fantastic loan spell at PSG at the end of it.
Scores for fun and im certain he will bag over 20 goals this season.

Talented youngster who im looking to get out on loan

Ramiro Pallanza

Got him from River for 8.5M and has at 21 still tonns of potential.
Looking to loan him out this season aswell to a club that will give him pitchtime.

Marcio Ponte

Regen i picked up from Brasil some years back. He got Monstrouse stats for both F9 and CF so i regret not having him registrated, but he needs to get his Citizenship as i can't allowe more Foreign players registrated.
Going out on loan to a spanish club (i hope).

Best 11

The Tactic



As you can see it has the same layout, but with the CM's on Support instead of Automatic away.
This ensures that they do not take to much creative freedom and stay more in possition.
I have had great luck putting them on Defencive in realy though matches, when protecting a lead or when i suffer a red card.

More Sepcific details you can find on the tactics originale tread.


I use the Jaffars Modern Warfare 14 Final Version Away until the Home version becomes fluid. Then i use the Jaffars Modern Warfare 14 Home version in homegames or vs weaker teams with some, but not lots of tweaks.
i follow Jaffar's advices in most situations, but i will tell you exacly what i did in the Real Game when i got a person sendt of after 16 minuttes.

Sub the CF striker if anyone beside the strikers gets RedCarded.

Change to Controll/Fluid

Tick the following settings:

- Retain Possesion
- Shorter Passing
- Pass Into Space
- Play Out Of Defence
- Play Narrower
- Push Higher Up
- Hassle Opponent
- Use Tight Marking
- Use Offside Trap
- Lower Tempo

Scroll the pages and find the game and you can see the resoult :)

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Nov 27, 2009

Pre Seas

Wednesday 12th July

"La Bombonera"

Boca - Atletico 2-0

POM: Gerk

Dissapointing performance, but i guess the lads need to get used to the new tactic this season, and tbh i don't mind losing to the club that crafted Diego Armando Maradona :)

Sunday 16yh July

Santiago Bernabeu

Atletico - Uniao Madeira 3-0
De Jong (24), Labiano (27), Hulk (61)

POM: De Jong

Now we are talking. Some fantastic flowing football is beeing played, and De Jong realy looked like he was enjoying himself out there today.
If this is how the tactic flows now i cant wait to see how it is when it gets fluid!

Friday 21st July

Santiago Bernabeu

Atletico - River 3-0
Romero (1), Icardi (14), Muniain (39)

: Muniain

We invited the Argentinian side River over to Spain to get back at the argentinians after losing to Boca.
River had despite good possesion nothing to offer offencively, and we strolled home with another 3-0 win.
Players are looking good, confident and im sure its more to come!

Tuesday 25th

Nuevo Cerro del Espino

Atletico - Atletico U19s 4-1
Romero (34, 67), Zivkovic (41), Ocampo (82)

POM: Lucas Romero

To get an idea how strong the U19's are i invited them to a match, and they replied by putting one behind Bern Leno.
Quite pleasing to see how well it grows in the youth while seeing that there is a level of quality difference between the Youth and the Professionals!

Saturday 29th July

Ewood Park

- Atletico 0-2
Wanyama (71), Barbosa (80)

: Wanyama

Took a trip to England to play a stronger side to see how the boys would do.
rotated a lot t ogive everyone a chance to show off, and boy did it work!
Wanyama was a monster in the midtfield, and threw in a excellent performance together with Hojbjerg.
The match stats is realy giving me confidence aswell as Blackburn was not allowed more than 2 shoots on target out of 3 and us bombarding their goal all game long.

Wednesday 2nd August

Santiago Bernabeu

Atletico - Anderlecht 3-0
De Jong (16, 37, 90+1)

POM: De Jong

another 3-0 at home and in this game 50!!! SHOTS fired and 2 on target!
This is looking very good, and having De Jong beeing clinical today was the top of the cake.
To be honest he should have had 10-12 goals, but who can complaine when he gets into possition timeand time again.
How can i not play this guy when the season starts??

Saturday 5th August

Luigi Ferraris

- Atletico 0-3
Strootman (1), Rafinha (4, 73)

POM: Rafinha

We took a trip to Italy to play Sampdoria when the Directors got an invitation for a Vine conferance in Toscana.
Big squad rotation, and seems everyone can score for us this season.
Maybe i should just blindly pick the squad and i will win regardless?

Wednesday 9th August

Estadio de Madrid

Atletico - Roma 4-0
Icardi (2), OG (26), Vitinho (46), Berardi (90+1)

POM: Berardi

So we broke the curse. 4-0 instead of the regulare 3-0, and we did it at the Grand opening of our own stadium after the expansion!
The fans were cheering, and it was brilliant to see the windemen take on the Roma defenders time and time again.
Lazar Markovic and Vitinho was a constant treath al lgame long creating chances for Berardi and Icardi.
Its nearing the first game of the season and the performance could not have made me happier!

Saturday 12th August

Hongkou Stadium

Shenua - Atletico 1-3
Quintero (1, 17) Benteke (68)

POM: Juan Fernando Quintero

So we vent to China to promote the club while playing one of our affiliates.
Quintero had been solid on training so he got the slot on ML today, and lets say it was a good play.
Cross after cross with deadly accuracy came in, and its a miracle that a stong header like Benteke could not find the goal more than once.
Berardi also had his chances, and despite performing well, im a bit concerned with the finishing after getting only 3 goals in 18 shots on target.

Tuesday 15th August

Estadio de Madrid

- Atletico B 4-0
Hojbjerg (35), Muniain (38, 64), Balanta (63)

POM: Muniain

Well well. The Atletico B was not a match i was expecting to lose, but to win and dominate in sutch manner?
How can Espanyol stop us next game when we play like this??
Atletico B Fielded strong players like J.Bruma, Juan Jesus, Manuel, Schneiderlin, Lucas, Kranjcar and Thievy, but could not create more than 7 shoots and versus our 40 there was not even a fling of concern werther we'd win this or not.
The team is looking good and ready for the season.

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Nov 27, 2009

Welcome to the Season Opening!

Season starts by facing the fierce opponent of Espanyol
at Stadium RCD Espanyol.

Espanyol has a number of players to look out for, and i want to warn my guys to watch out for
Hernan who last season picked up 9 yellow and 1 red card.
We do not wamnt to start the season with a keyplayer injured do we ^^

Further we got to watch out for previouse Newcastleflop Xisco who banged 5 goals for them last season.

To make it short, we are favourittes!

20th August
Stadium RCD Espanyol

Espanyol - Atletico

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Nov 27, 2009
Good choice. Have a few saves in La Liga already, haven't set the world on fire, yet. Good luck
Well i can tell you this much.. Tata's tactic ... It made me win unbeaten as Atletico with 110 points in my 3rd season.
Oliver was getting tons of goals and assists from CM. you realy should try that one for La Liga, i have not tried a better tactic for this version of FM.. Well i ahvent tried this one yet tho ^^

My old tread is under Tata Martinos Tactic under Tactics :)

tnx for the kind words. I will try to set the world on fire!


Nov 27, 2009


It is that time of the year.
The LIGA BBVA is about to kick off again, and the fans who have thirsted to see how we execute Jassar's tactic are showing up in force!
I am starting to wonder if the historical rivals Espanyol had a to big task on their hand managing the away fans and that we'd get a riot as the Stadium RCD Espanyol prahaps was to small, but luckily our fans is the great kind who is more into praising their own team than throwing crapp at the opponent.
I was stoked to see that atleast half of the players wearing our jersey had Oliver Torres on their back.
This new kid who by local media is labeled "The future of Madrid", was outstanding last season and clearly the fans had noticed!

Wow was that Javier Castillejo the boxing legend who was waving at us as we walked off the buss o_O

"Atleti, Atleti, Atl?tico de Madrid,
Atleti, Atleti, Atl?tico de Madrid,
Jugando, ganando, peleas como el mejor,
porque siempre la afici?n,
se estremece con pasi?n,
cuando quedas entre todos campe?n,
y se ve frente al bal?n,
un equipo de verdad,
que esta tarde de ambiente llenar?."

The song was filling the air as we entered the pitch prepared to show the fans that they made the right choice following us with force!

Sunday 20th August
Stadium RCD Espanyol

Espanyol - Atletico 1-3

Quintero (16), Mangala (28), Balanta (88)
RK: Will Hughes (13)

POM: Markovic (2 assists)

Holy christ what a game!
We started out from kickoff with Rafinha runing down the left flank taking on 3 Espanyol players before crossing in to Berardi who finished as if he should ahve been a first choice for a Icelandic 8th division team >< no goal, and unfortunatly this should prove to be a terrible day for Berardi.
After 13 minuttes Will Hughes got Sendt off and i paniced. I had to reshape the formation, but decided to toss out Benteke and keep Berardi on as F9.
Quintero was the substitute, and i moved Rafinha from ML to MC and allwoed Quintero to coer the flank with instructions to perform well!
3 minuttes later he dribbled the whole Espanyol team and made it 1-0.
Mangala made it 2-0 after 28minuttes on a set pice, and we vent to halftime with confidence.
I told the players to keep up the good work, and it was looking good until Former Atleticoplayer Raul Garcia scored after a terrible arror by Toby Alderweireld who played Right back today.
The nerves was getting to me, would we drop points despite dominating?
After 88 minuttes Balanta put the final nail in the coffin and we could go home with 3 points.
A Good performance by the lads, but i am very dissapointed with both Toby and Domenico today aswell as concerned with Quintero getting Injured after 69 minuttes after a stunning performance.

Super Cup Final Leg 1
Monday 28th August
Estadio de Madrid

Atletico - Malaga
Icardi (17,41,pen.48,77) Berardi (33)


Lol what a game!
Icardi was on fire, but so was our backline allowing 3 goals from nothing but running straight forward throught the defence.
We got a good win regardless and are ready for the awaymatch and i feel confident we can retain this cup!

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Nov 27, 2009


With the month past going great and we still have not dropped a single point, i told the guys on the team meeting that i want to see more of this kind of football while encouraging them to focus a bit more on the defence.
After a chat with my main man Balanta we decided to mark a bit tighter in the future to not allowe so much space for opponent attackers to run through our backline.

Euro. Super Cup
Friday 1st September
Ullev?ll Stadion

Olympique Lyonnais - Atletico

Muniain (37)

POM: Muniain

Another forcefull game were we allowed only Lyonnais 4 shoots during the whole game.
I was quite pleased with our performance despite us lacking the sting on the final third.
Someone say Cheeze, i say gratulations with another Cup lads!

Super Cup Final Leg 2
Wednesday 6th September
La Rosaleda

Malaga - Atletico

De Jong (32), Balanta (56), Ponte (85,90)

POM: Ponte

Again a deserved win in a match we totaly dominated from start to finish.
Malaga was dangerouse on the break, but two late goals by Maricio Ponte ensured the win today vent to the Team deserving it!
Another Throphy secured, and i think i need a meeting with the board to get my own museum soon :)

Saturday 16th September
Ramon Sanchez-Pizjuan

Sevilla - Atletico

Berardi (25,64,79), Romero (52)

POM: Berardi

No thats more like it Berardi my man!
Finaly his performances start to show and he was simply unstoppable today.
Fazio and Cala struggled the whole game to stop him, and i do not think they will go home pleased with their own performance today!

Champions Cup grp H
Wednesday 20th September
Estadio de Madrid

Atletico - Zenit 3-1

Icardi (29,90+1) Muniain (83)

POM: Icardi

Zenit came out with confidence and created the first big chance, but we soon established a firm grip of the match. Going up 1-0 to half time i told the guys to keep grinding, and for me it was a total dissapointment when Mangala passed the ball to a wide open Altidore who equalized after 49min.
Luckily the team showed some real character and two late goals by Muniain and Icardi secured us a well deserved win!

Sunday 24th September
La Rosaleda

Malaga - Atletico

Icardi (24), Markovic (41), Montoya (46), Berardi (71)
RK: Mangala (87)

POM: Markovic

Another game vs Malaga, and another resoult in pair with what we have against the mthis season.
A Goal bonanza yet again, and despite the excellent effort by my offencive players i realy am not to pleased with the defence.

Wednesday 27th September
Estadio de Madrid

Atletico - Ponterradina 3-1

Manoel (4), Jedvaj (15), Icardi (71)

POM: Jedvaj

39 shots fired and only 3 goals.. i cannot belive it, but i got to face the facts :/
We need to practice on our finishing because this game was a one way street and i should ahve scored a lot more.
On the other side the defence was solid and we only let in a goal on set pices.

Saturday 30th September
Estadio de Madrid

Atletico - Celta

Oliver (20, 49)

POM: Oliver

Again the fieringsquad was in poor shape. neighter Berardi, De Jong or Icardi had loaded with anything beside blanks today.
Good for us that last years superstar oliver secured the win for us with a splendid freekick and a long range shoot.

Player Of The Month

Mauro Icardi

Icardi has been more lethal than Cyanide this month and despite dropping a bit in form towards the end he deserve this award for getting us going properly infront of the goal.

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Aug 12, 2009
Hi conn

i had private msg u about tata tactic for setting against oppoment pls reply me. As for jesssar modern walfware tactic it is with away.tac? He got 2 tactic which one u using?


Nov 27, 2009


With the past months resoults we are confident about our abileties ahead of this months challenges.
The teams around us seem to know that we are unbeatable atm, and Barcelona took some steps replacing Geraldo Martino with Andre Villas-Boas.
When the Press asked me for comment i gladly replied.

Miki Rodriguez: With Martino fired from Barcelona some say that it's due to their humiliating resoults against you're team, how do you feel about that?

Magnus Helmersen: Well, Barcelona has had its bumps the past seasons and struggled to perfrom on a high level. Maybe it's time they realized they cant live on old glory?

: Is there any truth to the subject you have been trying to sign Messi after Martino's departure?

: You know that any manager would be lucky to have a player of sutch kaliber in his squad, and i am no different.

: So i take it you have been trying to sign him then?

Helmersen: I can say this much. I was interested before the little incident he had, and as the experienced manager i am i have no intension dissrupting squad morale by bringning in someone that has a bad influence on my players.

Helmersen pulls out a picture his Scout Frank Arnesen took while taking a night off in Barcelona.

Helmersen: As you can see Xavi is also present on the picture.
Messi should be gratefull that he has good friends at all clubs around the LIGA, and im sure that he will come back stronger after this.

: Wow.... can i get a job as a scout for you?

The Old Barcelona Manager --- The New One

Geraldo Martino - - - - - Andre Villas-Boas

Champions Cup Grp H
Tuesday 3rd October

National Arena

Steaua - Atletico 0-2
Mangala (18), Manquillo (90+2)


Great Match away on a tough arena.
We struggled a bit on the final third, but 2 set pices goals from defenders was enough for us to get 3 points today. I'll take it!

Sunday 8th October

Martinez Valero

Elche - Atletico 0-3
Icardi (77, pen.86), Mangala (80)

POM: Romero

Another premier perfromance by the team.
Elche was hardly allowed a sniff, and we scored 3 goals away. pretty good, but we still need more work on the finishing as we had 6 ccc this game and 50% is not going to be good enough vs harder opponents!

Saturday 21st October

El Molinon

Sporting - Atletico 0-5
Berardi (19,37,pen.85) Icardi (21), Mangala (80)


Now thats more like it!
50% of our shots on target was a clinical finish and resoulted in a goal!
It could ahve been even more as we had 2 in the woodwork!
Sporting may not be Bayern Munich, but they are a solid team at home, and i hope they take something from this game to ensure they will stay up in LIGA BBVA this season.

Champions Cup Grp H
Tuesday 24th October

Estadio de Madrid

Atletico - Schalke04 3-0
Hulk (36, 85) Berardi (67)

POM: The Hulk

Hulk had a fantastic game today and well deserved the POM award. His finishing was ecxcellent and only bad luck took away his hattrick in this game.
Good to see the squadplayers perform when they get a chance!

Saturday 28th October

Estadio de Madrid

Atletico - Valladolid 3-0
Berardi (24, 65, 68)


Finaly Berardi seems to have had a solid month and he got his well deserved Hat Trick today after a fantastic performance!
The only problem is that he seems to attract interest now, and i hope i can keep him at the club as he has been fantastic for me as F9 so far this season.

layer Of The Month

Domenico Berardi

Berardi well deserved the award this month with 7 goals in 4 apps.
Cant say that i realy need any other F9 striker at all aslong as he keeps this up and stays fit

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Dec 7, 2008
Hi Conn ive been following your story with interest and im going to start a new save game with Manchester United but i a little confused, you say that you use Tata martino 433 tactic but in your opening post the tactic shown is Jassar modern.
Can you please confirm which tactic that you use and if possible a link to them please.
I look forward to following another succesful season from you.


Nov 27, 2009


This month starts up with a massive assult of Photographs and Journalitst outside the home of the Atletico Manager Magnus Helmersen

Questions pop out left and right and Helmersen can hardly get to his car to drive the morning traning with the lads.

5minuttes after he leaves Miss Spain 2013 Patricia Rodriguez walks out, and she is more than willing to answere any questions the press might have.

The Sun (England):
Miss Rodriguez, have you spendt the night with Mr.Helmersen?

Patricia: s? tengo, ?l es un verdadero caballero

The Sun (England): Can you speak english?

Patricia: Sorry, i forgot that there is foreign press here to. Well yes, i said that he is a true gentleman and yes i ahve sir ;)

Marca: Miss Rodriguez, can you share any details around what happened last night?

Patricia: Jose, can't you see i am smiling? :)

Miss Rogriguez excuses hereself as she gets into the Limousine that just pulled up.

The press looks at eachother, and can hardly belive what they have discovered... Has the Norwegian manager ideas about stealing one of their national symbols?
Does he deserve here?
Is this seriouse?

Then they rush to their headquarters to get a fast print out to the world.

El Derbi madrile?o

El Derbi madrile?o (English: Madrid Derby) is the name given to football matches between Real Madrid and Atl?tico Madrid, both of them from Madrid, Spain.

Real Madrid and Atl?tico are clubs with contrasting identities and very different fates, a divide similar to other crosstown football rivalries such as the Manchester derby and Milan derby, but far more political. Historically, Real Madrid have long been seen as the establishment club. On the other side, Atl?tico was always characterized by a "sentimiento de rebeld?a" ? "a sense of rebellion" ? although during the early Francisco Franco years, it was Atl?tico that was the preferred team of the regime, being associated with the military airforce until the regime's preferences moved towards Real Madrid in the 1950s. Franco sought to make political capital out of Real Madrid's European Cup titles at a time when Spain was internationally isolated; said one minister, "Real Madrid are the best ambassadors we've ever had." Thus, Atl?tico fans regularly chanted that Real was "el equipo del gobierno, la verg?enza del pa?s" ? the team of the government, the shame of the country ? and adopted a more left-wing slant (tempered by the rise of ultras culture and Rayo Vallecano's presence as the "true" leftist club in Madrid) to combat the conservative Real fanbase. The Santiago Bernab?u, Real Madrid's stadium, is majestic, alongside banks and businesses on the classy and aristocratic Paseo de la Castellana street, while the Vicente Calder?n can be found beside a brewery along the Manzanares river. Real Madrid draws greater support because of its successes, while Atl?tico has a more working class fan base, which comes particularly from the south of the city.[SUP][1][/SUP][SUP][2][/SUP]

Wednesday 1st November

Estadio de Madrid

Atletico - Real
Berardi (5, 7, 36, 70), Obiang (39), Markovic (42)
RK: Rafinha (16)

POM: Berardi

Holy Chipmonkey!
What a performance!!!

Two early goals made me smile, but then Rafinha got sendt off after a nasty two foot tackle on Sergio Ramos.
I was sure this was it so i subbed Icardi for Obiang and set my midtfielders to defencive duties.
Did not mather... Berardi scored on every chance he had beside two were he hit the woodwork.
To make humiliation complete Lazar Markovic scored on a freekick from the midtfield, MIDTFIELD on Casillas. Obviously he should have saved, but it curled into the near corner and its the best goal i have seen in football so far. How we won this convincing i dont know but Real barely had a single CC, and my tweaks to contain my lead only lead to a bigger win.
And the press think that my mind is not in the game atm?
i got to laugh...

The Game:

Saturday 4th November

Camp Nou

- Atletico 0-1
Icardi (31)
RK: Montoya 69

: Balanta

Barcelona was a lot more solid all-round now after Martino's departure.
But we scraped a win mostly thanks to a rock solid defence, and Balanta deservly picked up the POM award!
I was sure we would drop points here after the team took out everything in the Derby last match, but i was wrong!

Champions Cup Grp H
Wednesday 8th November


Schalke04 - Atletico 0-1
Mangala (20)

POM: Howedes

Barely saw anything from the Schalke attackers all game long, and despite the offence beeing a bit down under today wich is totaly understandable, it does not mather when you got lethal Centerbacks on set pices! Mangala did it for me today. With brute force he fought the ball over the finishingline after a corner.

Saturday 11th November

Estadio de Grand Canaria

Las Palmas
- Atletico 0-1
Benteke (22), Markovic (88), Vitinho (90)

: Castellano

You can say a loth of things, but that Las Palmas did not catch a red card is beyond me...
First Castellano twofoot tackles Benteke in the 45th minutte, dont even get a freekick and bentekes injured.. Then in second half Lucas Mendes does the same on Berardi whogets injured aswell. Red Card? NOPE, not even a yellow.
As if that was not enogh in the 72nd minutte Dani "Mayhem" Castellano is on the move again. With a Terrible Tackle from behind next to the ref on Icardi we get a freekick, but Castellano gets a card? NO!!!! and Icardi gets injured aswell ><
We deerved the win, but finishing with two midtfielders as strikers did not help. Who is going to play striker in the next game???? And i will definetivly make a big eal out of this if Marca asks me about it. That refere has done his last match!

Saturday 25th November

Estadio de Madrid

Atletico - Valencia 3-1
Pereyra (9), Berardi (pen.42), Benteke (45)

: Benteke

Luckily Benteke and Berardis Injuries was not that severe, and thanks to a international break we scraped them together for this match. They both replied with a goal and Benteke finaly had a good game for us picking up the POM award!

Chapions Cup Grp H
Tuesday 28th November

Zenit - Atletico 1-4
Zimmerman (53), Hulk (59), Rafinha (71), Oliver (pen.83)

: Davies

I was glad to see that Ben Davies again is performing well after his injury last season.
Took him a few months to findhis form, but today he was unstoppable with his crosses.
I did some minor changes for this match telling the boys to controll the match and retain the position instead of diving head on, and it worked as Angel Di maria and Giuliano who i feared did nothing this game and was rendered useless.
Great finish to the month and i cannot belive we still have not dropped a point!!

Player Of The Month:

Domenico Berardi

It was hard not to pick him after his outstanding performance vs Real Madrid.
He now has 15 goals in 11 league matches for us and has been earning the new phrase we use when he scores; "Bernardinated"

The League Table:

12 wins in 12 matches.
Jassar is not letting us down!

Stay tune for more FM incomming this weekend guys and thank you for all the views aswell as support!


Nov 27, 2009
Hi Conn ive been following your story with interest and im going to start a new save game with Manchester United but i a little confused, you say that you use Tata martino 433 tactic but in your opening post the tactic shown is Jassar modern.
Can you please confirm which tactic that you use and if possible a link to them please.
I look forward to following another succesful season from you.
Sorry i missed this today bro :)

Tata's as the tactic i used last season.
Won everything with tata's and now i am testing Modern Warfare to see how good it is.
So far so good. It's a bit different than Tata's and not so plug and play and require more to turn the tide i feel, but that might jsut be me not got everything on autopilote yet :D


Nov 27, 2009
Haha tnx :p

I use both tactics.

Away for matches away when im not huge favourite, and home tactic home and vs teams i would normaly beat comfortably.

Atm i am trying to figure out how to icrease my goalscoring ratio as 41 shots can resoult in 1 goal, and thats not something i am happy with tbh.
Also seeing a lot of strange things from the defence, but i am noticing that its a bit harder when i play players out of possition, so i reccon its key to have the right payers.


Nov 27, 2009


Sunday 1st December

Estadio de Madrid

Atletico - Granada 3-1
Berardi (15), Icardi (42), Benteke (90)

: The German Wall

Granada realy was on us this game, and it was not over until Benteke scored in the 90th minute. We got lucky today, but i guess thats part of beeign a top team aswell.

Champions Cup Grp H
Wednesday 6th December

Estadio de Madrid

Atletico - Steaua 5-0
Wanyama (3, 52), Berardi (7), Pereyra (18), Alderweireld (77)

POM: Wanyama

Pffff... Steaua thought they were coming to us to ****** points. They were wrong!

Club World Ch'ship Semi Final
Wednesday 13th December

BMO Field, Toronto

(Mex) - Atletico 0-3
Berardi (50), Wanyama (59,68)

: Wanyama

Wanyama again with a ace performance.
Pumas going back to mexico knowing that 3 shots in 90 miuntes will not win them the club world championship.

Club World Ch'ship Final
Saturday 16th December

BMO Field, Toronto

Atletico - Gremio 2-0
Tim Jedvaj (57), Pereyra (72)

: Rafinha

Rock solid by the boys, and another trophy claimed!
Brasilian Giants Gremio had nothing to offer today, and they need to rethink their strategy for next year if they want to win this!

Spanish Cup 4th Rnd Leg 1

Wednesday 20th December
Estadio de Madrid

Atletico - Almeria 3-1
Ocampo (26), Ponte (39), Wanyama (49)

: Oliver

Oliver Torres on form again made us run over Almeria. Im Shocked that we did not score 15 goals in this game, but i guess you cant expect more from games sometimes.
Fielding a lot of reserveplayers aswell including Manquillo, Alanzinho, Ocampo and Ponte proves my squad is strong!


Saturday 23rd December
Estadio de Madrid

Atletico - Villareal 2-1
Markovic (12), Berardi (45+2)

: Berardi

I am a manager at the highest level, yet again i do not understand football.
26 shots on goal, 11 CCC resoult in two goals, and almost a dropped point as Villareal had two in the woodwork the last 5 minuttes.
Maybe i need to start a new career? i do like to cook food...

Player Of The Month:

Victor Wanyama

Outstanding performances this month secured Wanyama a deserved POTM award.


Having drawn Real Sociedad in the cup it means we got 3 matches against them in a row this month. This is a brilliant opportunity to test some tweaks in the tactic and see how that pans out.

The transferwindow is inbound aswell, and i look to offload a few players to improve squad harmony aswell as maybe invest in a strong leftback to play when Davies needs rest.

Im having a real hard time renewing the contract of Jedvaj and Manoel who is my 5 star regen. He is unhappy i dident allowe him to move to cruizero on loan despite him beeign a key member playing almost all matches :/
Will be sad if i lose him to a rival team.

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Nov 27, 2009

Is this what is happening????



Only bought three players in January.
Alen **** is my main sub for Davies on LB as i was after him before he vent to Elche aswell.
Joan Ventaja and Jose Maria Pinero are both top quality regens who are going to play for my u19 this season while beeing on a heavy training schedule.

On the offload side i sold Schneiderlin to Arsenal for 10m as he had not breoken through to my first team and was just a liability wagewise. Vitinho i had to let go as my offencive possitions are crowded, and despite him beeing a rotation option this will not allowe me to play my talents more. Luuk de Jong was fetched on free last transferwindow and was intended to make money on. 17million, not bad.
so far this season bought for 124m and sold for 271m.
Nice profit ;)

Wanyama chilling after picking up last months award
(He sold it on Ebay and bought a ps3)

Spanish Cup 4th Rnd Leg 2
Wednesday 3rd January

Estadio Mediterraneo

Almeria - Atletico 1-8
Fierro (4, pen 11), Benteke (16, 39, 45+2, 56), Quintero (30), Jedvaj (50)

: Benteke

8 goals from 13 shots on target! Outr team was on fire today, and specialy Benteke was a force of terror as he banged 4 goals.

Saturday 6th January

Estadio de Madrid

Atletico - Betis 3-1
Balanta (48) Icardi (pen.60, 83)

POM: Icardi

Another deserved win for us. Poor finishing cost us a bigger win today, and i will talk to the coaches to get more practice on training.

Real Sociedad Tripple

Spanish Cup 5th Rnd Leg 1
Wednesday 10th january


Sociedad - Atletico 1-3
Hughes (45), Fierro (80, 81)

: Fierro

A little tweak in the defence dident do to much with our overall performance, but Fierro had a good game today and he deserved his double and putting us in a good position before the rematch.

Sunday 14th January


Sociedad - Atletico 2-3
Berardi (11), Benteke (20), OG (38)

: Benteke

Tried a small change in our passing today without it influencing the game to much. A flawless first half was followed up by yet another poor 2nd half by us. We realy need to be able to perform in 90minutes, if not i fear that soon we will finaly drop points.

Spanish Cup 5th Rnd Leg 2
Wednesday 17th January
Estadio de Madrid

Atletico - Sociedad 2-1 (5-2 total score)
Mangala (8), Benteke (65)

: Antuna

Another small tweak was tested, but it did too to much, and maybe ruined the game a bit ofor the lads who was not used to the tempo.
We deserved our 2-1 win, and seeing Hulk and Ponte aswell as Future star Hojbjerg get a chance in the first team and performing made me a happy manager :)
3 games vs Sociedad and 3 wins, not shabby ^^

Saturday 20th January
Estadio de Madrid

Atletico - Espanyol 3-0
Berardi (7), Icardi (12), Markovic (34)

: Wanyama

Wanyama bossing the midtfield once again, and a deserved 3-0 win who should have been much larger!

Spanish Cup Qtr Final Leg 1
Wednesday 24th January
Estadio de Madrid

Atletico - Athletic 2-2
Manoel (16), Fierro (31)

: Unai Lopez

We finaly
ran into a draw.
2 shots on target from Atletic Bilbao resoultet in two conceded goals.
one beeing a terrible owngoal by Alderweireld :/ Poor finishing cost us this today, but im happy my reserves perform decent when given the chance.

Sunday 28th January
Ciutat de Valencia

Levante - Atletico 1-4
Markovic (16), **** (21), Wanyama (50), Benteke (86)

: Markovic

We are back on track!
Outstanding performance, and i can accept the team losing a bit of defencive concentration hunting for that 5th goal at the end as Falletta got a goal for levante in the 90th minute.

Spanish Cup Qtr Final Leg 2
Wednesday 31st January
San Mames

Atletic - Atletico 0-2
Rafinha (1), Romero (71)

: Rafinha

We proved today who desered to advance to the semi finals, and Bilbao had nothing to offer beside a shoot from 30 yards that looked more like a pass back to out goalie.

Player Of The Month:

Christian Benteke

7 goals this month and a bunch of assists from the fierce Belgian, it was no contest!
Conngratz Christian!

I am looking for imput to increase quality of the story so i apriciate input from the readers. (dont be afraid to comment!)
Would you like me to be more in detail, less in detail, more sidestories? another font? less writing more resoults???


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Nov 5, 2013
Hi Conn!

I think you are just awesome and your story is fantastic!

just a question: did you obtained this amazing results by following the training in the Jassar's OP? (Balanced - Def. Positioning.)

or did you change something?

and another question: if you were the complete underdog, would you change something? or you would go with attacking mentality anyway?

keep the good work up man! cheers :)
Last edited:


Nov 27, 2009
I follow the guidlines of everyone that created the tactics i have tested and i use my own experience and tinker were i see fit.
by that i mean mentality, tight marking on players etc.
it's all about beeing prepared for each match, you can't steamrole quickpick and play and expect to get good resoults every game :)
i am glad you enjoy the story, but please dont be afraid to suggest changes as i am not doign this jsut for myself, but also to entertain the community of this lovely game (altho its a bit buggish atm ^^)