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Converting clear cut chances


Jul 11, 2015
I have adapted my tactics and am now creating more chances. I now play with 2 holding midfielders, sometimes one as a DLP, and let the fullbacks get forward. If play with wingers I instruct the fullbacks to cut inside, with IF run wide. Generally I have a Complete Forward, but if things aren't working out I change him to a DLF. I play mixed passing, work ball into box, pass into space, fluid movement, normal or fast tempo. I generally play quite narrow, but might open it up a bit to stretch their defence. My IF are still not scoring when they cut inside, but are occasionally scoring from far post crosses. Crossing still isn't great. My second choice striker is Lukaku who never scores with his head, but does score the occasional volley, but I think it must be a bug.

So I'm quite happy with how it's going now.