Easy when using Arsenal.com as my resource :p.

Do as many players as possible, the reserves/youth etc, and the staff if you will.

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Nathan, if you go from Arsenal, Villa and so on, and I will start from Wolves and go backwards from there, we can meet in the middle;)
Halfway through the Arsenal players, then I'll move onto the staff and the reserves/youth.
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Done 22/27 cutouts for Arsenal first team, will do the rest tomorrow as my fingers are starting to hurt.
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how's this
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would you like me to start la liga

The best way is to -

1 - Cut the picture at the original size.
2 - Press CTRL+ALT+I, and change image size to 180x??, or ??x180(make ure the largest dimension is no more than 180 pixels.
3 - Then, Press CTRL+ALT+C, and change canvas size to 180x180.

That will set it to the correct size without squashing the picture:)
no relative box in ctrl+alt+i
only in canvas size where it is not ticked
Could you make another, not Xavi? Sorry to be a pain:p
What is the point in this when most people just download the 50,000 + player facepack?