Dec 27, 2009
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Name: Daniel Quintero
Club: Santos Laguna
D.O.B: 19/09/1987
Nationality: Colombian
Position: Striker
Agent: Alexandr Somoilov

Pace, Acceleration, Dribbling, Technique, Off The Ball

Strength, Composure, Jumping, Heading

Description: Striker
Personality: Fairly Proffesional

Suggested Roles:

Advanced Forward/Poacher - Attack

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His stats are immense for n-power leagues! Should be a good player for teams battling against relegation in the premier league!
good find mate

Cheers mate, he started very slowly only got about 2 goals in his first 10 games, and then he settled and finished the season with 20+ goals and is an absolute snip at £1.2million!
He is great in real life too. Him + Christian Benitez are beastly.
Because you lot think Esqueda can score and/or that you have a good youth academy <)

I think winning U-20 youth leauge proves we have good youth acadamy and esqueda will get his time :p
Good find. Composure worry's me though

There a good strikers on the game with average Composure, it's not EVERYTHING, his pace, acceleration and off the ball stats mean he gets a lot of chances each game therefore he will convert atleast one of them (hopefully!)
Good find, Maybe not strong enough for npower leagues though? Poor heading and jumping & Strength :( Still. Great find mate!
Aye hes pretty good, nice n cheap. Bought him for portsmouth in jan window n also for fulham 7apps 5 goals so far.
he's in my swansea squad in prem scored 34 last season in championship, now in prem has 7 after 3 starts!
Good player, on my saves he usually signs for Newcastle.
Certainly a top half Prem poacher. I have never signed him, but have seen how good he can be
I have him up top on my Blackpool save with Christian Benitez and they work amazing together.
his stats looks like a duplicate of christian benitez =p