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Database Editing Competition Ideas for FM11

Nov 11, 2009
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I am currently editing my first competiton on editor. I wanted to do a World Champions league. Exactly the same as UEFA champions league only i have called min FIFA Champions League.

My format is 4 qualifying rounds, a 64 team group stage , with 2 teams qualifying from each group and then the same format as UCL after that. I am struggling with the seeding at the moment. Which is why searching for help brought me to this thread. I have 130 nations, 8 nations with 4 teams going into my comp (2 qualifying auto for groups and 2 qualifying for the last qualifying round, like england league in real life), 16 nations with 3 participants, 2 qualifying for groups, 1 qualifying for last qual round, 50 - 3rd seed nations with 2 participants, going into 2nd qual round and 56 nations with 1 participant starting from the beginning.

Whn i load it up in game very team starts from scratch meaning that when the groups should be played, teams are still qualifying. The idea is there.....it just needs tweeking to perfection.