Sep 22, 2010
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Does anyone have any advice for a good deep lying playmaker for my Aston Villa team, i play counter attacking football so i need someone who can unlock a defense with one killer pass! for Agbonlahor and young to run onto! thanks in advance!
try Poli from Sampdoria or maybe Defour from Standard
Biglia maybe? Charlie Adam could do a good job aswell.
how much does poli usually cost i have a budget of 18 million
Defour. <3
He is a beast. Speaks basic English too. Man U have been looking at him IRL for a reason.
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McArthur is good
Witsel is better
Poli the best!
Defour, dirt cheap with great mental stats, and if you teach him the ppm play killer balls, he is immense
ricardo montolivo - got him offered to me for about £6m in 2nd season, gets a few goals and plenty of assists, one of my best buys in my 1st liverpool save.

cheap but good is tom cairney but be quick as chelsea are on the sniff

how much you got to spend?
i was also thinking about milan badelj and train him up would be a cheap option, trying to keep my club finicial sound so i dont want to blow the full 18 million
Hm. Why not Arevalo Ríos? He's pretty good, more a poor man's Mascherano when you look at his stats. Quite successful for me as a DLP.
Arturo Vidal was amazing for me and only cost me £6 million. Has great mental and technical stats :)
i got vidal for like 6 million with barcalona as a back up player and he is keeping mascherano out of the side,
If you can sign them. (doubtful for Villa)

Maurles (Sp?) Liverpool
Xabi Alonso

Lucas is alright at it.
Arturo Vidal is great
and so is Defour
Poli. Joel's been getting quite some use out of him. Of course, Stiliyan Petrov's pretty good at it himself.