Denilson: Fabregas not a leader


Sep 10, 2010
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Arsenal midfielder Denilson has claimed club captain Cesc Fabregas lacks the personality to be a true leader.

The Brazilian, who has been a fringe player for the Gunners this season, said the club lacks strong characters.

Denilson's comments risk destabilising Arsenal ahead of their FA Cup third round replay against Leeds, at a time when they are in contention for their first silverware since 2005.


"Fabregas is the captain but he is not a leader," said Denilson.

"It's a personality thing and a leader can be young. It's something they are born with.

"We are lacking leadership and we need leadership to go forward. There isn't a leader. I don't see one player as a leader.

"At Arsenal it's more of a collective team at the moment, everyone is talking - but a leader is always important for a team."

Fabregas attempted to defuse the situation on his Twitter account, writing: "Abt (sic) what Deni said. I've been in his situation before, just a misunderstanding. Now lets win tonite! (sic)."

Fabregas also attached a picture of the duo as they travelled on the train up to Leeds, both players all smiles and giving the thumbs up.

The Spaniard criticised Denilson after the first meeting between Arsenal and Leeds, when Denilson conceded a penalty in the 2-2 draw.

He said: "They scored from a penalty that, at this stage when you are a professional footballer you cannot give away this type of penalty so easily".

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this has no doubt been blown out of proportion but it is never the less correct, Cesc isn't a leader.
LOL That is funny coming from denilson. Slowest brazilian ever born !
A leader is someone like Terry or Neville, born natural in their blood and Cesc isen't that. I would think Vermaelen is more of a natural leader than Fabregas.
no doubt he made cesc captain to make him stay

I would have thought so, the same reason maybe Blackburn have now made Samba captain. I personly thought they should have got rid of him in the summer.
I feel like the general mood of this thread is restrained guys that afraid of not winning the title?
I feel like the general mood of this thread is restrained guys that afraid of not winning the title?

Yer thats what it is:'(

Im pretty resigned to the fact that Chelsea wont win the league anyway.
Once again, it's the sun completely mistranslating what was quite a good story. Denilson commended all of his team mates, including Fabregas. The only thing he did say was that he liked a captain that motivated players, similar to that of Sol Campbell. Where as Cesc 'leads by example' which is quite Gerrard-esk. I think it's a sad time we live in if a player can't say what he thinks. He wasn't blasting Cesc, far from it. He was just voicing his opinion to Arsenal Brasil, but unfortunatley those swines at The Sun got hold of the interview, and twisted the story this way and that. C'MON YOU GUNNERS!
Fabregas isn't a leader but he does wear the captains armband with pride. No doubt that this story has been mistranslated though.
Vermaelen should seriously be made captain, he definitely has leadership qualities plus he already captains his national side.
Vermalen hasn't been around long enough and it definitely doesn't matter if he's can't get on the pitch. Cesc is the captain because he can make anyone look good on the pitch but off the pitch leadership is where he's lacking IMO it just doesn't seem like he's as committed as Terry is to Chelsea (who probably bleeds blue) for example. Tony Adams was probably the last great Arsenal leader/captain IMO
Cesc is not a leader and never will be, the last true leaders we had were Adams, Keown, Campbell and maybe Viera. The problem is Wenger who does not value the captain but puts it as "collective responsibility" which is bullshit. We need someone to organise the others
Fabregas is a great friend. When I said the team has no leadership I was pointing out that the Arsenal squad is made up of a very young group of players who sometimes need a more experienced person, like Gilberto Silva was for many years.

I’m a shy guy, I don’t like controversy and problems. I was misquoted. I spoke to [Cesc] Fabregas and everything is resolved. We are fighting for the English title and this will not damage our focus.

- Denilson's explanation.

Pathetic journalism tbh, They just twist the words as they want. No wonder Ferige was swearing at them last time at OT when finally he let media people in at OT.
I dont believe Fabregas is a leader either

Made captain for sure just to make him stay, he doesnt have that same raw passion like terry, vidic or neville have
He isn't a leader. Vermaelen is probably our most influential, even RvP is stronger than Cesc in that department I'd say. I'm becoming increasingly frustrated with Fabregas, doesn't even look as if he wants to be here anymore :(
Yeh, and people were blasting Balotelli for some quotes..that might be misleading/mistranslated. Stop believing in everything you read people.
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