Do Poms follow the SPL?

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If the SPL had similar amounts of sponsorship and TV deals as the EPL then it might be able to reach a similar level. Teams like Celtic have huge reputations worldwide and so with more money they would be able to compete with the likes of Arsenal. I also think that Scottish football might benefit by expanding the SPL to 18 or twenty teams so that their is more competition and they play more games.
Yup, it's the only way we would get any money in.
yeah i agree but the problem with more teams is that the gay teams like killie and st mirren wont agree to allowing more team in as its has already been proposed by the spl directors. the reason they object is that the sponsorship money from any tv deals etc. would have to be split amongst more team meaning less income, income that the lesser teams depend on a **** of a lot. but its retards that run the spl i mean surely they could go to sky for instance and propose a deal that would satisfy the financial need of maybe say 18 spl clubs. also the lesser clubs wont allow it to expand to 18 team because then they would only get to play the old firm twice in a season meaning a huge drop in gate receipts. there are alot of things in the way of making our league a better standard mainly the fucknuts that run it

but i agree that the only way forward is to somehow make it an 18 or 20 team league it would be far more interesting maybe not on a par with the prem or la liga but much better than it is now