Do you have any relatives that were footballers?

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Aug 19, 2010
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Just a little fun so yeah....

My Grandad says Peter Marinello is a long distance cousin of mine :D

Any others...?
My uncle Paul Holder was on the books at Spurs.. that's it I think.
People always said Steve Phillips was my cousin. That got very annoying.

I'm sure my Gran said someone in our family played for Rovers, Yeovil and Forest Green.
My 8 year old cousin play's for Plymouth Argyle academy ? XD
My Great Grandad played for East Stirlingshire and the Scottish Army teams
My Grandad played for Hibs,Yeovil and the Army
I had a trial at Sheffield boys once so i was nearly one and i was scouted by Barnsley but nothing happened :'( , as i didn't mention in my first 'Hello' post i am from London but live up in Sheffield
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THis isnt my relatives but...

My uncle, freinds, wifes dad is the guy who played for chelsea

John Dempsey
Mine and Harry's uncle had a long career with Bolton and also played for other teams such as County! :D


Here he is headbutting someone: [ame=""]YouTube - Stockport County VS Grimsby Town 89-90[/ame]

My uncle was at Chelsea but he had to stop playing football due to a serious injury.
Not really a relative but I'm on speaking terms with Adeola Akinbyi. He was rated 6th worst striker in PL history xD
[ame=""]YouTube - Kevin sheedy goal vs Liverpool (V sign to the kop!)[/ame]
my second cousin(dads cousin) is Kevin Sheedy, former Everton player and scorer of a pen in Italia 90 against Romania
[ame=""]YouTube - Kevin Sheedy Everton FC[/ame]
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