Do you watch footy for enterainment?

Why do you mainly watch Football

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Aug 19, 2010
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I was having a discussion with someone on a thread and he said the main reason people watched footy is normally to support their club.
I disagreed with this and said it was mainly for entertainment.

So whats your opinion......?
I watch football, nowadays, to see the tactical developments of teams, and their decisions to foil the opposition's methods in trying to grab a win, or defend until the end of the match. So yeah, it is for entertaiment. But this is on TV.

If it were in a stadium, then it would, obviously, be for my club. But mostly entertainment.

I watch my team to support them.
I watch the lieks of Barcelona, Real Madrid, Arsenal.. as neutrals, for entertainment.
I usually watch football to support my club, but if it's got the makings to be a decent game or there's a big side playing I'll watch it for entertainment.
I am loyal to my club but have to admit that the entertainment factor isn't always there :p......however I watch the English Premiership and Spanish La Liga for pure entertainment reasons
I watch every Chelsea game either on the TV or the Internet but i also watch every other game i can. I love Football and for me their is nothing else like football. If i cant sleep i have been known to watch from Japaneese football to Brazilian football to Argentinan football to even Uzbek football. I just love it.
Mainly to support my club as at Hillsborough it's never really 'entertaining'.
Well I mainly watch for entertainment not coz I support my local or anything...

The only reason I support United is coz wen I was small and got my 1st Fifa I always played with Man U and it stuck :p
I watch to support my club
but I enjoy watching all football- Lower league, different country love it all
just an all round footy fan
Pretty much as CJacko said. I'll watch every United game I can, and watch every other games if it's on. Just enjoy watching football full stop.

Why would you even be a football fan if you found it dull, though?
I support and Follow Chelsea and Borussia Dortmund on tv....and i record every Boca game which is on, plus Argentine highlight shows

But i do like to watch Highlight shows for the Italian League, French League, Spanish League, Russian League and Brazilian league just because i love football.

I also like to keep up to date with most leagues in Europe, especially the Slovakian league, but this is mainly reading reports on line
Mhmmm, both I guess, generally speaking, can't deny it's not always free flowing football at Ibrox, but to me there are few better feelings than seeing the net ripple with a Rangers goal :D Spanish football gives me the entertainment value that Rangers doesn't always provide; and if that doesn't work, then off to Broomfield I go to watch Airdrie get pumped :$
Bang on CJACKO. If there is football on, I'll watch it.
Of course it is entertainment, you wouldnt be watching 90 minuts of football if you didnt have a good time watching it...
Entertainment value. I am happy to watch any league in the world as long as it is an interesting match, although I will only stick out the full 90 minutes if it is either a good game to watch live, or if I support one of the clubs.
Entertainment. But sadly at Caley we are lacking of that.
Who would support a club if they weren't entertained by football?
I watch my club to support them but watch as much football as I can really because it entertains me.
I would say it's both for everybody, Unless someone can honestly say they only watch their own team play which I doubt very much. I watch Rangers games before I watch any other games (Although I gave my cousin my ticket to see us hammer Motherwell 6-0 as I watched Utd-City game the otherweek) But normally I would watch/Go to ibrox to see rangers I just forgot on this occasion. But I also watch the likes of Arsenal Vs Barca when on tv or whatever for entertainment as the tv is normally ****!

Sorry for rabbling on. Both though :p Watch my team but watch other games on tv