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Aug 11, 2009
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Ed's Chairman Game

Back in July, following a stroke of genious by Kris, the chairman game was born. Unfortunately, it was unable to continue due to an unbelievable amount of interest, which casued it to spiral out of control. Since then, a few attempts have been made to create a new game, but none have succeeded. I'm pretty sure that won't happen this time. :)
The basic rules are simple: you are the chairman of a randomly assaigned club. You determine how much money your manager has to spend on wages and transfers, and you control which manager you appoint and when he gets the sack.

The rules are as follows:

1. You may part with as many managers as you see fit,the financial and moral implications are on you.

2. When sacking a manager you must pay a contract settlement. This will be what remains on his contract. eg Jake sacks Roberto Mancini, He earns 2m a year and is on a four year contract. Jake would have to pay Mancini 8m to pay him off.

3. When approaching a new manager, you cannot just hire anyone. I will only accept realistic managerial bids, Make sure your club has a greater rep than the club of your target if your target is without a club, I will check his managerial rep. If it's unrealistic, he will reject you.

4. If you want to approach another club about there manager, contact them directly and negotiate a compensation fee. Once both parties have agreed, PM me and I will sort it out.

5. When offering a manager a contract, you will need to set his wages and contract length. You will need to offer him a greater or equal wage and a contract length.

6. Transfer and wage budgets are decided by you, offer too much and you could see your club in administration. I will not edit the finances on FM at all.

7. Once the game starts, PM me with your club name and assigned transfer and wage budgets. I will impliment your details into the game.

8. If you wish to sack your manager, PM me. I will then inform you of the costs to do so. If you wish to proceed, I will get it done and announce it on the thread.

9. I will provide Monthly game updates. Keep checking the thread to see how your side are doing.

10. I will not provide screenshots of individual players or tactics, I've got enough to do.

--Original thread--

Each club has a rep out of 10000, whilst each manager has a rep out of 200. Those of you good at maths will realise that multiplying 10000 by 0.02 will give you 200, so if you multiply your clubs rep by 0.02 that would be the maximum world rep your manager can be. You will have to offer similar or higher wages to those the manager is currently on. To hire or sack a manager, PM me and I'll confirm it. make sure you've checked that your request is realistic (see rules)

I'll be doing Premier League and Championship teams only, meaning there are 44 spaces. If there isn't enough interest, this could be lowered. You will be ramdomly assaigned a club, so don't bother saying you want Chelsea :) Only active and reliable members can enter. This is judged on post count and posts per day or even IRC regularity, so don't bother saying 'Just because I don't post doesn't mean I'm not active'. I will decide whether or not you are reliable enough :)
(Most of this was taken from other Chairman Games, mostly Kris and Jakes)

Post here if you're interested :)

Ed Syers
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I'm in, if possible ?

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I don't FULLY understand the budgets and stuff, but it'l work out later in the game I assume ;)
I'd like to take part, assuming it doesnt derail like the previous one's.
Is mine big enough mate ?

I have had 149 posts in 5 days on the forum with a 28.99 post per day ratio
I'd like to take part, assuming it doesnt derail like the previous one's.

In fact, I am in 3 auction games, think I should free the space up for someone else who hasn't gotten an invite to one of them. If you need a player coming the end, feel free to ask me.
Count me in if possible mate :D, I'll do my best to get the grasp of it pretty quickly.
First time i've ever saw the term 'stroke of genious' and 'Kris' placed together. I would love to take part. Let me know if you need a hand.

My advice is to limit this to Two league's max! You have no idea how much of a pain it becomes.