Ernie Allan Returns in "The True Journeyman"

Definitely going to keep my eye on this one.

Fantastic first season, hopefully the youngsters can produce the remarkable and get promotion!

Good luck for the rest if the season
Definitely going to keep my eye on this one.

Fantastic first season, hopefully the youngsters can produce the remarkable and get promotion!

Good luck for the rest if the season

Thanks for the comment mate. Glad you're enjoying the read....we're definitely in with a slim chance of promotion this year now!
March 2018


March 2018

Sunday 4th​ March 2018 (15:00)
National B Division
AS Veroia vs GAS Aiginiakos
Formation: 4-1-2-3 Wide
Lineup: Giagiozis, Kozakis, Stavropoulos, Damianakis, Oungialidis, Doris, Lazaridis, Bletsas (Laskaris 63), Bastianos (Litainas 63), Rooney, Zygeridis

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I fully expected to get the home win here against a club lingering 2nd​ from bottom in the table, but we made ****** hard work of it and definitely weren’t at our best! Dimitris Litainas really changed the game for us going forward, coming off the bench to score 2 goals!

The annual youth intake looks promising, with a supposed ‘golden generation’ being touted. A number of players have a potential 4 star player rating.

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A couple of the best players to join the club via the intake are Antonis Rantos and Lefteris Krinitsas.

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Saturday 10th​ March 2018 (15:00)
National B Division
MGS Apollon Kalamarias vs AS Veroia
Formation: 4-4-2 (Changed to 4-1-2-3 Wide at half time)
Lineup: Giagiozis, Kozakis, Stavropoulos, Damianakis, Oungialidis, Litainas (Bastianos 82), Laskaris, Bletsas, Yamoah (Doris 45), Rooney, Zygeridis (Offei 82)

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We weren’t competitive at all here. Even with a change of formation at half time, it didn’t spark us into life in the second half like I was hoping it would. However, we somehow still come away with the win after nicking a late goal to take the spoils. We have one man to thank for our points today and that’s goalkeeper Giagiozis who was outstanding between the sticks!

Sunday 18th​ March 2018 (15:00)
National B Division
AS Veroia vs GS Ergotelis
Formation: 4-1-2-3 Wide
Lineup: Giagiozis, Kozakis, Souliotis (Stavropoulos 62), Damianakis, Oungialidis, Doris, Laskaris, Bletsas, Litainas, Rooney (Yamoah 62), Zygeridis

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We’d beaten Ergotelis pretty comfortably at their place earlier in the season, and were able to repeat the feat here. A really good home performance from my lads and the result was never really in any doubt.

Dimitris Litainas has suffered an injury that will see him miss the rest of the current season. I really feel for the lad as he had just worked his way into my starting lineup and has produced some excellent performances lately and would have been a key figure over the last 7 or 8 games of the season!

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OK I’ll admit it….I am now thinking about the possibilities of promotion! After a perfect month of 3 wins from 3 games, we are 2nd​ in the table with only 7 games remaining! The title is well out of reach with Aris absolutely ******* it, but the runner up and promotion spot is well up for grabs with only really OFI Crete, Doxa Dramas and ourselves competing for it! Our final two games of the season…..OFI Crete and Doxa Dramas!!

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Player of the Month
Dimitris Litainas

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The winger has been in fantastic form this month, with two superb performances (and a mediocre one in between). He really turned the game Aiginiakos on it’s head and was almost solely responsible for that 3 points!

Only 3 games ahead of us again next month with the schedule in Greece proving to be extremely lenient on the legs of the players. Our record against these three teams from earlier in the season was 1 win, 1 draw and 1 loss. I feel that a repeat of that won’t be good enough to keep our current position of 2nd​ place and anything less than 2 wins from these 3 games could seriously harm our (completely unexpected) promotion challenge.

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That is a tight fight for the final promotion spot, especially when Doxa play there game in hand. Hopefully you can stay second
That is a tight fight for the final promotion spot, especially when Doxa play there game in hand. Hopefully you can stay second

It's tight and our final month of the season is an absolute killer on th3 fixture list! If we're gonna do it, it's gonna be the hard way!
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April 2018

April 2018

Sunday 1st​ April 2018 (15:00)
National B Division
Panachaiki GE vs AS Veroia
Formation: 4-1-2-3 Wide
Lineup: Giagiozis, Kozakis, Souliotis (Stavropoulos 54), Damianakis, Oungialidis, Doris, Laskaris, Bletsas, Bastianos, Rooney, Zygeridis (Yamoah 54)

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What amazing character my young team showed today to fight back from a goal down, not once, not twice, but three times! It wasn’t the win I was hoping for, but I’m incredibly proud of my lads for earning themselves a draw in this one!

The club is now subject of a potential takeover bid!

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Wankewai Rooney will miss the next 3 weeks of action after injuring himself lifting weights!

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Sunday 22nd​ April 2018 (15:00)
National B Division
AS Veroia vs AO Chania-Kissamikos
Formation: 4-1-2-3 Wide
Lineup: Giagiozis, Kozakis, Stavropoulos, Damianakis, Oungialidis, Doris, Laskaris, Bletsas, Bastianos, Yamoah, Zygeridis

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Chania are the only team to have put 4 goals past us this season as they inflicted a 4-2 loss on us earlier in the season, so we knew this was going to be tough. But as we forged into a 2-0 lead, we looked nailed on for revenge! However, it wasn’t to be and the lads let it clip between their fingers as Chania worked their way back into the game and we had to settle for the draw! 4 points dropped this month now and the promotion bid has taken a massive hit as Doxa Dramas and OFI Crete both win their games in hand and jump us in the table.

With 5 games remaining, AS Aris Salonika are already crowned champions of the National B Division. The pre season favourites cleaned up this year and have been dominant throughout the campaign with only 1 loss to their name in 28 games!

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With the promotion race heading into the last 5 games of the season, we have by far the toughest run in. We’ll play all of the top 3!! Doxa Dramas are currently in pole position and are the favourites to hold on to that 2nd​ promotion spot!

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Sunday 29th​ April 2018 (15:00)
National B Division
AE Karaiskakis Artas vs AS Veroia
Formation: 4-1-2-3 Wide
Lineup: Giagiozis, Kozakis, Stavropoulos, Damianakis, Oungialidis (Kapsalis 74), Doris, Laskaris (Lazaridis 74), Bletsas (Nyrlos 74), Bastianos, Yamoah, Zygeridis

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Our defending was absolutely atrocious in this game and it cost us dearly as Artas whack 4 past us….maybe I jinxed us by mentioning that Chania were the only team to score 4 past us this season in the previous match analysis. Either way, we just weren’t good enough at the back and this loss probably sees any chance of us gaining an unlikely promotion disappear.

The only good thing that did come from the Artas game was 16 year old prospect, Antonis Nyrlos, coming off the bench to make his debut for the club! He was fantastic and scored a cracker of a goal from just outside the box as well!

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Only 2 points taken from a possible 9 this month sees us fall away from the promotion race as OFI Crete and Doxa Dramas kept up their good form and forge ahead of us. It would seem that we are destined to finish 4th​ in the table this season, which right now feels disappointing, but I’d have given my right arm for that at the start of the year!

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Player of the Month
Alex Yamoah

View attachment 39869

Alex has stepped in for the injured Rooney this month and has given a really good account of himself down the left side, contributing with 2 assists and a goal in his 2 starts this month.

May will see us play our final 4 games as the season comes to a close. And it couldn’t possibly be any more difficult as we take on all of the top 3!

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May 2018

May 2018

Saturday 5th​ May 2018 (18:00)
National B Division
AS Veroia vs AS Aris Salonika
Formation: 4-4-2
Lineup: Giagiozis, Mexis, Stavropoulos, Damianakis, Oungialidis, Bastianos (Lazopoulos 59), Laskaris, Bletsas, Yamoah, Rooney (Offei 59), Zygeridis (Nyrlos 74)

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As expected, Aris walked all over us again. They really are head and shoulders above any team in this league and it’s no surprise to see them winning the division by such a wide margin! It’s a real struggle for anyone to compete with them on any level! On the plus side, we managed to keep the scoreline respectable and saved ourselves any embarrassment.

Sunday 13th​ May 2018 (18:00)
National B Division
GS Kallithea vs AS Veroia
Formation: 4-1-2-3 Wide
Lineup: Giagiozis, Kozakis, Stavropoulos, Damianakis, Oungialidis, Doris, Lazaridis (Nyrlos 59), Bletsas, Bastianos (Offei 68), Yamoah, Rooney (Zygeridis 59)

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A poor performance and a poor result in what was probably our most winnable game this month on paper. We’ve really bottled it in the final stage of the season and I think the prospect of promotion has got to this young team and they have completely lost their way as the pressure has mounted.

Sunday 20th​ May 2018 (18:00)
National B Division
AS Veroia vs GS Doxa Dramas
Formation: 4-4-2
Lineup: Giagiozis, Kozakis, Stavropoulos, Damianakis, Oungialidis, Bastianos, Lazaridis, Bletsas, Yamoah, Rooney, Zygeridis

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Our poor run of form continued as we were beaten by Dramas who fought back from 1-0 down to win the game in the final 12 minutes. Not a disgraceful performance, but we really are ending the season on a low.

We’ve had some good unbeaten runs this season, but this is a record we really didn’t want to set.

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Sunday 27th​ May 2018
National B Division
OFI Crete vs AS Veroia
Formation: 4-4-2
Lineup: Giagiozis, Kozakis, Stavropoulos, Damianakis, Oungialidis, Bastianos, Lazaridis (Laskaris 62), Bletsas, Yamoah (Lazapoulos 62), Rooney, Zygeridis

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After our run of form in the final stretch of the season, this was probably the least confident I was going into any game all year. That lack of confidence was not misplaced as we were overrun by our stronger opponents who romped to a comfortable victory on the final day of the season!

A measly £49k will be added to the bank balance for our participation in the National B Division this year!

View attachment 39862

With 4 defeats from 4 games in the final month of the season, we finish in 5th​! We really gave a fantastic account of ourselves this season and put to bed any pre season predictions which had us pegged for nailed on relegation, with most expecting us to finish rock bottom! Unfortunately, at the end of the day, we just weren’t strong enough to compete with the better sides in the league, but I think we can still be immensely proud of what we have achieved this year!

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Player of the Month
Alex Yamoah

View attachment 39860

May was a very tough month where the whole team struggled, with no individual player shining. Yamoah takes back to back player of the month awards as he was one of the only players to maintain a half decent standard throughout all 4 games.

Well, that’s a turn up for the books as I win the Manager of the Year award, and shows what a great achievement it was for us to finish 5th​ this year! That surely has to raise my profile and make some slightly bigger clubs aware of me.

View attachment 39859

Top goalscorer, Makis Zygeridis, picks up the fan’s player of the year and was probably the most obvious choice. Alex Yamoah probably brought himself more into contention in the back end of the season with some consistent performances through April and May.

View attachment 39858

The media give us the praise we deserve!

View attachment 39857

And I’d have been disappointed if the board were anything less than delighted with my performance!

View attachment 39856

Looking over the whole squad this season, it’s obvious to see that I had a back 4 I wanted to play in every game if possible. It was goalkeeper Giagiozis and centre back Charalabos Damianakis who played all 35 games this year in cup and league competitions. Zygeridis was our top goalscorer by a **** of a long way and it seems without him, we might have struggled for goals as 2nd​ in the list was Rooney and Bastianos with only 7 each. Assists mainly came from the wide midfield players as Rooney and Bastianos again led the way with 12 and 8 respectively. Individual player performances on the whole, could have been better, with most of the team recording an average match rating under 7.0.

View attachment 39855

The club come to me with proposals to discuss a new contract. However, I decline the opportunity to sit down with them at this point for three main reasons…. 1 - There is a lot of uncertainty at the club at present with a takeover seemingly imminent. 2 – The financial situation here at the moment is absolutely terrible and the club have no funds to send me on any coaching badges to further my own progression. And 3 – After an outstanding performance as manager in my first season and winning the Manager of the Year award, I kind of wanna see if any slightly bigger clubs come in for me.

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Shame that the team didn't get promotion. Looks like a move away would be better. There has to be some options out there
June 2018

June 2018

At the start of June, I had a look at the leagues I am running in this save. As I have now bagged my first job in management (and hopefully increased my profile in the game a tiny bit), I decided to remove some of the other ‘lesser’ leagues and added the likes of Germany, Romania and Switzerland. The changes will all come into effect later this month.

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The commercial summary looks decent with everything on the rise this year.

View attachment 39852

With no money in the bank, it’s not surprising that no funds have been allocated for next season’s transfer budget. More worryingly though, we only have £7.7k allocated for wage budget but are currently spending over £9k per week!

View attachment 39851

The Greek National B Division has grown in stature over the past year and risen 8 places to 52nd​ in the European competition rankings.

View attachment 39850

**** right we were the biggest overachievers in the league this year!

View attachment 39849

They’ll only be 16 teams competing in the National B Division next season!

View attachment 39848

Four of our first five games next season will be against new sides that we didn’t play this year.

View attachment 39847

The impending takeover of the club has now been completed and although the club’s finances have been restructured and the bank balance no longer reads in the negative, it worries me that the first thing the new chairman has done is take out a sizeable bank loan!

View attachment 39846

The new chairman has invited me to have contract talks, with only a week and a half left on my current deal. Again, I decline as I have put in an application for the vacant manager post at German Third Division club, Chemnitzer FC.

View attachment 39845

View attachment 39844

After 7 days of not hearing anything, I was starting to worry that Chemnitzer had overlooked me for their manager’s job! But then came the invite to relay my fears and I attend an interview with the German club.

View attachment 39843

And I must have impressed at interview as it doesn’t take long for them to offer me the job! I sign a 2 year deal with the club and get myself a £2,000 per week pay rise in the process! Off to Germany I go!

View attachment 39842

View attachment 39841

Good luck at Chemnitz probably best to move on from Veroia given the circumstance
Great Pay rise - Germany won't know what'***** them

Cheers mate. I'm looking forward to it!

Good luck at Chemnitz probably best to move on from Veroia given the circumstance

Yea I couldn't see us bettering what we did last season with such limited resources! Built my reputation enough to move on though which is always the main aim at your first club!

Congrats on the new job!

Cheers fella
Chemnitzer FC


Chemnitzer FC

Chemnitzer FC are a German professional football club, based in the city of Chemnitz. The club was founded in 1966 and are currently playing their football in the German Third Division.

View attachment 39557

This move definitely represents a step up for me as my new club are valued at over £3 million, 12 times more than AS Veroia. They also have better training and youth facilities too!

View attachment 39556

The club’s stadium is also more than twice the size of my previous ‘home’. Chemnitzer FC play their home games at the 15,000 capacity Stadion an der Gellertsrabe. We’ll also now have the luxury of under soil heating, something I never had at Veroia.


I tentatively open the club’s finances page, hoping and praying to see a positive balance. In Greece, I had a year of a debt stricken club with no budgets available and under a transfer embargo, so I was really hoping for something better here! So you can imagine my delight when I saw the club has over £1 million safely tucked away in the bank, has no bank loans or debt, and is currently underspending on their wage budget. Yes there is no money for transfers, but I can live with that for now.

View attachment 39555

The trophy cabinet is mostly empty with only 3 titles from the regional leagues in Germany. This is a club that has risen through the ranks in the lower divisions, but still has a long way to go to reach full potential The highest the club have ever been in German football was the 2.Bundesliga (2nd​ tier) back in 1999-2001.

View attachment 39554

View attachment 39553

As I have a look over the crop of players I’ve inherited, I’m not surprised to see an abundance of German players in the team. Amongst them, we have 1 Turk, 1 Fin and 1 Ukrainian. First thing I notice is that I have some experience in this team!! Three players in their 30s is something I’m not used to…..although saying that, managing anyone over the age of 22 is not something I’m used to! I’ve got a pretty big squad here with players who can cover most areas on the pitch, so it will take a complete evaluation of them all for me to work out my best team, and if there are any areas I need to immediately improve.

View attachment 39552

As for now, let’s take a look at the 3 best players at my disposal.

View attachment 39551

View attachment 39550

View attachment 39549

One thing I am quite surprised about is the lack of support I have from the team on my appointment. I thought I might have done enough in Greece to at least gain a little respect from these players, but it seems they are not best pleased with the situation and I’m going to have to win them over.

View attachment 39548

I’ll be playing around with tactics throughout pre season and will update you on that in a future post before the season kicks off. This is a list of the friendlies we have lined up over the coming month before we get stuck into the competitive action.

View attachment 39547

Just caught up with it all, no suprise to see you're doing well. Good luck in Germany - Frahn looks a beast for that level of football! must say i'm a huge fan of the Chemnitzer kits too
Just caught up with it all, no suprise to see you're doing well. Good luck in Germany - Frahn looks a beast for that level of football! must say i'm a huge fan of the Chemnitzer kits too

Cheers for reading mate! I'm with you on that one fella, the kits look great! And as for Frahn, he is going to be a major part of any success we have this season I feel! I just need to hope the bigger clubs stay away and don't come in for him during my first window as I don't want his head turned before I even get a chance to see what he can do!
Interesting challenge in Germany, can't say I can recall you having a negative reaction with the players when taking over a club on your other saves. looking forward to seeing how it goes!