Ernie Allan Returns in "The True Journeyman"

I was genuinely surprised and thought I might get a warmer welcome than that!
Interesting challenge in Germany, can't say I can recall you having a negative reaction with the players when taking over a club on your other saves. looking forward to seeing how it goes!

I was genuinely surprised. Thought I'd get a warmer welcome than that!
July 2018


[FONT=&quot]July 2018

It’s straight down to business on my second day in the job as the board send me their expectations for the upcoming season. They want a top half finish in the league and for us to reach the first round of the German Cup…..I’m assuming there is qualifying/preliminary rounds to play in this case.

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I immediately tried to take advantage of the fact I’m at a club with a decent financial situation and ask them to fund my first coaching badge. To my surprise though, the request was rejected as the new chairman feels the team need my presence at training. I’ll try again later in the season!

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After looking through my squad, there were a couple of players that I deemed surplus to requirements this year, so stuck them up for transfer. Alexander Dartsch and Marcus Mlynikowski have both left the club to join Berliner AK and Bautzen respectively.

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My next task was to ask the board to go find me a senior affiliate club from where we can get some extra income and the opportunity to loan some good youngsters (hopefully). They didn’t disappoint and came back with several options including Mainz, Stuttgart and Hamburg. But it’s Leverkusen that I’ve chosen for us to partner with.

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Although we are 1 day into August, I’ve included the next couple of updates on July’s post so that we start August with competitive football. I have to say I’m pretty pleased with the pre season campaign. Only 1 loss to our name and that was against Bundesliga side Braunschweig. Excellent results against the likes of Chievo and Girona set us up nicely for the start of the competitive campaign.

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After playing our friendlies, I’ve settled on two formations for the start of the season. The first is a 4-4-2 Deep with two DMs supporting some attacking wide men. I noticed that when we are playing on longer pitches though, we seemed to have too much of a gap to the two front men, so I have also adapted the tactic slightly into a 4-2-2-1-1 Asymetric which seems to be doing well for us as well. As always, player roles and team instructions change depending on our opponent and who is playing for us. I also adapt things depending on the opposition instructions I set up.

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Checking out the pre season preview, we’re predicted by the bookies to finish 13th​ in the table. Closer to the bottom than the top, but the league is extremely tight with our odds to win the title being only 35-1! Bremen’s second string are favourites to win the league, and if they do they won’t be allowed to go up, meaning they’ll be an extra spot available for promotion! In this division, top 2 go up automatically and 3rd​ placed goes in a playoff with the bottom teams from the league above. The media’s dream 11 is made up almost entirely of Bremem II and Kiel players! Kiel are quite clearly going to be dangerous down the wings with their players taking up the RB, LB, AMR and AML spots!

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August will see the competitive stuff begin and it’s going to be a hectic start with 5 league games lined up! We’ll also play Second Division side Ingolstadt in the 1st​ round of the German Cup! Turns out there are no preliminary rounds for us to play, it’s just that my board have absolutely no expectation whatsoever in the cup!

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Great to see you've moved on so quickly, and to Germany as well. Hopefully being able to sign players that aren't still in nappies will help you progress.
August 2018


August 2018

Ernie Allan’s first game in charge of Chemnitzer FC is just around the corner and the anticipation mounts…

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That Leverkusen affiliation has come in handy as I add 19 year old attacking midfielder Sam Schreck to the squad for the season on loan. A ****** good addition and the youngster will surely get plenty of game time with us this year.

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As I went to pick submit my team for the first game of the season, I was presented with a slight problem. A rule that I wasn’t aware of that will dramatically effect team selections throughout the season.

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Saturday 4th​ August 2018 (14:00)
German Third Division
SpVgg Unterhaching vs Chemnitzer FC
Formation: 4-2-2-1-1 Asymetric (Changed to 4-2-3-1 Deep in 76 minutes)
Lineup: Kunz, Leutenecker (Scheffel 70), Hoffmann, Endres, Koch, Dem, Reinhardt, Baumgart, Aydin, Trinks (Grote 76), Frahn

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Well the German chapter of my career couldn’t have started in more entertaining fashion really, but the most important thing is that we get the win and I kick off my time at Chemnitzer with a win. Daniel Frahn showed just how important he might be to our season with 2 goals on the opening day!

Wednesday 8th​ August 2018 (19:00)
German Third Division
Chemnitzer FC vs Berliner AK
Formation: 4-2-2-1-1 Asymetric
Lineup: Kunz, Leutenecker, Hoffmann, Endres, Koch, Dem, Reinhardt, Baumgart, Aydin (Schreck 67), Trinks, Frahn (Slavov 67)

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Our first home game of the season results in a victory making it back to back wins at the start of the season. Julius Reinhardt was phenomenal in this game and capped off a wonderful performance with two good goals as well!

Lotte are in the league above us and their manager turned up at the Berliner game to have a closer look at our star striker, Daniel Frahn. Luckily, he had an absolute shocker and missed a penalty, so hopefully that will put off Golombek from making a bid.

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Saturday 11th​ August 2018 (14:00)
German Third Division
Regensburg vs Chemnitzer FC
Formation: 4-2-2-1-1 Asymetric (Changed to 4-2-2-2 Deep on 70 minutes)
Lineup: Kunz, Leutenecker (Scheffel 81), Endres, Hoffman, Koch, Dem, Reinhardt, Baumgart, Kluft (Schreck 53), Trinks (Slavov 70), Frahn

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This was always going to be a stern test for us with Regensburg predicted a top 3 finish this season. But we gave them a good game and really should have come away with at least a point here after our strikers had an absolute nightmare, missing a number of sitters! After such a promising opener, Daniel Frahn has been incredibly poor in the two games since! He should have had a hat trick today, missing 3 clear cut opportunities to score. I begin to wonder if his head is being turned by the interest from German Second Division side, Lotte.

My arrival at the club has not prompted any more fans to come watch us play this season. Maybe the fans are as underwhelmed with my appointment as my players.

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Florian Trinks picks up an injury. It may only be a minor one, but we have two games in the next week and he’ll now miss them both.

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Sunday 19th​ August 2018 (15:30)
German Cup 1st​ Round
Chemnitzer FC vs Ingolstadt
Formation: 4-2-2-1-1 Asymetric
Lineup: Kunz, Scheffel, Endres (Bachmann 45), Hoffman, Koch, Dem (Grote 45), Reinhardt, Baumgart, Kluft, Schreck (Aydin 60), Slavov

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We’d drawn one of the best teams from the German Second Division for the first round of the cup and with a league game only 2 days after, I decided to rotate a little and make changes at half time to try to keep some of my players fresh. It was a risk I was prepared to take against the higher division team, and although we lost the game, we certainly weren’t disgraced with our performance. Worryingly, we did miss a few chances again and our attackers seem devoid of confidence at the moment.

Tuesday 21st​ August 2018 (18:30)
German Third Division
Chemnitzer FC vs Aalen
Formation: 4-2-2-1-1 Asymetric
Lineup: Kunz, Leutenecker, Endres, Hoffman, Koch (Sumusalo 70), Dem, Reinhardt, Baumgart, Aydin, Schreck (Kluft 70), Slavov

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That’s two wins from two home games in the league! A good start and if we can make our home a fortress this season, then we have a good chance of a successful campaign.

Saturday 25th​ August 2018 (14:00)
German Third Division
Bremen II vs Chemnitzer FC
Formation: 4-2-2-1-1 Asymetric
Lineup: Kunz, Leutenecker, Endres, Hoffman, Sumusalo (Koch 61), Dem, Reinhardt, Baumgart, Aydin, Schreck (Trinks 67), Slavov (Frahn 84)

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Bremen II were the pre season favourites to win this division, but they’d made an awful start to the campaign, failing to win any of their first four games! And we extended that winless run to 5 games with a solid away victory here!

A very good start to the league campaign sees us sitting 3rd​ in the table after winning 4 of our opening 5 games. The only team to beat us was the only team who remain unbeaten in the league, Regensburg.

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Player of the Month
Tom Baumgart

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The young winger has made a consistent start to the season, with some solid performances in all of his games this month. A couple of assists and a goal contributed to the team’s efforts going forward and he really looks a danger down the right side every time he gets the ball.

Another six games coming up in a busy September. We’ll be looking to get a win against Zwickau on my birthday. In and around that game, we’ll play a few sides that have made decent starts to their campaigns and sit in the top half of the table early on.

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September 2018


September 2018

The Summer transfer window came to a close and it was Munster who were the most active side in our division, adding no less than 10 players to their ranks. The biggest spenders were struggling Unterhaching, forking out a whopping £76k on new players. It was central defenders who dominated the headlines for the ‘major transfers’ in the division.

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Sunday 2nd​ September 2018 (14:00)
German Third Division
Chemnitzer FC vs Erfurt
Formation: 4-2-2-1-1 Asymetric
Lineup: Kunz, Leutenecker, Endres, Hoffman, Sumusalo, Dem (Grote 68), Reinhardt, Baumgart, Aydin (Trinks 63), Schreck, Frahn

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Erfurt had only won 1 of their opening 5 games in the league, so I expected us to get the win here….and we did pretty comfortably to be fair. The result was never really in doubt as we dominated from start to finish. Daniel Frahn was handed another opportunity as he made his return to the starting lineup, and rewarded my decision with a great early goal to get us on our way.

Wednesday 5th​ September 2018 (19:00)
German Third Division
Paderborn vs Chemnitzer FC
Formation: 4-2-2-1-1 Asymetric (Changed to 4-4-2 Deep on 88 minutes)
Lineup: Kunz, Leutenecker, Endres, Hoffman, Sumusalo, Dem, Reinhardt, Baumgart (Hansch 81), Aydin (Slavov 88), Trinks (Schreck 81), Frahn

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This was a tight game throughout, even when they went down to 10 men. After we got the goal to put ourselves in front, I thought we’d go on to win the game, so was disappointed to concede an equalizer when we had the extra man…..although it was a cracking strike from Sven Michel to earn Paderborn a point.

Saturday 15th​ September 2018 (14:00)
German Third Division
Chemnitzer FC vs Holstein Kiel
Formation: 4-2-2-1-1 Asymetric
Lineup: Kunz, Leutenecker, Endres, Hoffman, Koch, Dem, Reinhardt, Baumgart, Aydin, Trinks (Schreck 69), Frahn (Slavov 69)

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Kiel were one of the pre season favourites to go up, or even win the title, but had made an indifferent start to the campaign sitting 11th​ in the table after the opening 7 games. And we definitely should have beaten them here, but again my team struggle to take their chances….we created 4 clear cut opportunities, all were missed! There goes our unbeaten home record in the league and we have nobody but ourselves to blame!

Virtually the entire squad is ****** off with me! Left back Mikko Sumusalo has come to me asking for more first team football, but when I’ve played him this season, he’s been absolutely shocking! So I told him he’ll have to remain patient and the little **** has gone off and riled up the rest of the squad about it! We sit down and I tried to explain to the squad that he hadn’t been good enough in the games he has played, but they didn’t accept my reasoning and most of them are demanding he be picked! I won’t be dictated to by my players and they need to realise I am the boss, but it certainly looks like I’ve got a mini revolt on my hands for the time being.

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I also make it clear to the press that the full back will have to remain patient and I won’t be giving in to his demands! I’m holding my ground on this one!

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Tuesday 18th​ September 2018 (18:30)
German Third Division
Chemnitzer FC vs FSV Zwickau
Formation: 4-2-2-1-1 Asymetric
Lineup: Kunz, Leutenecker, Bachmann, Endres, Koch, Dem (Grote 62), Reinhardt, Baumgart, Aydin, Schreck, Slavov (Hansch 62)

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Zwickau are our fiercest rivals, so it wasn’t ideal that I had a team of ****** off players. Some of the bigger trouble makers were dropped including Frahn, Trinks and Hoffman, whilst I rewarded the likes of Bachmann and Slavov with starts as they had supported me in the recent conflict! And the squad I went with got the job done, and they got it done well. We dominated this game against our rivals and sent the fans home happy with a big 3 points! Hopefully, some of my players who were dropped will have learnt a lesson not to underestimate me either.

Saturday 22nd​ September 2018 (14:00)
German Third Division
Fortuna Koln vs
Chemnitzer FC
Formation: 4-2-2-1-1 Asymetric
Lineup: Kunz, Leutenecker, Bachmann, Endres, Koch, Dem (Grote 67), Reinhardt, Baumgart, Aydin, Schreck, Slavov (Hansch 67)

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I went with the same starting lineup that had beaten Zwickau in the previous game, but this time it didn’t pay off. We were narrowly beaten in a close game that could have gone either way.

Sunday 30th​ September 2018 (14:00)
German Third Division
Chemnitzer FC vs Munster
Formation: 4-2-2-1-1 Asymetric
Lineup: Kunz, Leutenecker, Bachmann, Endres, Koch, Reinhardt, Dem, Baumgart (Hansch 78), Aydin, Schreck, Slavov (Frahn 78)

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Really good, all round performance from the lads. Probably our best yet, since I took over as manager!

A decent, if unspectacular, month keeps us in the top 4! Things are tight in the top half though with only 7 points separating 1st​ to 8th​. Down at the other end though, things look pretty awful for Drochtersen and their fans will already be fearing the worst.

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Player of the Month
Tom Baumgart

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The young winger picks up back to back Player of the Month awards from me. Does this lad ever have a bad game?!

There’s a little bit of a let up in the schedule, so October only sees us play 3 games. We’ll have a tough one against Munchen Lions but our other two games are against teams in the bottom 3 so we have the potential to have a good month!

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October 2018


October 2018

Clearly I have some troublemakers in this squad! The team come to me again with no less than 12 of my players saying that they feel I’ve lost the dressing room and they’re unhappy! The ringleader seems to be Marcus Hoffmann – a player I made my vice captain when I took over…..disloyal ******! It’s safe to say he may have played his final game for the club! Anyway, I attended the meeting and managed to turn the squad around with every player in attendance saying they were happy to see it out and see if things get better. We’ll have to wait and see…

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Sunday 7th​ October 2018 (14:00)
German Third Division
SV Wehen Wiesbaden vs Chemnitzer FC
Formation: 4-2-2-1-1 Asymetric
Lineup: Kunz, Leutenecker, Bachmann, Endres, Koch, Reinhardt, Dem, Baumgart, Aydin, Schreck (Trinks 85), Slavov (Frahn 85)

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This was a really bad result against a side residing in the bottom 3 at kick off. We struggled to create decent chances in this game, with my attacking players lacking composure and taking far too many long hopeful shots rather than working the ball in the box for more clear cut opportunities.

Saturday 20th​ October 2018 (14:00)
German Third Division
Chemnitzer FC vs Munchen Lions
Formation: 4-2-2-1-1 Asymetric
Lineup: Kunz, Leutenecker, Bachmann (Trapp 64), Endres, Koch, Reinhardt, Dem, Baumgart, Aydin, Trinks, Frahn (Slavov 64)

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The lads bounced back perfectly here and record a good home win against a decent side. Munchen Lions were above us in the table at kick off and we leapfrog them with this victory. It was Myroslav Slavov that had a major impact from the bench today, coming on to score two goals! Late on, he could have even sealed a hat trick but missed a free header from close range.

Saturday 27th​ October 2018 (14:00)
German Third Division
SV Drochtersen vs Chemnitzer FC
Formation: 4-2-2-2 Deep (Changed to 4-2-2-1-1 Asymetric on 64 minutes)
Lineup: Kunz, Scheffel, Endres, Trapp (Bachmann 68), Koch, Reinhardt, Dem, Baumgart, Kluft (Aydin 64), Slavov (Trinks 64), Frahn

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We are turning into one of them home and away sides….great at home and **** away! This was ******* awful as we hand Drochtersen their first win of the season! We were really terrible and this result is simply unacceptable!

The board again reject my request to go on a coaching course! Not happy!

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To try to ensure that I can be excused from training in the future to attend a coaching course, I ask the board if we can increase the number of coaches at the club, which thankfully they accept. Now, surely there is no excuse for me not to be allowed to go on a course when I’m next given the option (in about 3 months most likely).

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And that new coach I have brought in is Arsenal legend, Fredrik Ljungberg.

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A poor month for us as we lose two of our three games and it sees us drop off the pace a little. We remain in the top 6 and well on course to achieve our target of a top half finish, but we’ll have to put this form right ASAP if we want to keep tabs on the top 5.

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Player of the Month
Tom Baugmart

View attachment 39351

Yep, it’s that man again! I’m wondering if I’ll be able to give a Player of the Month to any other player all season?!

Another quiet month in November with only 3 games scheduled. Luckily, with our dire away form at the moment, two of next month’s games are at home!

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November 2018


November 2018

Friday 2nd​ November 2018 (19:00)
German Third Division
Chemnitzer FC vs Magdeburg
Formation: 4-2-2-1-1 Asymetric (Changed to 4-4-2 on 68 minutes, changed to 5-4-1 on 81 minutes)
Lineup: Kunz, Leutenecker, Bachmann, Endres, Koch, Reinhardt (Slavov 68), Dem, Baumgart, Aydin, Trinks, Frahn (Mbende 81)

View attachment 39274

A real ding dong battle this one….we went ahead, then they went ahead, then we went ahead again….and then we hung on for dear life to claim the win and all 3 points! It’s such a shame we are so **** away from home at the moment because we look like a real force at home!

Friday 9th​ November 2018 (19:00)
German Third Division
Jena vs Chemnitzer FC
Formation: Flat 4-4-2 (Changed to 4-2-2-1-1 Asymetric on 25 minutes)
Lineup: Kunz, Leutenecker, Bachmann, Endres, Koch (Scheffel 45), Baumgart, Trinks (Schreck 76), Dem, Aydin, Slavov (Reinhardt 25), Frahn

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We’re so **** away from home! Even when it looks like we’re going to record a win, we go and throw it away in the final minute of the game. Although their goal did have a massive shout for offside on it and I think they were very lucky for it to stand! But we can’t complain as we caused the problem for ourselves and it was a defensive error from Bachmann which let them in, in the first place.

Left back, Jan Koch, is going to be of action for nearly a year with a major injury! However, that doesn’t mean I’m prepared to give that ******, Mikko Sumusalo, any game time. He’ll continue to rot in the U19s squad!

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During the two week break between games, I decided to go have a look at how my old club AS Veroia were getting on. Struggling was probably the best way to describe it as they sit in the relegation places, 9 games into their season, with only 1 win to their name.

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Saturday 24th​ November 2018 (14:00)
German Third Division
Chemnitzer FC vs FC Wurzburger Kickers
Formation: 4-2-2-1-1 Asymetric
Lineup: Kunz, Leutenecker, Mbende, Endres, Trapp, Reinhardt, Dem, Baumgart (Hansch 70), Aydin (Schreck 70), Trinks, Frahn (Slavov 70)

View attachment 39270

Only our 2nd​ home defeat of the season and there’s no shame in it. Wurzburg went top of the league with this win and based on this performance, are definitely one of the best sides we’ve played this year without a doubt.

We took a win, a draw and a loss from our 3 games this month, which is enough to keep us in the top 6. However, a string of good results could easily move us into the top 3! Equally, a string of bad results could easily see us drop out of the top 10!

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Player of the Month
Daniel Frahn

View attachment 39268

For the first time this season, it’s not Tom Baumgart who wins the player of the month. For November, it was striker Daniel Frahn who played extremely well in 2 of his 3 appearances this month, scoring 2 goals and bagging an assist along the way!

Four games before Christmas next month and then we go on the Winter break for a month! Two away games and two at home and with our form being very indifferent over the past couple of months, it would be good to string together some good results before the break to keep us in touch with the top 3.

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December 2018


December 2018

Saturday 1st​ December 2018 (14:00)
German Third Division
VfL Osnabruck vs Chemnitzer FC
Formation: 4-2-2-1-1 Asymetric
Lineup: Kunz, Leutenecker, Mbende, Endres, Grote, Reinhardt, Dem, Baumgart, Aydin, Trinks (Schreck 81), Frahn (Slavov 81)

View attachment 39257

For **** sake!! How the **** did we not win this game!! We were 2-0 up with 6 minutes remaining and end up having to settle for a draw!! No excuses for that - I’m absolutely livid!!

Friday 7th​ December 2018 (19:00)
German Third Division
Chemnitzer FC vs Hallescher FC
Formation: 4-2-2-1-1 Asymetric (Changed to 5-2-3 Wide at half time)
Lineup: Kunz, Leutenecker, Mbende (Bachmann 79), Endres, Grote, Reinhardt, Dem, Baumgart, Aydin, Trinks (Breitfelder 79), Frahn (Slavov 45)

View attachment 39253

Absolutely awful! My team look completely devoid of confidence at the moment and can’t even string two passes together! I tried to shake things up at half time with a new formation, but they played even worse!

20 games into my Chemnitzer reign…

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Saturday 15th​ December 2018 (14:00)
German Third Division
Chemnitzer FC vs SpVgg Unterhaching
Formation: 4-3-2-1 Asymetric
Lineup: Kunz, Leutenecker, Endres, Hoffmann, Trapp, Baumgart, Dem, Reinhardt, Schreck, Aydin (Hansch 73), Frahn (Slavov 73)

View attachment 39250

******* disgraceful! This team is absolutely shocking….no effort, no passion, no determination! Needless to say, boots and bottles went flying in the changing room after the game!

In a shock move, Ernie Allan has resigned as manager of Chemnitzer FC following the dismal performance against Unterhaching. Allan stated that he’d become very disillusioned at Chemnitzer and in a very frank interview he said “Except for one or two lads who actually know what loyalty and respect is, they have a team of complete and utter c*nts at that club! They were out to get me from day one and when you’re trying to manage a team of useless arseholes like that who don’t even want to put any effort in on the pitch for you, it makes the job virtually impossible! As for the board of directors, they did nothing but hold me back and wouldn’t allow me to go on any sort of coaching course to develop myself as a manager whilst I was here, so **** them n’all. I would say I wish the team all the luck in the world…..but I really don’t!”

View attachment 39248

I’m keen to get back into management as soon as possible, so check out the current job market and fire off applications for Hapoel Ramat-Gan (Israel), Fortuna Koln (Germany), OFI Crete (Greece) and Vaduz (Switzerland).

View attachment 39247

Vaduz are the first to come back and tell me I’ve been unsuccessful for their job.

View attachment 39246

I won’t be off to Israel anytime soon either by the looks of it.

View attachment 39245

And it seems my reputation in Germany is somewhat tarnished…

View attachment 39244

And even in Greece where I started out and made a decent name for myself, I’m not wanted anymore! How could OFI Crete turn their back on last years National B Division manager of the year!

View attachment 39243

However, two more jobs in Greece come up and my applications go in…

View attachment 39242

View attachment 39241

But Xanthi are quick to reject me as well! Really?? After my heroics for AS Veroia I thought I’d have walked into a job in Greece!

View attachment 39240

Another two jobs in Israel come up, so the applications go off…

View attachment 39239

View attachment 39238

And another job in the Greek National B Division! We’re at the end of January now, so I’ll upload from here and pick things up again when I bag another job!

View attachment 39237

FC Bereza


FC Bereza

It’s been a torrid few months of plain rejection from a whole host of clubs across different leagues, in different countries! But I’m finally back and on 20th​ March 2019, took over at my new club FC Bereza – 2010! I've had to take a step back in salary and my new contract is only for 1 season and pays £500 per week!

View attachment 39233

Before we get onto that, here’s the list of clubs that rejected me along the way!

Iraklis Salonika – Greek National B Division – Rejected application
Hapoel Nir Ramat HaSharon – Israel Premier League – Rejected application
Hapoel Petach-Tikva – Israel National League – Rejected application
Smolevichi – Belarus Highest League – Rejected application
Panserraikos – Greek National B Division – Rejected application
Rodez Aveyron – French National – Rejected application
A.S Beziers – French National – Rejected application
Stade Lavallois – French National – Rejected application
FC Chiasso – Swiss Challenge League – Rejected application
PAS Giannina – Greek National B Division – Rejected application
GS Ergotelis – Greek National B Division – Rejected application
CS Sportul Snagov – Romanian Second League – Rejected application

So who are Bereza….a professional football club based in the city of Beryoza in Belarus! Formed in 1989, so a relatively new football club, they play their football in the Belarusian First League, which is the 2nd​ tier in Belarus! We’ve obviously taken a step back and this is probably the smallest club I’ve managed in my short career to date, but I’m still excited about the new challenge and hope I’ll have more cooperation from the board here, and more support from the players!

View attachment 39232

The club is valued at just shy of a quarter of a million pounds and don’t have the greatest training and youth facilities.

View attachment 39231

The stadium ain’t much cop! DYuSSh-1 has a tiny capacity of only 1,870!


They haven’t even built a trophy cabinet at this club yet…..because they’ve never won anything!

View attachment 39230

So let’s have a look at the squad! Dear, oh dear, it’s small and serious devoid of talented players! My assistant manager rates majority of my players here at only 1-2 stars and I’ll have to try to work some serious magic to get this bunch playing well! Everyone in the squad is of Belarusian nationality.

View attachment 39229

It’s quite easy to pick out the three best players in the squad….seeing as most of the players are *****!

View attachment 39228

View attachment 39227

View attachment 39226

More importantly though, the players are happy to have me here!!

View attachment 39225

And the club’s finances look decent for such a small club! Nearly £200k in the bank, a tiny little transfer budget and plenty of room for manoeuvre in the minuscule wage budget!

View attachment 39224

The board and I immediately get off on the right footing as they agree to fund my first ever coaching badge! Finally a club who match my own ambition and are willing to put their money where their mouth is!

View attachment 39223

The club have already played four of their pre season friendlies, winning one and losing the other three! With a few weeks to go until the season starts, I will look to set up at least a couple more for me to have a play with tactics and have a look at my team. It should also give me some time to search the market and see if I can get any new players in!

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Good luck in Belarus, good chance to start a fresh after Chemnitz especially with the players behind you this time.
Good luck in Belarus, good chance to start a fresh after Chemnitz especially with the players behind you this time.

Cheers mate! It's all part of the joy of a journeyman save.....The Chemnitz players were a complete bunch of wankers though!
Completely Lost My ****!

Evening guys - unfortunately this save is coming to an end slightly prematurely! Mainly down to the fact that I just nearly put my fist through my laptop, and when it's come to that point, it's definitely time to quit the save!

I played on another 2 and a half months, losing every single game as Bereza manager, including some pretty heft scorelines including a 6-1 and a 7-0! I was unsurprisingly fired and I genuinely feel like this journeyman save is going absolutely nowhere. It took me over 3 months to find this job and with my reputation now completely shattered, I fear it could take even longer to bag another one.....if at all!

I'm pretty ****** as this was meant to be my last save to take me through to the release of FM19 and there were times when I was really enjoying it! My time at AS Veroia was great and when I first moved to Chemnitzer, I was excited about where my career could go! However, from about 10 games into that job it's all be downhill at a pretty rapid rate and to do so shockingly **** so early in your career, with no coaching badges to back you up, you're pretty much fighting a losing battle!

One thing I want to say is that I appreciate all the likes and comments on this story, and I really hope you all join me in my new adventure and story to accompany it. This next one really is going to be my last before FM19! I am going to stick with the journeyman style but in a mini series which involves just the UK and Ireland! For any of you that have enjoyed my torment and failure in this story, please join me at my new story for some success and plenty of misery I'm sure!

You can find the new story here:

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