ESPN Journo picks a EPL Team


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Sep 19, 2005
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Its pretty amusing in parts, especially how he describes Spurs at one point as the Fredo of the London Clubs.
But it has a few other decent references, and a very happy and wise ending. :D

Also a few corrections he made incase it bugs you.

You knew I'd have some screw-ups in Wednesday's starting-from-scratch column about the English Premier League. Here were the biggies:

• Tottenham Hotspur's nickname is "Spurs," not "the Spurs." Nobody ever calls them "the Spurs." Unless you want to be a ******. Along those same lines, the term "EPL" is never used. Only "Premier League."

• Liverpool's main rivals are Everton and Manchester United.

• Newscastle is now sponsored by Northern Rock.

• Celeb update: Jay-Z is an Arsenal fan and James Lipton is a Spurs fan.

• Arsenal did win the Premier League in 1998 and 2002. Not sure how I screwed that up.

• The LeBron comparison for Theo Walcott didn't work -- Walcott hasn't played a single minute yet.

• Amazingly, I forgot to mention that Tottenham Hotspur's emblem is a **** and a ball.

• In my Godather/London analogy about the Premier League, Chelsea should have been Sonny, not Manchester United. Just a brainfart on my part.

• Multiple readers agree that Highbury (Arsenal's stadium) is more like Wrigley than Fenway.

• Wigan coach Paul Jewell wrote in himself to say, "I do not wear a trenchcoat on the sidelines, more often than not I wear a warm-up jacket. Sometimes a suit. Cheers!"

Enjoy, its a pretty good read, but also rather long.
Was a very good read, apart from he compared every team and player to an American baseball team :D
Couldn't be bothered reading all of it, only read the stuff about Liverpool. Pretty good though.