Oct 4, 2011
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Having completed the Pentagon Challenge (and doing many seasons over numerous saves) I want one more epic challenge to see me through to FM14 and I think I've found it.

The challenge is fairly simple:


There are, however, some notable restrictions:

- I can only cross one border at a time (eg Portugal > Spain > France)

- To cross a border I must win the top division in each country


To do so I have downloaded an extended league database with the likes of Luxembourg, Bosnia and Estonia all playable...

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The Trek:

2012/13MirandelaSecond DivisionPortugal1st3rd Rndn/a
2013/14MirandelaSecond LeaguePortugal3rd*5th Rndn/a
2013/14EstorilPremier LeaguePortugal6thn/an/a
2014/15EstorilPremier LeagePortugal5th3rd RndEL Playoff
2015/16EstorilPremier LeaguePortugal4thWinnersEL Playoff
2016/17EstorilPremier LeaguePortugal3rdRunners-up/ SemisEL 2nd Rnd
2017/18BragaPremier LeaguePortugal3rd*6th Rnd*EL Group Stage*
2017/18SportingPremier LeaguePortugal1STWinnersCL Quarter Final
2018/19SportingPremier LeaguePortugal1st*n/aCL 1st KO Rnd*
2018/19SevillaLa LigaSpain6thQuarter Finaln/a
2019/20SevillaLa LigaSpain1STWinnersEL Runners-up
2020/21Sant JuliaFirst DivisionAndorra1STWinnersn/a
2021/22NantesLigue 1France13thn/an/a
2022/23NantesLigue 1France4thCoupe de Ligue Winnersn/a
2023/24MarseilleLigue 1France2ndQuarter FinalEL Winners-
2024/25MarseilleLigue 1France1STWinners x2CL Winners
2025/26WormeldangeNational DivisionLuxembourg12thQuarter Finaln/a
2026/27WormeldangeNational DivisionLuxembourg1STRunners Upn/a
2027/28Zulte WaregemPro LeagueBelgium4thRunners Upn/a
2028/29Zulte WaregemPro LeagueBelgium---

* when I left

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Manager: A W4NKER
Nationality: PORTUGUESE

I started in Portugal and unemployed.

Only two jobs were available. The first at Santa Clara in the second tier and Mirandela in the third tier. I applied for both and as expected only Mirandela were interested, so the journey begins...


Stadium Capacity: 5,000

Training: AVERAGE
Junior Coaching: MINIMAL
Youth Requirement: LIMITED

In true European fashion I'm going to act as a 'head coach', leaving most of the non-coaching responsibilities to my staff.

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As my reputation grows and the trophies mount then I will earn the luxury of making my own transfers etc
Updates will just be mid-season and end-of-season unless there are developments on the job front

2012/13 - Mid Season

Incredibly we have stormed to the top of the league despite being pre-season relegation candidates. I doubt we will stay there for the rest of the season especially as our squad is barely 18 strong. A few injuries here and there and we will plummet and we have no budget to strengthen.

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There has been jobs becoming available in the divisions above but I'll finish the first season at Mirandela before I consider looking elsewhere
2012/13 End of Season


Against all the odds little Mirandela won the league and secured promotion to the second division for the first time in their history. Some wobbly results towards the end of the season threatened to derail all our hard work but we regrouped and held on in the end. This will do my reputation no harm at all and I will now keep an eye out for any higher reputation jobs.

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Next season will be tough and we will have to rely upon free transfers and loan signings if we are to avoid relegation.
2013/14 Mid Season Update

As expected I was given no budget at all to improve the squad and a few of our heros last season were loan signings who have since returned to the parent clubs. So our squad for the Second Division is pretty much free signings of player released by our division rivals.

Therefore I feared a season of pain and ultimately relegation and after losing our first three games I began to realise these fears. However we regrouped superbly and went on a sensational run that leaves us 3rd, two points off the playoffs and six from top spot.

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Our progress has not gone unnoticed as Naval came calling in November....

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... Whilst they are a much bigger club than us on paper they are in the same league as us and several places below us. I think I'll only leave for a First Division team or, at worst, a recently relegation First Division.

The Porto job also became available but I didn't even bother applying. My reputation is still only regional and Vilas-Boas was eventually appointed FCP manager.

Just after the Christmas break I was approached by Premier League side Estoril...

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...Considering I'm not going to get a Benfica or a Porto job anytime I'd be mad to turn this down.

Estoril sit fairly comfortably in mid table at the half way point of the season however they are over £2,000,000 in debt and the wage bill will be cut next season.

First things first though: securing our Premier League status and hopefully pushing up the table.

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League: Premier League
Stadium Capacity: 5,015

Training: GOOD
Youth: BASIC
Junior Coaching: AVERAGE
Youth Requirement: ABOVE AVERAGE
Nice story ! Can't stop laughing at you headline W4NKER WANTED :) keep it up fella
2013/14 - End of Season Update


Estoril took a gamble in appointing me as I am still a relative novice as a football manager but that gamble has paid off.

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Securing our Premier League status was the main aim but not only did we do that but we managed to steal a place in the Europa League next season!!

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A sensational run of form and Porto winning the Cup saw us claim the last European spot. This is great news for me as my reputation is now at national level but also the club as they were £2m in debt when I took over and hopefully a run in Europe can help us out financially.
The Trek:

2012/13MirandelaSecond DivisionPortugal1st3rd Rndn/a
2013/14MirandelaSecond LeaguePortugal3rd*5th Rndn/a
2013/14EstorilPremier LeaguePortugal6thn/an/a

*when I left
Finding it quite hard to sign players even on loan. Not good with a potential run in Europe!
2014/15 Mid Season Update

The season started poorly as we couldn't overcome Hamburg in the Europa League qualifiers. Perhaps that wasn't a bad thing as we struggled to really strengthen the squad in the summer. Our poor finances mean will we never attract real quality players and so will always struggle against the bigger sides at home and abroad.

In the league we had an awful start, possibly as a result of the disappointment of missing out on Europe and having to sign a lot of players to boost numbers.

However we have found some form of late and sit 5th in the league. Given the strength of Braga, Porto, Benfica and Sporting above us perhaps 5th place is the best we can hope for.

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I've played in the Portuguese league on FM12 and it's really hard. Porto, Benfica and Sporting dominate all, and defeating them requieres hard work, especially if your economy is not so good.
Looks like the CL places are more then achievable at this point, good luck and good story so far.
2014/15 - End of Season Update

Given the dominance of the big 4 we could only really hope to claim a 5th place finish and we managed that, albeit despite a mid season slump.

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So again we are through to the Europa League playoffs. Perhaps this year we can get a favourable draw and reach the group stage.

Some awards also followed: Manager of the Year for me and Most Improved Club for the team.

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Does this mean your andorra story is done?