Apr 10, 2009
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Whats the lowest price you have got for Falcao?

I'm currently bayern n midway through the 1st season he handed a transfer request in and was put up for £25mil

bargain??...any1 else seen this?

no doubt someone will have got him cheaper lol

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just looking at screenshot, after ive bought him the asking price has gone up to £40.5mil lol!
25 is pretty amaing, i believe i saw another member here got him for 19 or something like that
had the option to buy him for £25m on my roma save, but I did not need to sign any strikers at that point and I was a bit short on money to make the deal happen
I bought him for £26mill, he's so good for my spurs team. Got him on my second season there. Him, Bale and Rodrigo (slow settling in, but getting there) are my current front 3
£27m, In my spurs save. Got him in front af Bale, Lamela and Gotze! Such a good frontline.
Is currently Transfer Listed for 25m First Season February and I m spurs and also have the Money to Bring him in but He Isnt Interesred in Moving to Spurs .............:(
I signed him in January of the first season with Arsenal for £25.5M. Great deal for a world class striker
Got him in my 2nd season with Arsenal for an amazing price.... Only £10m!! (Plus Giroud and Rosicky)

He'd handed in a transfer request as A.Madrid finished 12th in La liga, and I already had myself on Falcao's and Harry Redknapp's (The Atletico manager at the time) favoured personell :D

P.S. If people don't believe me, I can get a screenshot. Only reason I haven't anyway is because my laptop is acting up so it takes me ages to load FM at the moment :/