Fantasy Premier League & Score Predictor

In both leagues and ready to kick some *** :D
im in on both (yn)

i did well on the ikts last season - was 6th out of all boro fans or something

and no jokes bout boro fans not knowing anything bout footy etc bcoz its **** banter :p
Im in. Ready 2 show bouncebackability after finishin bottom of Fantasy World Cup league
what do you have to do to set up a fantasy team? ive got no clue what so ever, help please!
sign up on fantasy then follow the steps
fantasy team is ready & I'm in :)

Will do the other 1 later its a bit late the night.
Knew it wouldn't be long before Sean's team name would be owned by an admin.
Count Me In! I've Signed Up To Both.

Think My Fantasy Team is Ok, Nothing Special, But I Am Going To Be Useless In The Score Predictor. :D
Am in and i have quite a good team if i dont say so my self :D
my team is rubbish, its so rubbish i have had to change it 1 up front.
liverpool ****** me in both :( got score wrong and Pennant didnt start and Pepe didnt get a clean sheet :(
I left bent on the bench for bellamy and bent has scored and pennant didnt start :mad: