FC Shakhtar Donetsk guide to succeed by pokerjoker_num10


Nov 23, 2008
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FC Shakhtar Donetsk guide to succeed by pokerjoker_num10

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Club background

Chairman name Rinat Akhmetov
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Club name Shakhtar

Stadium size (Capacity: 51,504)

Donbas Arena​
Fans song

Glory to you, Shakhtar!
Heavens of football stars
Will always be on your side,
And the light of your best dreams
Is shining from above.

Home kit orange

Away kits black

Captain are

33 Srna Darijo Croatia 01.05.82
vice captain is
27 Chygrynskyy Dmytro Ukraine 07.11.86

Transfer budget Winners £30.000.000

Board adjust £46.137.184

wage budget £20.500.000

History overview
The club was originally formed in May 1936 and was initially named Stakhanovets which was the name of a miners' labor society which was, in turn, named after Aleksei Stakhanov, the Russian coal-miner in the Donbass, who became a propaganda celebrity in 1935. The first team was based upon two other local teams, the participants of the All-Ukrainian Spartakiads: Dynamo Horlivka and Stalino. The first game was unofficial against Dynamo Odessa and took place on May 12, 1936 at Balitsky Stadium. The team of Donbas lost it 2:3 after scoring the first. Its first official game with Dynamo Kazan was even more disappointing, which they lost 1:4. Nonetheless, the selective job conducted constructively by the clubs administration allowed the club to compete successfully at the top level by the end 1930s. During the war championship of 1941 which was interrupted unexpectedly the club defeated the Soviet champions FC Dynamo Moscow and after about ten games was placing the fifth. The last game of that championship they played on June 24 two days after the start of the Great Patriotic War,[2] which they lost at home to Traktor Stalingrad.[3]

The team in 1937.
The All-Union coal mining society of Stakhanovite had changed its name in July 1946 to Shakhtyor. The first success for the team was in 1951, under name of Shakhtyor when it took the third place in the USSR Championship.
In the 1960s, Shakhtar under Oleg Oshenkov’s coaching were three-time USSR Cup finalists, winning it twice in 1961 and 1962. The club was nicknamed “The Cup Team” due to Shakhtar’s success in vying for the trophy every year, however the Miners’ more notable achievements occurred later from the mid-1970s to the early 1980s.
In 1975, Shakhtar took 2nd in the USSR Championship and received the right to represent the Soviet Union in European competition. In 1978, Shakhtar finished third in the USSR Championship. A year later, the team finished second and its captain – striker Vitaliy Starukhin – was named the best player and the best forward in the USSR Championship (26 goals scored).
Shakhtar twice, in 1980 and 1983, brought home the crystal USSR Cup to Donbass and in 1983, it won the USSR Super Cup over then-domestic league champions Dnipro Dnipropetrovsk.
In 1996, Rinat Akhmetov took over as president and subsequently invested heavily in the club.[4]
In the newly independent Ukraine, Shakhtar along with Dynamo Kyiv became perennial first place competitors. In 1999, a Shakhtar Football academy was opened and now hosts football training for roughly 3000 children.
Shakhtar have, to date, appeared in all three editions of the First Channel Cup, winning the 2006 edition and finishing runners up in 2008.
For the last several seasons Shakhtar has the highest home attendance in a league, averaging at about 20,000 per game.
In 2009, they became only the second Ukrainian team to win a European competition, and the first to win the UEFA Cup, beating Werder Bremen in the final, with goals from Brazilians Luiz Adriano and Jadson.[5] This also made them the last UEFA Cup winners before the tournament was rebranded as the UEFA Europa League.
[edit] Stadium

Shakhtar's biggest rival today is Dynamo. The match between them has grown into what is called the Ukrainian derby. The stadiums in Kiev and Donetsk are nearly full for matches between the two teams and are the main football events within the country. The other rivalry with Metalurh Donetsk is local and, although not as significant as games against the rivals from the capital, the games between the two Donetsk teams have been proclaimed the Donetsk Derby.
Among the extinguished rivalries are the games against FC Spartak Moscow and, particularly, the third place champions FC Dinamo Tbilisi that took place at times of the Soviet Top League. Another interesting rivalry, Donbass Derby, is with FC Zorya Luhansk, games with which gather a significant crowd in Luhansk. During the early Ukrainian championships another interesting rivalry has developed with FC Chornomorets Odessa, Miners vs. Sailors, which declined with the turn of the millennium due to inconsistent performance of the Odessa based club.

First team
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Meet the players goal kepper


12 Khudzhamov Rustam Ukraine 05.10.82
30 Pyatov Andriy Ukraine 28.06.84
35 Virt Yuriy Ukraine 04.05.74
60 Tetenko Artem Ukraine 12.02.91

The best goalkeeper i have all ways used is Pyatov Andriy but there are better and with that much cash you might be able to bring in one or two.


5 Kucher Oleksandr Ukraine 22.10.82
13 Shevchuk Vyacheslav Ukraine 13.05.79
26 Rat Razvan Dinca Romania 26.05.81
27 Chygrynskyy Dmytro Ukraine 07.11.86
32 Ishchenko Mykola Ukraine 09.03.83
36 Chyzhov Oleksandr Ukraine 10.08.86
38 Kryvtsov Sergiy Ukraine 15.03.91
44 Rakytskyy Yaroslav Ukraine 03.08.89

Think it is easy to point out who is the best defenders in this section Chygrynskyy Dmytro former Barcelona player who didn't get much of a chance at barce such a great center back.


3 Hübschman Tomas Czech Republic 04.09.81
7 Fernandinho Brazil 04.05.85
8 Jadson Brazil 05.10.83
10 Willian Brazil 09.08.88
14 Kobin Vasyl Ukraine 24.05.85
15 Stepanenko Taras Ukraine 08.08.89
19 Gai Olexiy Ukraine 06.11.82
20 Costa Douglas Brazil 14.09.90
29 Teixeira Alex Brazil 06.01.90
33 Srna Darijo Croatia 01.05.82
90 Vytsenets Vitaliy Ukraine 03.08.90

So again we all know the best man for this area is Fernandinho Jadson Srna Darijo three amazing midfielder or though you can play srna as a right back if you want to


9 Adriano Luiz Brazil 12.04.87
11 Eduardo Croatia 25.02.83
22 Mkhitaryan Henrikh Armenia 21.01.89
99 Moreno Marcelo Bolivia 18.06.87

The best forward by a long shot is the former arsenal striker Eduardo this is one area you will defiantly want to in prove if your going to do well in the champions league and league.

So back to football manager as now you know abit more about shakhtar so its not just an over spending club it is full of passion and is ready to win major trophies.

Reccomended transfer in the first year i all ways try and buy the best that i can after i have looked at my team and see who is a keep and who is a sell so i can make more
transfer budget .

Transfers in who i highly recommended are

Hulk from porto who can cost between 20m to 25m

ganso from santos againg from 15million to 20m plus

mahamadou diarra from real madrid can cost as little as 3million

recommend selling razvan rat around 2m this will give you a boost on the budget

willian arond 4million to 6million be great if you got six million for him.

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So once you have spent all of that money you will now look in making a formation that is up to you but i have all ways used my mrhough beta attacking style formation from last year seems to do well with shakhtar so there you go i hope this helps you and let me know if have missed out on any thing .

If you wish to use my betaattacking style formation here is a link for you.

formation screen
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team instructions
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Download formation here View attachment 128125
Coaching Staff

Mircea Lucescu
Head Coach
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Born: 29.07.1945 in Bucharest, Romania
Higher Education: Bucharest Academy of Economic Studies, Romania

Coaching Сareer: Corvinul (Hunedoara, Romania), Dinamo (Bucharest), Pisa Calcio (Italy), Brescia Calcio (Italy), A.C. Reggiana (Italy), Rapid (Bucharest), Inter Milan (Italy), Galatasaray S.K. (Turkey), Besiktas J.K. (Turkey), Romania national team.
Honours: UEFA Super Cup, Romanian Premier League (twice), Turkish Premier League (twice), Romanian Cup (4 times), Romanian Super Cup, ‘Coach of the Year’ (Turkey) - 2001, 2002, 2003

Joined Shakhtar in May 2004
Honours: UEFA Cup winners 2009, Ukrainian Championship 2005, 2006, 2008, 2010, Ukrainian Cup winners 2004, 2008, Ukrainian Super Cup winners 2005, 2008, 2010, ‘Coach of the Year’ (Ukraine) - 2008, 2009, 2010.

Alexandru Spiridon
Head Coach Assistant
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Carlo Nicolini
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Marian Ionita
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ReservesFirst TeamCoaching StaffHomeFirst TeamReserves

U-21 of the season 2010-2011
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Goalkeepers Bazylevych Vyacheslav Ukraine 07.08.90

Shevchenko Mykyta Ukraine 26.01.93

Defenders Klymenko Hennadiy Ukraine 03.11.89

Oparin Petro Ukraine 13.05.91

Ordets Ivan Ukraine 08.07.92

Pysko Mykhailo Ukraine 19.03.93

Midfielders Garashchenkov Sergiy Ukraine 16.06.90

Bruno Brazil 19.04.91

Grechyshkin Dmytro Ukraine 22.09.91

Okriashvili Tornike Georgia 12.02.92

Oleynyk Yaroslav Ukraine 14.03.91

Fedotov Vitaliy Ukraine 16.07.91

Churko Vyacheslav Ukraine 10.05.93

Batishchev Oleksandr Ukraine 14.09.91

Forwards Budkovskyy Pylyp Ukraine 10.03.92

Zhychykov Maksym Ukraine 07.11.92

Ilyuk Maksym Ukraine 10.11.90

Lukanyuk Ivan Ukraine 05.02.93

Ovchynnikov Olexander Ukraine 27.01.91

Yurchenko Vladlen Ukraine 22.01.94

This is my first ever guide so go easy on me :) hope you all like it

Second season transfer budget is
winners £ 8.000.000 wage budget is £32.000.000

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3rd season expectations

wage budgets £42.500.000 transfer budget £27,110,338
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The Rat is excellent! He is definitely not worth selling for 2 mil, he can hold down the LB position and put up good ratings for 2 seasons.....and when I finally made him a backup 3rd season, he put up an 8 rating in his occasional starts. Shakhtar has way too much money to worry about that additional couple million.

And the thing about GK is that Pyatov is Ukranian.....he's worth his weight in gold. If you replace him with a foreigner you have to fill another spot with a homegrown player on a regular basis, good luck with that.
The main problem with Shakhtar is the foreign player rule. Without this rule, Shakhhtar could be as good as man city. I recommend you to keep the goalkeeper. I also recommend you to improve the youth facilities so that you can get more ukranian players for the squad or you should search for other ukranian players in the other clubs
The main problem with Shakhtar is the foreign player rule. Without this rule, Shakhhtar could be as good as man city. I recommend you to keep the goalkeeper. I also recommend you to improve the youth facilities so that you can get more ukranian players for the squad or you should search for other ukranian players in the other clubs

just buy the best ukraine players
Great Shakhtar guide! I generally don't use them because it's way too easy in the Ukranian league,


Stadium size Donbass Arena

(Capacity: 51,504)
Maybe dumbass Arena​

oh right thanks :) so can u take on another 3 from the bench?
this rule obligate you to only have a restricted number of foreign players. In the case of Shakhtar you only can have 6 foreign players in the starting line up and I think 9 in the entire squad(but I am not sure about that)