February Challenge


Sep 17, 2005
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Ok hopefully a few more people will want to do this challenge it's

Atletico Madrid

if everyone can load Spain only and small db :) and good luck to anyone who tries it.

The current standings are:

Sherry 7
Kris 3
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yeh ive got loads of spare time in the hols, will start after finished season on watford
yass well played sam...missing you around here :(
lol cheers, just won my first game against betis , aguero and torres are class

should be fun!
I'll be in aswell, probably wont be as successful as my last At.Madrid game though :(
played 6 won 6 - just beat Barcelona but Torres out for 3 weeks which is **** as i feel my season is pretty much reliant on Torres and aguero staying fit although mista isn't too shabby

hehe make that played 9 won 9 its going well!
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same here played 2 won 2. They have a very strong side but could do with a 4th striker i guess.
Second friendly and i have won 10 nil with torres scoring 5
Worst pre season ever, won all my games but Torres out for 2-4 months, new signing Modric out for 4 months and aguero 3 weeks....had to sell Lopez and sold Petrov :|
30 games in im 11 points clear

petrov is one of my best players redders hes class, ive not sold anyone and only signed halmosi in january just incase. lopez is also one of my best players getting in the spain squad and attracting interest from inter and milan and other big clubs. think youve made a mistake or 2 there readers
2 mistakes :D,

They were both my best players in another season i did (minus aguero and torres obv)...

But someone met Lopez' release fee and 8.5m from tottenham for petrov...meh.
i finished the season , won the league and copa del rey by beatin real madrid 4-3 - aguero hatrick yey. not a bad little season.

ill sort the screenies out later x
just finished and won league and spanish cup :D
how do u want me 2 send u the screenies kris?