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Sep 10, 2010
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what are the games u guys first played ??

for me, cs 1.6 :wub:
Probably Donkey Kong on the original Nintendo Gamboy? Not sure if it was called a game boy but it was in black and white..
Pokemon Red is the first game I remember playing.
Pokemon blue was my first. My first console game was Street Fighter Alpha 3.
emlyn hughes soccer - Played it on the spectrum (think it was the 48k) the one with the seperate tape
i had an old Atari console in the 80's and i had space invaders and pac-man on it
i also had a Commedore 64 with Addams Family game and a game called Flimbo's Quest
all these games were played with a 1 button joystick lol
Very first game I ever played was Asteroids on the good old Atari. Also had a VERY old Apple II, and spent my early days playing NATO Commander. Ah, the days of nuking Russian East German cities lol
My sis had a vectrex and an Amstrad. An asteroid like game on the Vectrex and on Amstrad it was an Egg shaped man...Dizzy I think haha.

I even have a football manager game on the Amstrad.
Not sure which was first but the first games I remember playing were Goldeneye and worms armageddon on N64, Pokemon red on gameboy. All awesome games
Sonic and Street Fighter on the Sega Mega Drive - Me and My Granda actually still have the mega drive in our house ! doesn't get played though XD.
It was on a tape... Possibly Donkey Kong or something incredibly similar.

My first game on a console I can actually remember the name of was probably Sonic on a friend's Mega Drive. Crash Bandicoot was my first Playstation game, the memories...
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