Flex09, DDS09 & iTunes skins for FM 2009

ive now tried flex09 and to be completely honest, its nothing special, ok there are a few things that make it better than the built in skins but if the CL09 skin worked fully then i would choose that, flex is just a bit boring is all
That's probably the reason it's so popular. It doesn't disrupt your gameplay at all.

im not looking for a skin that's so blindingly annoying though, im just looking for something different and flex isnt very different
Champs league one is also the best for me but it has problems while playing a match (you can't see the option to change view etc.). So until that is fixed I am using Tumma as I like that one too.
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hi friends...
can u give me indonesian club logos and kits...
i have 1 problem with the flex skin...the man city colours seem to have been changed a little bit, they seem lighter which makes it really hard to read the commentry, not a major issue, just slightly annoyin, anything i can do about it please?
jsut installed flex, great skin! but why wont it show my competition logos with it? can some 1 help? thanks :)
is there any reason why on the iTunes skin the highlights are sooooooo slow? if anyone knows please help because apart from this i love that skin
done itt :) thanks to nemanjaCR7. i I had it in the C:\Documents and Settings\Fraser\My Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2009\skins file, and then you need to "extract here". :D
iTunes Skin looks tereffic but still doubting cause the one I have is quite good too